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  1. Tristan Tristan says:

    35It was alright

  2. ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) ♥Laddie♥ (Lee Lee) says:

    This is my favorite of the series so far It managed to edge out Maddoc and Ivan's book for the top spotGeorge is a cute guy who teaches fourth grade and is passionate about his work Darren is a soon to be ex football player injured in the prime of his career He's got a chance to be the host for a sports show but Darren can barely read or write That's where George comes inRight from the beginning I loved George He's a little nerdy pretty witty and loves being a teacher What I loved most about George is the way he handles Darren He refuses to back down from the big hot football player even when Darren barges in with his attitude George lets Darren know that he'll help only if Darren really wants the helpDarren stole my heart before he even came onto the scene He's young and doesn't have enough education to write out his own checks The scene at George's house where Darren reads the sixth grade book so that George can assess his skill level just about broke my heart Darren thinks he's stupid only good at football and worthless if he can't play Man I just wanted to sueeze him People have always thought Darren was good at football and beautiful but no one ever valued him for his mind Everyone knew George was intelligent but never saw him as beautiful and judge him negatively because he has a bad hip since birth George sees Darren for what's in his heart and his intelligence Darren not only values George's intelligence but he loves his kind heart and his spirit Darren also thinks George is a sexy little thing Both characters are so sweet and vulnerable that I couldn't help but love this book

  3. Phaney Phaney says:

    2014 Re read Very sweet this story of a selfless teacher and a nearly illiterate ex football player It’s encouraging and happy without going into unrealistic territoryI so enjoy stories that have an actual story to them Heh a statement like that probably reveals a lot about my usual reading habits This author may have some issues at times with making things exciting or that dreadful wooden style in his earlier works but he always has something to communicate

  4. Alina Alina says:

    One of my favorite from the seriesI love how George and Darren lean on each other and help each other with their insecurities Their relationship's so well balanced Fun and nice read

  5. Katy Beth Mckee Katy Beth Mckee says:

    I really love how George uickly sees Darren's strengths and works to help him identify what he needs He is so supportive in helping Darren overcome his difficulties I also live the way that Darren finds to pay George back at the end of the story Darren shows a lot of growth through the story

  6. Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews says:

    I'm scarred I'm scared and I have nowhere else to turn Sounds kind of ominous For Darren White life is scary He's got a secret and if the world finds out he'll be toast Lucky for him there's George and this crazy little thing called love When I open a book by Andrew Grey I know I'll be entertained The dialogue is witty and flows well The descriptions are exciting and drew me right into the story Oh and then there are the characters Mr Grey writes characters the reader won't soon forget I haven't I came into the story wanting a good time with a little heart string pulling and I got so much Darren is a guy I couldn't help but root for I won't give away any secrets but the guy's got a lot going on and he's overwhelmed He's realistic which is relatable He's like guys I know clumsy with emotion but when he's got game he's got game And then there's George I taught school for a while so I uickly identified with him trying to make the best of what life's handed him and still make a difference with the fourth graders he teaches Reading about him made me smile often I have to give him props for patience Being a teacher he's got the patience of a saint anyway but I liked how he was kind without being pompous with Darren And when these two men get together for than a chat over coffee The pages sizzled I immensely liked the build up Mr Grey writes love scenes that aren't graphic but I can feel the emotion as if I were one of the players in the room It's that intense If you want a read with eual parts heat and heart you need to read Crunch Time 45 cherries all the way originally posted at

  7. L-D L-D says:

    Ahhh this was my favorite book of the series Books 1 3 were so similar I almost stopped reading the series but this book did break the mold George is a 4th grade teacher and is great at it When Lonnie yes Lonnie the annoying big mouth asks George to help a friend he isn't sure what he's signing up for He's surprised when he finds out that a Philadelphia Eagle player has been permanently injured and needs help to prepare for a job as a TV show host When he finds out that Darren struggles with reading and barely struggled through school coasting on his football player status George has his work cut out for him I really really enjoyed this book It has some serious topics and wasn't just about guys checking out each other in the gym like the previous books I really liked both George and Darren and unlike the first books in the series I could really feel their connection build I also adored the endingAdditionally like the first book this book showed me glimpses of the Lonnie that I liked Someone who really cares about his friends This book is the reason I kept reading this series and didn't uitI'm not sure if this is truly a 5 star book I think I may have given it 5 stars simply because I was surprised at how much better it was than the rest of the series

  8. Tam Tam says:

    35 StarsGeorge is a teacher who's friend Lonnie from the other books asks him to help one of his clients Darren a football star whose blown his knee prepare for a guest spot as a host on a sports show Darren is typical of sports celebs who've been catered to their whole lives and then George discovers he can't read which is going to make the job thing nearly impossible Once he busts through Darren's bravado and gets him diagnosed as dyslexic they work toward helping him adjust to life outside of football Of course they start a relationship despite the natural insecurity about homophobia in football and even Darren's Dad who was all about his son being a man and playing sports There are a few cameos by characters from the other books mostly Lonnie and his rude and crude behaviour but his unfailing loyalty to his gay friends A cute story that touched on a few subjects like pushing kids through school if they are sports stars homophobia in sports and learning disabilities

  9. Table4Five Table4Five says:

    For some reason I'm really drawn to this series I think I like the short and to the point part of the story All of the characters mesh really well together Sadly we didn't get to see much of the other characters in the series George was really likeable and caring in the way that he was there for Darren Darren was a mess at the beginning and with alittle bit of help from George was able to get himself back together If you have read the books before this and enjoyed them then you will probably enjoy this one too Happy Reading

  10. Tracy Tracy says:

    I really enjoyed Darren and George I also like that you mentioned so of the other characters from previous books I was really glad that Darren’s father did not go ballistic when he outted himself to him and the character Lonnie I so enjoy him in each of these books Can not wait for the next one keep up the good work

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Crunch Time (Work Out, #4) [Download] ➸ Crunch Time (Work Out, #4) Author Andrew Grey – When George Higgins agrees to help a soon to be former professional football player rehearse for a guest appearance on a talk show he doesn’t expect anything to come of it To his surprise Darren Whi When George Higgins agrees to help a soon to be former professional football player rehearse for a guest appearance on a talk show he doesn’t expect anything to come of it To his surprise Darren White shows up on time and actually makes an effort to learn from George But Darren has definite problems; he can barely read and sounds awful when he speaks Luckily George is a teacher and Darren’s motivated It’s crunch time the first rehearsal for Talking Sports is looming and Darren and George will have to work together if they want Darren’s guest appearance—and their budding relationship—to turn into a full time gig.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 85 pages
  • Crunch Time (Work Out, #4)
  • Andrew Grey
  • English
  • 22 November 2015

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