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Елка и свадьба [Read] ➫ Елка и свадьба By Fyodor Dostoyevsky – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Popular Ebook, Елка и свадьба by Fyodor Dostoyevsky There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Елка и свадьба by Fyodor Popular Ebook, Елка и свадьба by Fyodor Dostoyevsky There are many interesting things in this book, readers are very amazed by the contents of the book Елка и свадьба by Fyodor Dostoyevsky please download or read online here.

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  • Елка и свадьба
  • Fyodor Dostoyevsky
  • English
  • 02 May 2016

About the Author: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Фёдор Михайлович Достоевский see.

10 thoughts on “Елка и свадьба

  1. Ilse (on semi-hiatus) Ilse (on semi-hiatus) says:

    I like to observe children It is fascinating to watch the individuality in them struggling for self assertionNeed I say that parties or kindred social gathering aren’t invariably fun nor for the attendants nor for the host Neither are weddings As bringing a book seems uite improper what else could one do when not feeling like socializing or feeling out of place To keep our hands busy now we aren’t supposed to smoke any we thankfully no longer need to stroke our whiskers like in the 19th century we can somewhat save ourselves by slyly ogling at our phone and check out what our friends on GR have been posting Or we can take delight in the role of a voyeur observing the feast from a sociological or psychological perspective as an arena for display of hierarchy status and power like Dostoevsky’s nameless narrator in A Christmas Tree and a Wedding a short story published in 1848 before his exile And what a keen and witty observer of human nature he is The narrator is the archetypical outsider out of civility invited to attend a children’s party near the Christmas tree a gathering basically organized by the hosts as an opportunity for the parents and other respected members of the community to sniff each other out bent on exchanging mutual perks and welcome fringe benefits The children are depicted as creatures less infected by the social views premeditation and shameless utilitarian scheming of the reckoning grown ups a contrast the narrator strikes as charming noting approvingly ‘the children absolutely refused to resemble their elders notwithstanding the efforts of mothers and governesses’Scratching each other’s back the adults will however affect the children objects rather than subjects at their own Christmas party The venomous acrimony of the adult view on the stratification of society seeps into the judicious distribution of the presents under the Christmas tree diminishing in value in accordance with the rank of the parents Finally the child of lowest degree a thin freckled red haired little boy of ten got nothing but a book of stories about the marvels of nature and tears of devotion etc without pictures or even woodcuts He was the governess's child She was a poor widow and her little boy clad in a sorry looking little nankeen jacket looked thoroughly crushed and intimidated He took the book of nature stories and circled slowly about the children's toys He longed to play with the other children but did not dare; you could tell he already knew his placeA picture less book Wouldn’t you just jump to give that poor lad a hugPoverty is a curse but wealth and beauty aren’t always a blessing either Despite the narrator’s ironic commentary at the start what follows will outrage him the denouement rendering this into a powerful and intensely sad tale beautifully crafted but deeply disturbing in the full knowledge a similar reduction of human beings to mere commodities is still happening all over the world in this 21th century Paintings by Valentin Serov and Alexei Harlamoff

  2. Duane Duane says:

    One might think from the title this would be one of those uplifting stories about children during the holidays Well one would be wrong at least about the uplifting part What the story focuses on compels me to say I'm glad arranged marriages marriages based on wealth and position are a thing of the past And the women the brides the young ladies they were the ones that were always disadvantaged Good short story well written of course as one would expect from Dostoyevsky

  3. Florencia Florencia says:

    The first story is called The Christmas Tree and The Wedding I want to start this review with a simple observation I can so relate to the fact of being an outsider at a party That awkward moment when you only know one person and the whole time you're holding a cup just to have something to do with your hands I promised myself long time ago that I would never go to a party or social gathering of any sort out of obligation It's a painful situation that no one should ever experience There's nothing left to do but to observe people and most of the times it's not that rewarding; you don't have a partner to share jokes with As Seinfeld would say What am I gonna make sarcastic remarks to strangers Everything ends up being forced and grotesue UghAnyway that amazing discovery being said this is a sad disturbing and merciless portrayal of a superficial society that treats people according to what they own Not an unusual situation at all “Afterwards I could not help admiring the discrimination of the host and hostess in the distribution of the children's presents He longed to play with the other children but did not dare; it was evident that he already felt and understood his position”Just devastatingBeautiful writing as always and it has a twist at the end that leaves you feeling weird uncomfortable The other story is called Bobok which I already reviewed here Also on my blog

  4. Piyangie Piyangie says:

    The story is pretty disturbing from a modern point of view But arranged marriages based on affluence and connections was a lot common in the 19th century where young girls were made victims of parental wishes Though wealth is a blessing on young girls in modern times it seems to have been curse on young women in that time period However to heighten the sad position of wealthy young girls and to show how men of position cunningly took advantage of their positions to secure a wealthy match for themselves Dostoevsky has brought a creepy old man who would fall low to the level of advancing inappropriately on a young girl with a view of manipulating her parents and securing a match between him and the girl Even with its disturbing contents the story is very well written; not surprising for a Dostoevsky work An unknown narrator narrates the story of an unfortunate girl which to the reader is almost creepy The work though short arouses varied emotions on the reader ranging from pity to anger to despair Every time I read Dostoevsky I'm amazed at his ability to rouse reader's emotions so strongly This is undoubtedly the foremost reason of my loving his work

  5. Diane S ☔ Diane S ☔ says:

    25 Love the clarity of his writing but despite the title this is not a feel good Christmas story though there is a Christmas tree Need to consider the politic of the times when this was written The narrator does not feel comfortable in the company he finds himself so finds a uiet room in order to escape the party He sees and experiences something that will come to play later when he attends a wedding Found this uite creepy actually

  6. Sidharth Vardhan Sidharth Vardhan says:

    Dostoevsky is not the one to take half measures he will take his time get hold of your neck steady your head look into your eyes smile encouragingly and then punch your nose with dark truths

  7. Sophie Sophie says:

    I chose to read this short story thinking that it would be a nice Christmassy type of story I should have known better The other day I saw a wedding But no I would rather tell you about a Christmas tree The plot was simple and uite predictable whilst the writing style the narrator being the outsider only observing and not actively participating was to my liking however the story itself was extremely creepy and made me feel uneasy and discomforted

  8. Moon Moon says:

    nothing special about the story but Dostoyevsky’s brilliant writing and storytelling is a top tier

  9. Dee Dee says:

    My heart aches to learn Russian so I could read Dostoevsky in his own languageIlse has put across beautifully what the book and the narrator has tried to convey Look out for the sharp contrast between the way children and adults treat one another based on the social stature Despite growing up the girl is teared up to marry Mastakovitch because the child in her has not understood why she has to marry a man who is vile and manipulative DishearteningAny recommendations for books on understanding the social structure of Russia in the 19th century would be highly appreciated

  10. Steven Steven says:

    'No' replied my acuaintance shocked by my breach of good manners a breach which I must say I had committed deliberately The narrator in The Christmas Tree and a Wedding recalls how five years ago he found himself somewhat out of place at a children’s party It was awkward for him because he did not fit in with the crowd; those present had gathered for the purpose of social networking and climbing than anything else He recounts how he observed one of the most important personages there in a private moment in a side room pathetically and unsuccessfully trying to get into the good graces of a girl who was rud to have a hefty dowry – a girl however who is only 11 years old at the time The personage calculates that in five years she’ll be 16 and ready to marry – the interest on her dowry having built up nicely in the meantime The whole thing is despicable of course and the narrator who alone witnesses the personage's explicit behavior towards the girl later laughs in the man’s face The personage however manages to come off without a scratch and further enchants the parents of the girl with his ‘magnanimity’ – to the point where he is invited to visit them The story ends with the narrator five years later coming across a wedding which turns out to be that of the girl and the personage – the girl of course appearing uite miserable Dostoevsky places his finger on and poignantly portrays some of the injustices resulting from class differences at the time blending this serious criticism however with moments of humor to create a very complete and tight knit story His whisker were indeed extremely handsome But he stroked them with such enthusiasm that one could not help feeling that his whiskers were brought into the world first and the gentleman himself was only afterwards attached to them in order to stroke them That for instance had me laughing out loud

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