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A Memory of War A Novel [PDF] ✎ A Memory of War A Novel Author Frederick Busch – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Psychologist Alexander Lescziak savors a life of uiet sophistication on Manhattan's Upper West Side turning a blind eye to the past of his Polish émigré parents Then a new patient declares that he i Psychologist Alexander Lescziak of War PDF Æ savors a life of uiet sophistication on Manhattan's Upper West Side turning a blind eye to the past of his Polish émigré parents Then a new patient declares that he is the doctor's half brother the product of a A Memory PDF/EPUB ² union between Lescziak's Jewish mother and a German prisoner of war The confrontation jolts Lescziak out of his complacency suddenly his failing marriage his wife's infatuation with his best friend and the disappearance of his young lover and suicidal patient Nella close in Memory of War ePUB ↠ on him Lescziak escapes into the recesses of his imagination where his mother's affair with the German prisoner comes to life in precise gorgeous detail The novel unfolds into a romance set in England's Lake District in wartime as Busch shows how our past presses on the present.

7 thoughts on “A Memory of War A Novel

  1. Valerie Valerie says:

    I got a little than halfway through this tedious story of a self absorbed psychiatrist who zones out obsessing over his petty affairs rather than listening to his patients and is not intrigued in the least when his half brother whose existence he knows nothing of shows up as a patient

  2. Patrick Barry Patrick Barry says:

    I enjoy Busch's writings but this one came up a clunker for me It is the story of a Polish emigre pyschologist Alex of dubious professional and private ethics In the midst of a crumbling marital relationship and an affair with a patient a half brother of German descent who is a Holocaust denier the protagonist is Jewish The is the makings of a good story here but this one s told in disjointed memories and conversations that pop up during actual conversations Though he has good reasn to talk to himself as a narrative voice it is annoying I struggled through the book and ultimately the plot could not redeem the telling

  3. JudithAnn JudithAnn says:

    I didn't finish this book I tried for a long time and got to about halfway but it couldn't hold my interestThe book is about a psychologist and his clients Most of the book at least what I read of it takes place in his office where the psychologist receives his clients While these clients are talking the psychologist often thinks about completely different things for instance looking back on past events This was confusing especially in the beginning when it often wasn't clear whether what was happening was a real time or remembered eventWhat was mysterious and somewhat interesting was a client who claimed to be his half brother The psychologist only half believes him but keeps treating him as a client and therefore does not make any attempts to find out about this alleged brother and whether his claims are correct That was weird I did want to read on to find out whether this was really his brother but didn't find the other story lines interesting enough to keep going Well written very introspective a bit weird and confusing I may try another of Busch's books at some point but this one didn't keep my interest

  4. Linda C Linda C says:

    I hated this book Do not be fooled by the synopsis All the characters were extremely unlikable and it insulted the intelligence of the reader to believe that as an example the main character would encounter a long lost brother and continue to view the man as his patient Eually unbelievable was the fact that the main character's mother a Jewish woman who escaped Hitler but presumably lost most or all of her family to the Nazis would begin a love affair with a Nazi POW There are so many wonderful books to read don't waste your time with this one

  5. Pat Pat says:

    Reviews were not so good yet i continued finished and liked it The reason I picked this book from the free shelf of my library's book sale products remains with this particular cover I liked how the female character looks toward the horizon in clothing that reminded me of the mother in the story She was the main concern of the book and the narrator's memories to me In fact the narrator became inconseuential

  6. Joel Joel says:

    This book kept surprising me in delightful ways There is a lot to like in a story about a NY pschotherapist gradually losing or is it finding? his mind The most amazing passages in the book have to do with the way the author smashes through the usual boundaries of time and brings the reader on a roller coaster ride of sights and sounds from a life sometimes collapsed into a single paragraph Busch is a master

  7. Jason Jason says:

    A lovely novel It's sophisticated in very subtle ways yet still readable without having to stare at a single page for hours on end trying to work things out The modulations of POV and memory are exuisite

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