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The Free Economy and the Strong State: The Politics of Thatcherism By The Time Margeret Thatcher Resigned As Prime Minister In 1990, She Has Tranformed The Fortunes Of Her Conservative Party Under Her Leadership The Conservatives Won Three General Election Victories In A Row Over A Divided Opposition And Enjoyed A Degree Of Political And Ideological Dominance That Led Many To Speak Of The End Of The Socialist Era And The Emergence Of A New Consensus What Reagan Had Done In The United States, Margaret Thatcher Had Done In Britain A New Word Thatcherism Had Entered The Political Lexicon.Thatcherism Came To Signify A Wide Ranging And Distinctive Political Project Aimed At Promoting Economic Recovery And Restoring The Authority Of The State This Second, Revised And Updated Edition Of The Free Economy And The Strong State Explores The Political And Ideological Roots Of Thatcherism And Its Relationship To The Conservative Tradition And To The Economic Liberal Ideology Of The New Right, As Well As To The New Political Agenda Which Emerged From The Advent Of Recession And The Crisis Of The World Order In The 1970 S.Andrew Gamble Provides A Clear And Thorough Account Of The Genesis Of Thatcherism In Opposition, Its Record In Government And Of The Way It Has Been Analyzed By The Left And Right His Book Makes A Major Contribution To Separating Rhetoric From Reality And Understanding Both The Impact And The Limits Of Thatcherism In Its Bid To Establish A New Political Hegemony And Tackle Britain S Economic Decline.

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    A clear and detailed overview of the politics and principles behind Thatcherism Gamble s thesis is that the Thatcherite project aimed to build a political hegemony in favour of a free economy and a strong state combining the libertarian and conservative strands of thought which run through the history of the Conservative Party, and the New Right movement of the 1970s onwards.The aim was to overturn the post war social democratic consensus, of which the Thatcherism had notable but also mixed and uneven success Gamble highlighting the different between rhetoric and reality, and between the politics of support and the politics of power.Although accessible, the book is an academic text and chapt...

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    Gamble describes Thatcherism as a hegemonic project involving ideology, economics, and politics, and emphasizing a free economy and a strong state However, Thatcherism should not be viewed as a resurgence of traditional conservativism Thatcher s program required a reorganization of state and civil society, but she failed to create sufficient state machinery to realize her vision of a free economy Her efforts benefited...

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