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  • 184 pages
  • A Troubled Range (Range, #2)
  • Andrew Grey
  • English
  • 10 June 2019

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    2 1 2 starsThis time, it s the adventures of Phillip and Heaven Mr Grey seems to pump out books at the speed of light and I m not sure if that s the reason why so many of them feel so generic and average This one was pretty unoriginal, with predictable characters, an okay plot, and some cheesy...

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    Beautiful and Heartwarming Story Life out on the range and within the big cities has many similarities when dealing with your sexual preference of being gay especially when you are first coming out It s a dog eat dog world and learning to protect one s self is the key to survival Figuring out, learning, and giving into your feelings is many trails within itself as finding someone who understands you is one in a million chances.This smooth and fast paced wonderful story is about a beautiful heartwarming, sweet, and hot romance that develops between Haven and Phillip as they experience true love, friendship, lies and deceit from family members, death, and overcoming hardships of everyday trials I fell in love with both characters as their emotions came alive throughout the pages Haven is a young cowboy who known he has always been different but was to shamed to be his true self because of the rejection he always received from his own father s ridicule However when he finds himself attracted to Phillip he decides to act upon his instincts Phillip is an accountant, lost his job from the bad economy but finds refuge from life at his two friends Dakota and Wally s Ranch Being gay and out of the closet is nothing new to him but when he meets Haven he recognizes the attraction immediately Though he always dated several guys he never got serious and always looked upon the dates as just a good time and nothi...

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    Ti amo, Haven, e mi dispiace di averci impiegato tanto tempo a dirtelo, e mi dispiace che tu non sia sveglio per potermi sentire Non ho mai creduto davvero in Dio, ma se ce n uno, almeno lui lo sapr Abbiamo conosciuto Phillip nel primo libro, l allegro e promiscuo ragazzo di citt migliore amico di Wally ed ex di Dakota , e lo ritroviamo ancora una volta in visita al ranch Stavolta per il suo stato d animo ben diverso da un allegra vacanza, infatti ha appena perso il lavoro, non ha una relazione e si sente pi solo e sperduto che mai Un giorno incontra Haven, il figlio del vicino di ranch di Dakota, e nonostante capisca subito che il ragazzo sta reprimendo la sua omosessualit e non ha alcuna esperienza, decide comunque di invitarlo a cena Haven ha vissuto tutta la vita nella scomoda ombra del padre bigotto e menefreghista, e sa che se scoprisse la sua omosessualit sarebbero guai, ma non riesce a rinunciare a Phillip La storia d a tra i due delicata e sensuale, Phillip ben felice di mettere la sua vasta esperienza al servizio di Haven che h...

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    3,5 4 Geschichten aus der Ferne Miteinander 1 Dunkle Wolken 2 Unruhige Zeiten 3

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    This second book in the Range series is as sweet, wonderful, and emotionally intense as the first Both main characters are ready for a change in their lives, but not quite sure how to go about it The internal battles they fight are set against the background of two hostile ranch families The tension around sabotaged fence posts and water rights provides an interesting backdrop for the two men figuring out what they want to do with their lives.Phillip has just lost his job, the man he was hoping to hook up with again on his friend Dakota s ranch is involved with someone else, and the neighbor s son is far too deep in the closet to hope for As Phillip works on trying to find his way in his own life, he finds that he can help Haven figure out how to deal with the fact that he is gay The bond that begins as friendship soon grows into , and it makes Phillip seriously reconsider his priorities Thank God he can be honest with himself with a little help from Dakota.Haven is conflicted Under his homophobic father s thumb in many respects, he wants a different life, but has no idea how to go about it He also had no reason to fight for himself and stand up to his father until he runs into Phillip While he is still afraid of admitting that he is gay, the feelings Phillip awakens in him and being in lo...

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    3.5 StarsThis follows in the Range books and Philip has been lost his job and has decided to head out and visit Dakota and Wally He s kind of hoping he can hook up with the foreman he had a fling with last time, however he s got a man of his own now Philip s a bit down but meets Haven, from the neighboring ranch, however Haven s father hates Dakota and his father with a passion and Haven has to watch never to be caught near them, but he accepts Philip s invite to a date and is ready to explore his gayness with him Suddenly after some suspect fence breaks, somehow Haven s father dies when he s out riding on Dakota s ranch in the middle of the night and the horse goes down They then find out dear old Dad was about to sell the farm leaving Haven out in the cold Then Philip has to deal with his natural inclination t...

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    Book 2 in the Range series and we have the virgin and the slut plot line don t get me wrong, Grey does write better than most but I do find the formulaic writing style of some authors doesn t do the characters justice.Phillip and Haven about the names Andrew take the staring role in this sequel and they do make a lovely couple so I was willing to over look well, I tried to keep the eye rolling to a minimum the insta love and the melodrama of the family feud.It was nice to touch base with Wally and Dakota too, and I hope Mario s story features in one of the futur...

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    3.5 bumped to 4 I have a weakness for cowboys, what can I say I enjoyed this story quite a bit..Haven was a sweetie and I loved Phillip Checking back in with Wally Dakota was wonderful as well What rubbed me the wrong way was Phillips control that first time they were together and then he did it again later on in the book I get that, that s the type of guy he is but it seemed out of place in this story with how inexperienced Haven is Anyway..that s just MHO The book was s...

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    Real good and solid story, just as you can expect from Andrew Grey I liked the characters and sometime soon I want to get into this whole saga and to read all the other stories.My only little niggle is the everyone is gay trope I know it ...

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    This was just a nice story The plot was a little boring and a bit to drawn out The MC had good chemistry The father was just dang mean with a dash of hate HFN This storyline just did not fit well with me

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A Troubled Range (Range, #2) Stories From The Range Book TwoThe Neighboring Holden And Jessup Ranches Are Anything But Neighborly Jefferson Holden And Kent Jessup Loathe Each Other But Despite His Father S Long Held Grudge, Haven Jessup Just Can T Bring Himself To Hate, Especially After Dakota Holden Takes Him In During A Violent Storm And Haven Meets Dakota S Friend, Phillip Reardon.Phillip Accepts Haven For Who He Is, Seeing Through The Mask Haven Uses To Hide His Attraction To Men, But Their Tentative And Secret Relationship Will Be Under A Huge Amount Of Stress Sabotaged Fences, Injured Animals, Unsavory Plans, And Jessup Family Secrets Will Threaten Haven S Newfound Happiness And His Hopes Of A Future With Phillip.

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