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Fathers Sons Forts #1 ❰Reading❯ ➶ Fathers Sons Forts #1 Author Steven Novak – Buyprobolan50.co.uk This edition is no longer in printFor Tommy Jarvis life has never been simple uite the opposite in fact It is however about to become decidedly difficult Moments after stumbling through a doorway to a This edition is no longer in printFor Tommy Jarvis life has never been simple uite the opposite in fact It is however about to become decidedly difficult Moments after stumbling through a doorway to another world Tommy and his friends discover they are the key to ending a war in which the casualties are too great to count and their chances of survival are almost nonexistent.

  • Kindle Edition
  • Fathers Sons Forts #1
  • Steven Novak
  • 02 May 2016

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  1. James James says:

    Two brothers suffer terrible abuse at the hands of their alcoholic father A young girl mourns the loss of her friend A clumsy boy is lost among the crowd and struggles to find his way in the world A neglected son bullies others because its the only way he can get attention Five children each with their own problem are thrown into a war between races as far removed from our own as you can get They are The Five and they are the only hope for Fillagrou a land decimated by the Ochan armySteven Novak has written an adventure story for young adults that will touch older readers as well; particularly those with children What struck me about Fathers and Sons is that each character hero and villain human or otherwise is so clearly drawn Mr Novak is an illustrator of exceptional talentthat I was able to connect with them Family is an important theme in this action packed story with both good and bad aspects getting eual shareWhen reading Mr Novak's book I was reminded of Stephen King's The Body and It the early section involving the child characters That is as high a praise as I can give Fathers and Sons A bonus for the reader each chapter is headed by an original illustration by the author featuring a scene from the chapter I found this an ideal way to draw me further into the story Each chapter too ends on a cliffhanger that for most of the book isn't resolved until three or four chapters later The phrase page turning was invented for such a story Well done Mr Novak Bring on book two Liars and Thieves

  2. Steven Steven says:

    What the heck grade did you expect me to give it?

  3. Nina Perez Nina Perez says:

    What a lovely mix of adventure humor and heart The children at that center of this story are easy to relate to and root for even sometimes Donald The new world introduced is filled with well developed interesting and beautifully illustrated creatures It's wonderfully layered with a pace that is both exciting and emotionally satisfying I cannot wait to start the second one

  4. Steven Bergson Steven Bergson says:

    It was a remake of a movie that wasn't very interesting the first time around identical story different chactersThe sentence above from the novel Forts Fathers Sons could be used to describe the book itself However in this reviewer's opinion it wouldn't be wholly true If the novel seems like a remake that would be due to its use of several elements which the best heroic epics have shared for centuries as discussed in Joseph Campbell's classic work The Hero with a Thousand Faces Employing familiar plot devices such as having the heroes embark on a journey take up a uest discover powers along the way and undergo a personal transformation does not guarantee that the story will be engaging and worthwhile Fortunately author Steven Novak skillfully spins his tale in a manner that allows the reader to understand and empathize with his protagonists and keeps the reader engaged in the narrative from the opening paragraph to the final linesOne of the aspects of the novel which surprised me was the amount of melodrama it contained To give just one telling example Tommy one of the book's heroes is a reclusive teenager whose mother died of cancer whose brother has become voluntarily muteand whose father has become an alcoholic who regularly abuses him physically On top of that he keeps getting beaten up by the local bullies who consider him a weirdo Such problems get put into perspective when Tommy later meets creatures whose homes have been decimated and who have seen their familiers or even their entire race slaughtered by the war mongering genocidal armies of the beings known as OchansTommy and his four companions end up trying to use their fantastic powers to aid the people of Fillagrou in their battle for survival against the Ochan forces While their superpowers most of which will seem familiar to readers of Fantastic Four comics might seem to make these otherwise ordinary teenagers super brave Novak has introduced a twist to give his characters and the reader a sense of uncertainty ; the powers are unpredictable almost as if they have a life of their own and don't always activate even when their wielders deem them absolutely necessary to be turned on Thus the teens are often called upon to find inner strength and courage despite being weaker than or outnumbered by their opponents Reminiscent of the comic book series Relative Heroes each teen's superpower seems to be symbolic of their individual personality eg Owen who tends to observe and hide has the power of invisibilityAt times the story can get a bit complex Novak deftly handles the pacing chronology and point of view The chapters are uite brief each of them shorter than 10 pages helping Novak ease the reader from a present day other worldly segment to a present day Earth scene to a flashback Each chapter opens with a small illustration at the top of the page showing off Novak's art skills which seems even impressive than his storytelling and which is best exemplified by the full color wraparound coverOccasionally Novak seamlessly wedges in bits of of philosophy eg All of life is beauftiful even the parts we hate and even when it reaches its end psychology eg When something becomes commponplace commonplace ceases to be frightening or commentary The finely woven fabric of our life is often stained with the blood of the past into the text without coming off as preachy and without detracting from the flow of the storyOverall I would reccommend Forts Fathers Sons for the fantasy collections of both young adults and adultsForts Fathers Sons is just the first in the Forts series as suggested by the ending which doesn't uite tie up all of the loose ends and I expect that the rest of the books in the series will be eually compelling

  5. M.J. Heiser M.J. Heiser says:

    Meet the Jarvis brothers As if losing their mother to cancer at an early age wasn't a horrifying enough thing to endure they now have to put up with bullies confusing friendships and alliances and one of the worst family betrayals anyone can think ofThen things get badThe Jarvis brothers along with one of the afore mentioned bullies and another school pseudo friend are pulled out of the world that's familiar and are taken to a new place a completely alien and strange world called Fillagrou There they learn they're the objects of an ancient prophecy that they're supposed to save the world That's a lot of responsibility to put on a kid It's really no wonder that these kids balk at first especially when confronted with the very obvious truth that there's nothing special about any of themOr is there?If you like magic fantasy coming of age stories adventures or underdog stories you'll love this book And really who doesn't like at least one of those things?But wait there's I bet you thought this review would sit back on its laurels content with delivering just another rote reason to buy this book Everything I've said so far is true but it's not the total story of what makes this book special Yes there are really kick characters and situations There are surprising tests of courage and resolve There's even uite a bit of torture blood and guts and graphic warfareWhat you don't expect are those singing moments of poetry of beauty and the life lessons woven behind every chapter Novak isn't just trying to tell you a fantastic adventure story Novak is trying to teach you something about himself and by extension something about you There's a hero in each of us Will you stand up and answer the call?

  6. MaryAnn Bernal MaryAnn Bernal says:

    I found “Forts Fathers and Sons” to be a delightful story The reader becomes immediately involved in the lives of the main characters before they are thrust upon a journey which forever changes their lives Like Alice and her adventures through the looking glass the children are caught up in the machinations of war and conuest as they try to find their way home Alien creatures prophesies strange powers and magic promises a thrilling ride A must read

  7. Lisa Schensted Lisa Schensted says:

    In a sentence or so Tommy Jarvis is transported to an entirely different world that's been waiting for him and his four unlikely companions to save them allLife hasn't been easy for Tommy since his mother died His dad isn't the same man he gets beat up on the daily and his little brother refuses to speak On a weekend outing to the secret tree house Tommy his brother Nicky and their former friend and neighbor Staci run into trouble with Donald the bully Tommy and Donald get into a scuffle which results in them falling into a nearby stream and getting transported to a world entirely unlike their ownThis new world is in turmoil A desperate prince is making ruthless grab for power and slaughtering anyone and everyone who is in his way They have been waiting for The Five to Save Them All They may not be the heroes the worlds are looking for what with them being 5 teenage misfits and all but they are the chosen ones for a reasonThe short chapters from the different perspectives and places make this a uick read albeit confusing at times There's a lot going on in this book with the 5 'heroes' and the multiple worlds and various races along the way However the vivid descriptions uick dialogue silly banter and emotional connections kept me turning page after page The relationships between fathers and sons is a centralizing piece of the plot although relationships and responsibilities for all of the characters is explored as well Overall this is a great start to a fantasy series with clever writing and uniue characters to be sure It's a bit overwhelming in places but if you have the patience and devotion in seeing it through to the end you won't be disappointedFave uotes one silly one emotional Before Donald followed he put his arm behind his back poking uestioningly at the seat of his jeans After confirming that he had not pooped his pants he uickly caught up with the two 61Not only did Chris Jarvis' voice crack on that day but his soul did as well a crack so deep that it could never be repaired spreading slowly until the dam of his emotions shattered completely devouring everything in its path 107Fix er up The author did a great job with the illustrations at the beginning of each chapter I think I would have liked to have seen of those or some full page artwork or something to really drive it home

  8. Jenn (Booksessed) Jenn (Booksessed) says:

    If the events of the children's crusade both actual and fictionalized teach us anything it's that children do not belong anywhere near a war But what happens when 99 worlds are at war and a prophecy predicts that the only way to save them and protect the hundredth world lie in the hands of five children? And what happens when those five children are insecure misfits not exactly friends and thrown together by unfortunate events in their lives?That's the premise of Forts Fathers and Sons the first novel in the Forts trilogy When I started the novel I immediately took a liking to the character of Tommy He doesn't have the best home life which I can completely relate to He's also routinely bullied on his way home from school He's not the character that one would automatically think of as a hero All of that changes when he finds a hidden doorway to another world Joining along with him are his younger brother former best friend and a reluctantly observing neighborhood bullyUpon traveling to the other world they find themselves surrounded by strange characters in the midst of a war and suddenly capable of harassing superpowers and uickly learn that in order to survive they must band together despite the fact that they don't always get alongThe writing of the novel is uite uniue It floats between the real and fantasy worlds with seamless ease The characters both human and fantasy are beautifully written and you find yourself enad by even the most vile ones The plot is so engaging you can't help but keep turning the pagesThere are some scenes of abuse in the early chapters of the novel that are difficult to get through there is also some contextual swearing that may not be appropriate for younger readers I do think that the Forts series is one that combines all the things that people love and expect from a fantasy series while at the same time being completely uniue I feel it will be a great starting point for younger readers interested in the fantasy genreDespite being aimed for an audience younger than which I normally read I was pleasantly surprised and thankful Steven offered this novel for review No one should miss out on this series It sticks with you long after the final page is turned

  9. Bethany Bethany says:

    Forts Fathers and Sons takes place in Fillagrou a once peaceful land now in the power of a war loving dictator Tommy Jarvis is human He knows nothing about Fillagrou and its problems Tommy has enough problems of his own a dead mother an abusive dad; he doesn’t need any problems When Tommy and four other kids stumble across an entrance to Fillagrou they discover they are a part of a prophecy A prophecy to save everyone But how can five children have that kind of power?I’m surprised with this book Really surprised I expected to like it but what I didn’t expect was staying up till twelve PM to franticly finish the book I thought “just one chapter” about 66 times All characters of Forts were extremely likeable Even the villains okay maybe not But they were still interesting to read about The chapters often alternated between different characters Instead of being annoyingly confusing like I thought it would be the alternative chapters gave me greater insight on each of the characters Like Tommy’s abusive dad It helped me to understand each of the characters stories I wanted every one of the characters to accomplish their goals It caused uite a problem between heroesvillains P I would recommend this although it would work for just about any reader to reluctant younger YA reader I don’t know why but maybe because of its sheer awesomeness but that’s just a guess about four people asked to borrow the book after me I really liked the imaginative plot and characters Forts reminded me of the Narnia series except I actually enjoyed Forts A lot Five starsThanks to Steven Novak for providing me with a review copy It in no way influenced my opinion of the novel

  10. Lyndsay Lyndsay says:

    I won this book through firstreads thanks you thank you thank you This was a great read and a striking story At times it reminded me of Chronicles of Narnia what with the going to another world But it was really the coming of age story that made me think of it You have 5 kids who literally tumble into a world where they are forced to deal with circumstances beyond their control and they become better and mature people because of it They find things out about themselves that help them later on On the other hand it also reminded me of Hunger Games because this book deals with war A lot of it Battles genocide tyranny the works It gets uite brutal and violent which would be a warning to those who don't like violence I liked getting to know the characters and I felt like they were developed pretty well I don't know if I had a favorite character but I liked that I hated Donald at the beginning and found myself warming to him at the end I also enjoyed his sarcastic side Novak's characters felt real probably because they go through real life things Novak doesn't shy away from abuse and bullying which feature prominently in the book When they first enter the new world they aren't jumping in all ready to fight which would feel unrealistic Instead they are confused terrified and in shock Staci although she drove me nuts because of this loses it for some of the book But this made her feel like a real person I liked the development of the story and I look forward to reading I'd like to know what happens with the characters

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