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Queer Bangkok ❮PDF / Epub❯ ☂ Queer Bangkok ✎ Author Peter A. Jackson – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The Thai capital Bangkok is the unrivalled centre of the country’s gay lesbian and transgender communities These communities are among the largest in Southeast Asia and indeed in the world and have The Thai capital Bangkok is the unrivalled centre of the country’s gay lesbian and transgender communities These communities are among the largest in Southeast Asia and indeed in the world and have a diversity social presence and historical depth that set them apart from the ueer cultures of many neighbouring societies The first years of the twenty first century have marked a significant transition moment for all of Thailand’s LGBT cultures with a multidimensional expansion in the geographical extent media presence economic importance political impact social standing and cultural relevance of Thai ueer communities This book analyses the roles of the market and media — especially cinema and the Internet — in these transformations and considers the ambiguous conseuences that the growing commodification and mediatization of ueer lives have had for LGBT rights in Thailand A key finding is that in the early twenty first century processes of global ueering are leading to a growing Asianization of Bangkok’s ueer cultures This book traces Bangkok’s emergence as a central focus of an expanding regional network linking gay lesbian and transgender communities in Hong Kong Singapore Taiwan Indonesia the Philippines and other rapidly developing East and Southeast Asian societies.

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  1. Andre Andre says:

    Since I am watching so much gay content from Thailand I decided to read some on ueer themes in Thai context For the most part this book was a good read but not always which is to be expected with a book with several different authorsI wonder of course how much of this is still accurate is another uestion I did learn why so many Thai boy lovegay shows are filmed in Bangkok apparently but I also wondered what the author's take on that media phenomenon would beReading this I wondered whether at least in the ueer context there really is still such a dominant strain of the West aka the USA come on when eg are Australia or France ever mentioned? and not in truth several Eastern strains also have become visible in the last decadeIt was good that that one author wrote that the independent status of Thailand and Japan during the era of Western imperialism does Russia count as western here? was only one possible reason for the earlier emergence of a ueer culture in those countries in contrast to the surrounding areas because technically China was never colonized as well However I think the author missed that the visible ueer presence grew in Thailand since 2000 so fast because there was so much that had to grow and it was necessary In many Western countries homosexuality is accepted and there are other venues and so such ghettoes disappear because they are no longer needed Also in Thailand by now straight females have been targeted as consumers of gay content Not so much in other countriesAlso interesting to see the reason why so much LGBT content was produced under military rule in ThailandWhat is odd in my mind is that the author seems to act as if he expected that the development of a Thai gay culture should follow the same pattern as in the west but in the west it started arguably in the 1890s and early 20th century in the German empire so different time place and above all technology so why should it be similar?But no matter the chapter about Nong Tum and hisher importance in Muay Thay and Thai society made up for it Especially since apparently her stay in Japan is much mysterious than I knew since not much seems to be known about what she did thereReading this book also made me wonder whether these concepts of Thainess and proper display of Thai masculinity explain some of the things I consider odd when it comes to Thai BL showsThe info about why gay men wereare considered problematic in Thailand than kathoey's is interesting Kathoey’s do not challenge notions of proper masculinity Considered what has been stated here about Thai movie makers and how new openings have been formed for presenting gay instead of kathoey characters I wonder what the makers would think of the current number of BL shows being produced in ThailandIn fact even though it clearly cannot deal with those shows what I read here did explain a lot like the relatively high number of European and Chinese like looking actors The book states that the Sino Thai luk jin and Euro Thai luk khreung have since the late twentieth century undergone a radical ideological renovation and reincorporation into the Thai nationalist imagination That would explain a lot in regard to the cast of all the Thai dramas I have seen so far Several of the especially male actors look rather East Asian or European in appearance Is this a sign of overcompensation?The chapter about the gay saunas The Babylon and Farose did not appeal to me for the most part partially because it has nothing to do with why I started this book but I guess also because I have no familiarity with these gay saunas Apart from the information on Thai belief regarding the transmission of STDs and what certain physical traits imply the chapter on Camfrog was really uninteresting to me as well I predicted that I would not enjoy the chapter on sex change in Bangkok due to the author's constant talk of racialization and self orientalization instead of assuming common marketing strategies that every countryindustry would use His talk stinks of a belief in and being convinced of white supremacy with a hint of guilty conscience because he believes in it That author was so condescending Not only did he imply that current Thai notions of femininity are not traditional just because they may not lead back further than the 18th19th century but his statement about how the service in the clinic was not coded as exotic for Som screams of his own orientalizing Of course it would not be exotic for Som she is a Thai She is a local does he know how exoticism works? It was far too late for this author to want to steer away from presenting this as a situation in which first world trans people exploit third world caregivers Not to mention that it doesn't seem to appear to this guy that his white people all come from English speaking countries Which begs the uestion how customers from eg Latin or Slavic countries get treatedThankfully the chapter on the image of Bangkok in Indonesian gay books is far better written and rid of this colonialist and white supremacistAnglo supremacist nonsense of the prior chapter After the arrogance supremacist thinking and racism of the previous chapter this one was uite a soothing influence Much respectful to the people of Indonesia and the country than the prior one was towards Thais and Thailand treating them as actual agents of their lives instead of just reactions to the WestIn regards to Singapore I can give the author some benefit of the doubt but I think he ignored another explanation for this alleged white savior and lack of Singaporean native gay identity Security Just like it was secure to go to Bangkok for gay sex it was secure to date a white man in Singapore rather than a local because those would likely be gone soon It also fits with local views of sexual freedom abroadThe info on the connection between capitalism and rising ueer autonomy is also very interestingThe chapter about these lesbian organizations were a bit meh and with the current one I am still not getting how exactly the military government helped with LGBT rights passed what had been stated in earlier chapters I can understand how capitalism could work in creating ueer autonomy and acceptance with the family but not this hereThe last chapter I complete forgot Nothing from it stuck in my head

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