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  • Paperback
  • 688 pages
  • Papillon
  • Henri Charrière
  • English
  • 01 October 2019
  • 9780007115242

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    My mother knew Papillon and another one of the characters in the book Francoise He was a customer of my uncle s restaurant Il Padrino, in Venezuela, back in the 60 s,70 s after this story was told My brother was just an infant toddler at this time and they would take turns throwing him in the air, swinging him, etc. I told this guy Neil about this and he was shocked that my family knew this guy He had read the book and loved it so much S...

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    Papillon, Henri Charri re Henri Charri re 16 November 1906 29 July 1973 was a French writer, convicted as a murderer by the French courts In jail he wrote the famous novel Papillon, a memoir of his incarceration in and escape from a penal colony in French Guiana While Charri re claimed that Papillon was largely true, modern researchers believe that much of the book s material cam...

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    I read this book in the mid 70 s, as a teenager Then I read it again And then, a little while later, I saw the film The three events have subsequently blended into one and I certainly now have difficulty differentiating the book from the film But that s no big deal as I know the film followed the written narrative pretty closely It s a true story of one man s battle against injustice and the terrible personal consequences that transpired.It left a big impression on me It was a big story A huge adventure which I believed in entirely, though I now know some doubt has subsequently been levelled at the detail It was also the largest book I d taken on at this point by far Not only did it convince me of the power of a story, it also demonstrated to me that I could be transfixed by a tome so large it seemed impossible it would hold my interest long enough for me to finish it When I look back to early adult books I ve read it s this one that stands out read as I laid on my bed with a Rod Stewart cassette Atlantic Crossing playing in the background.When the film was released I know I doubted it could match the power of the book, but in my memory it came close I loved Hoffman and McQueen in the lead rol...

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    A homage to the will to survive In October 1932, the then twenty five year old Henri Charri re was charged with murdering a pimp Papillon, so his nickname is sentenced to life imprisonment and sent to Cayenne, in French Guiana After a short time he tries to break out for the first time The attempt fails, one of a total of ten breakout attempts, until finally, after thirteen painful years, he finally manages to escape.Papillon butterfly claims his innocence but that does not matter Beyond morality and humanity, he is exposed to the arbitrariness of his tormentors, who leave no stone unturned to break his will to live The ruthlessness and cruelty of the overseers who established Torture methods push Papillon to the limit of madness But unlike the other inmates, Papillon retains an unconditional will to survive After each failed escape attempt, he is sentenced to years of solitary confinement In total darkness, in a few square...

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    One can only presume Henri Charriere Papillon, or simply Papi to inmates was a cat in a previous life, and was still blessed with nine lives in this, believe me he needed all of them Nine death defying escapes from the brutal penal settlements of French Guiana in eleven years, pushing his stubborn body to the brink each time, wow , now that s quite something, how it was even possible for a man of flesh and bone not to die a hundred deaths whilst also going round the bend is beyond me He would not accept a life s incarceration for a crime he didn t commit, no way, after being wrongly convicted of murder in Paris 1931, and sent to the infamously named Devils Island The man who had a beautiful butterfly tattoo on his chest, against all odds beat a system dreaded from the days of Napoleon who used its harsh and near inhospitable conditions to punish renegades and political prisoners Well, this prisoner was simply having none of it This was a big book in length, and it felt like it to, through a ravaging chain of events Papillon reads both as an adventure story of high thrills and tension a...

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    What a story Papillon is an autobiographical novel about a man who in 1931 was charged with killing someone of course, the author claims he was innocent and he was sentenced to a life of hard labor at a penal colony in French Guiana After many weeks of planning, he managed to escape on a raft and sailed hundreds of miles to Colombia He spent several months living happily in a fishing village with not one but two wives but he was eventually picked up by the authorities and sent back to prison He tried many other escape attempts, but it wasn t until 1941 that he managed to escape again by sea, floating away on a sack of coconuts Yes, a sack of coconuts Papillon, a nickname referencing the French word for butterfly, is a wonderful storyteller and the book is filled with his adventures I can understand why this book was a huge bestseller when it was published in 1969 it is...

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    Papillon este cel mai captivant roman de aventur citit vreodat.Autobiografie roman at fiind, autorul ne spune c a fost condamnat la nchisoare de c tre curtea cu juri La nceputul secolului XX, n Fran a colonialista, oamenii f cu i vinova i de delicte grave, erau trimi i la ocn n teritorii ndep rtate Guyana francez , n cazul de fa , un loc din care nimeni nu a ie it vreodat viu El, autorul, ne m rturise te c , de i n tinere e a fost un golan, a fost condamnat la nchisoare pe nedrept, deoarece nu a s v r it niciun delict dar repet este AUTOBIOGRAFIE Ajuns n nchisoare, primul lucru care i ncol e te n minte este evadarea Toate inchisoarile de maxim siguran fiind, se n elege c planurile sale de i absolut geniale nt mpin greut i i dau gre Dac reu e te s evadeze din spitalul unei nchisori pref c ndu se c era bolnav , este nh at n timp ce i construie te luntrea de evadare, n cimitir Apar, de asemenea, diferite personaje de diferite na ii cu diferite caractere i diferite stiluri de via Unul din miile de detalii ar fi acela conform c ruia de inu ii care primeau bani din exterior erau nevoi i s uzeze de diferite mijloace pentru a i pune n siguran Papillon al nostru da uitasem s men ionez Papillon este porecla autorului folose te o metod destul de des nt lnit n...

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    Henri Charri re, called Papillon, for the butterfly tattoo on his chest, was convicted in Paris in 1931 of a murder he did not commit Sentenced to life imprisonment in the penal colony of French Guiana, he became obsessed with one goal escape After planning and executing a series of treacherous yet failed attempts over many years, he was eventually sent to the notorious prison, Devil s Island, a place from which no one had ever escaped until Papillon His flight to freedom remains one of the most incredible feats of human cunning, will, and endurance ever undertaken.Charri re s astonishing autobiography, Papillon, was published in France to instant acclaim in 1968, than twenty years after his final escape Since then, it has become a treasured classic the gripping, shocking, ultimately uplifting odyssey of an innocent man who would not be defeated Lordy, how much this reminds me of my youth and how convinced at one point that this was a mirror of the Drey...

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    I don t care if this book wasn t a 100% factual, honest to God documentary account of what actually happened to this guy it was a magnificent adventure novel, full of blood and drama and action From what I can tell, Charri re cobbled the narrative out of his own experiences as a prisoner in the pitiless camps of 1930s French Guyana, plus the stories of a few camp mates, plus his own dramatic license, emerging with a masterpiece There were many moments where the story is less than totally plausible if you created a drinking game where you took a shot each time a beautiful woman befriended him out of the blue, or people started doing favors for him for no reason, or an important official preposterously took him into their trust, you would be dead drunk inside of three chapters , and yet Charri re crafted a completely absorbing tropical world of hardened criminals, miserable wretches, forbidding prisons, thrilling escapes, and all around awesome displays of survival.I think my favorite part, out of a lot of great parts, was Papillon s moment of agonizing choice abo...

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    I wavered a bit on my 4 rating but in the end I decided it s such a great adventure that I m sure I won t forget so four stars it is I ve seen in other review there is some question in the authenticity, and I did think that some of Papillon s adventures were over the top, especially making it so far in the sea on coconuts but I guess I don t care because it is great storytelling I do think some of the book is a bit repetitive and a bit long but overall I...

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Papillon Henri Charriere, Called Papillon, For The Butterfly Tattoo On His Chest, Was Convicted In Paris In 1931 Of A Murder He Did Not Commit Sentenced To Life Imprisonment In The Penal Colony Of French Guiana, He Became Obsessed With One Goal Escape After Planning And Executing A Series Of Treacherous Yet Failed Attempts Over Many Years, He Was Eventually Sent To The Notorious Prison, Devil S Island, A Place From Which No One Had Ever Escaped Until Papillon His Flight To Freedom Remains One Of The Most Incredible Feats Of Human Cunning, Will, And Endurance Ever Undertaken Charriere S Astonishing Autobiography, Papillon, Was Published In France To Instant Acclaim In 1968, Than Twenty Years After His Final Escape Since Then, It Has Become A Treasured Classic The Gripping, Shocking, Ultimately Uplifting Odyssey Of An Innocent Man Who Would Not Be Defeated.

About the Author: Henri Charrière

Henri Charri re was a convicted murderer chiefly known as the author of Papillon, a hugely successful memoir of his incarceration in and escape from a penal colony on French Guiana.