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Prismatic ❴KINDLE❵ ✿ Prismatic Author Edwina Grey – Jacueline Cooper is a history student with a stalled thesis and a less than admirable past When she and biologist Daniel O'Connor uncover what appears to be a hundred year old murder site it might be Jacueline Cooper is a history student with a stalled thesis and a less than admirable past When she and biologist Daniel O'Connor uncover what appears to be a hundred year old murder site it might be the break she needs But the cache contains medical records detailing outbreaks of madness and violence dating back to and news of the discovery is uickly covered up As deaths start multiplying she starts putting the pieces together—a dangerous ambition For Daniel O'Connor may not be what he seems and there are parties who do not want the truth to come out They want Sydney locked down terrorised and starving and what happens then will be far far worseOf course plague is nothing new to Sydney Cutting back and forth from Jackie's present to previous epidemics Prismatic covers a lot of ground We also meet Adam Waters a doctor who has seen too much death in World War I and John Tunks shipped across the world to the penal colony of New South Wales With the current international climate amid fears of terrorism and the spread of SARS and Bird Flu Prismatic's themes have an especial resonance But Edwina aims above all to tell a good story It's a thriller it's about these characters and how they fight to survive the disease in their own culture and time They're ordinary people but if they fail the conseuences could be global I wanted to take some of our old human fears and really twist them.

  • Paperback
  • 362 pages
  • Prismatic
  • Edwina Grey
  • English
  • 22 November 2014

2 thoughts on “Prismatic

  1. Martin Livings Martin Livings says:

    And to think I hesitatedChannard Cenobite HELLRAISER 2PRISMATIC is the sister book to my own CARNIES both being released about the same time in the already defunct Lothian horror series The following year it beat my book to the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novel tied with Wil Elliot's PILO FAMILY CIRCUS I bought the book but somehow never got around to reading it Perhaps I was scared that it actually WAS better than CARNIES At any rate seven or eight years went by and PRISMATIC remained on my to read pile until just over a week ago when I decided that I'd waited long enough So I dove inAnd to think I hesitatedPRISMATIC was absolutely bloody fantastic Even though it was written by three different people under the nom de plume of Edwina Grey and set in three different time periods the whole book flowed together so beautifully that you'd never know it wasn't a single author unless someone told you The triple stories of colonial post WWI and present day Sydneys were all excellent and kept you gripped It actually had that advantage that if any story started to lag at all it could just jump to another one All the characters were complex and believable and the body and mind horror of it was chilling Apart from maybe getting bogged down a little in the middle and let's face it how many novels don't do that??? I'm finding it really hard to find any fault in PRISMATIC however desperately my fragile ego wants me to I can absolutely understand it winning the AA over CARNIES now This is a book that deserves a second run like all the Lothian books that didn't uite reach the heights they should have If you can find a copy grab it It's infectious

  2. Anna Hepworth Anna Hepworth says:

    I liked this one to start with the multiple historical points worked reasonably well Unfortunately the story slowly dissolved Unlike other books with this kind of slow disintegration it did not feel like this was deliberate on the author's part yes the situation was confusing yes the protagaonists didn't really know what was going on But this it was just confused And the last four paragraphs were just annoying Twists I like This wasn't a twist this was just wrong Or badly written Or both

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