The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German

The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ The Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, and German National Socialism By Stefan Kühl ❤ – When Hitler published Mein Kampf in 1924 he held up a foreign law as a model for his program of racial purification The US Immigration Restriction Act of 1924 which prohibited the immigration of those Connection: Eugenics, PDF É When Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, PDF or Hitler published Mein Kampf in he held up a foreign law as a model for his program of racial purification The US Immigration Restriction Act of which prohibited the immigration of those with hereditary illnesses and entire ethnic groups When the Nazis took power in they installed a program of eugenics the attempted improvement of the population through Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, Epub / forced sterilization and marriage controls that The Nazi eBook ó consciously drew on the US example By then many American states had long had compulsory sterilization laws for defectives upheld by the Supreme Court in Small wonder that the Nazi laws led one eugenics activist in Virginia to complain The Germans are beating us at our own game In The Nazi Connection Stefan Kuhl uncovers the ties between the American eugenics movement and the Nazi program of racial Nazi Connection: Eugenics, eBook ↠ hygiene showing that many American scientists actively supported Hitler's policies After introducing us to the recently resurgent problem of scientific racism Kuhl carefully recounts the history of the eugenics movement both in the United States and internationally demonstrating how widely the idea of sterilization as a genetic control had become accepted by the early twentieth century From the first the American eugenicists led the way with radical ideas Their Nazi Connection: Eugenics, American Racism, Epub / influence led to sterilization laws in dozens of states laws which were studied and praised by the German racial hygienists With the rise of Hitler the Germans enacted compulsory sterilization laws partly based on the US experience and American eugenists took pride in their influence on Nazi policies Kuhl recreates astonishing scenes of American eugenicists travelling to Germany to study the new laws publishing scholarly articles lionizing the Nazi eugenics program and proudly comparing personal notes from Hitler thanking them for their books Even after the outbreak of war he writes the American eugenicists frowned upon Hitler's totalitarian government but not his sterilization laws So deep was the failure to recognize the connection between eugenics and Hitler's genocidal policies that a prominent liberal Jewish eugenicist who had been forced to flee Germany found it fit to grumble that the Nazis took over our entire plan of eugenic measures By when the murderous nature of the Nazi government was made perfectly clear the American eugenicists sought to downplay the close connections between themselves and the German program Some of them in fact had sought to distance themselves from Hitler even before the war But Stefan Kuhl's deeply documented book provides a devastating indictment of the influence and aid provided by American scientists for the most comprehensive attempt to enforce racial purity in world history.

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  1. Alex Alex says:

    Just a few days ago at work I overheard a colleague talk about how Hitler manipulated an entire nation It is a pet thesis of mine that this was not the case that people knew or could have known precisely what they were getting themselves into Of course Hitler lied He lied about helping big business he lied about helping the worker and he lied about respecting the Reichskonkordat which he broke ten days after it was signed However all that is to be expected Politicians lie especially popular ones Obama didn't close Guantanom Trump did not imprison Hillary and Hitler despite his explicit promises sold out to the Soviets Nothing to see here His lies may have been particularly egregious but that's only a uestion of degreeYet everyone knew that Hitler was militaristic The SA was outwardly modeled after the military and in Mein Kampf Hitler constantly praised the military Do you expect such a man to keep the peace? Likewise everyone knew Hitler wanted the Jews gone even if they didn't know about the Holocaust per se Everyone knew he saw Jews as subhumans and destroyers of civilization because he talked openly about that Is it any surprise he mistreated them? The Nazi Connection deals with another topic that Hitler and the Nazis as a whole were shockingly honest about Eugenics Stylistically this book is weak and you won't find a great depth of thought in it Apparently Kühl rushed the book out and it shows except in his meticulous research all of which is sourced If you're working on your own book about the Nazis or you want to get an overview of the facts before you come to your own conclusions this is the book for you Kühl narrates how relations between the Nazis and eugenicists around the globe were and comes to the conclusion that they were uite cordial England the US and Nazi Germany were the triumvirate of eugenics with the US being radical than England and Nazi Germany eventually becoming radical than the US but all three were in it and approved of each others policies Some eugenicists went as far as to praise the low rate of death resulting from compulsory sterilization of women in Nazi Germany 04 percent a few thousand women in total Eugenics was the state of the art at its time it was not widely disparaged beloved figures like Teddy Roosevelt and Winston Churchill spoke in support of it and when the Church urged people to please not kill mental retards it gathered angry remarks for holding back human progress Sounds familiar? It shouldAs this book is uite tedious for its length and not at all a fun read I would only recommend it for historians of the period but to them without ualifications concerning the particular topic it deals with

  2. Jessica Jessica says:

    The definitive book to read to understand the connections between German American and British eugenicists and how eugenics thrives today He moves from the progression and incubation of scientific racism in the states on to the trans Atlantic ties that innovated Nazi racial hygienists They justified their atrocities by citing American sterilization laws at the Nuremberg Doctors Trials and American prosecutors were sympathetic to this The concluding chapters prove how their American counterparts rehabilitated them swiftly after WWII while they lied about being associated with the worst crimes of Nazi Germany a very common trope Kühl's research dismantles the mythology of the few scientists who got out of control by carefully analyzing those he classified as mainline reform and socialist eugenicists American eugenicists' desires to create a purified national body were only sullied by the logical conclusion of what the practices and ideology meant mass killings and eventually the Holocaust Do not expect to receive political analysis readymade for you from this book Its strongest point is that it is important reference material put in one book that is too often diffuse Kühl presents extensive documentation and I look forward to connecting the criminals he names with the existing organizations that purport to be kinder friendlier eugenicists in the 21st century for my own research

  3. Max Max says:

    Doesn’t really go into the implications of it all much but super detailed and informative re how american eugenic thinking influenced policy in Nazi germany Wish i knew of something approachable covering this and the american eugenic history in general the influence of eugenic thinking in the US is so far reaching and unfortunately continues to be very relevant but the books are always at least a minor chore I feel like I’m always looking for a good starting point recommendation and still haven’t found it

  4. Yellow-craion Yellow-craion says:

    krótkie ostatnie 20 stron to bibliografia itp i tresciwe znalezione w bibliografii 'Systemic racism' i dlatego przeczytane wypożyczone z BUŁy o polit imigracyjnej mniej raczej o relacjach eugeników USA i innych z nazistowskimi przed w trakcie i po wojnie i nawet jest o hipokryzji odrobinka że usańczycy zarzucają niemcom rasizm i straszne rzeczy a sami mają też obok RPA i III rzesza apartheid plus lincze i nie dopuszczanie czarnych do uniwersytetów str 98 a czepiają się że naziści wprowadzają ustawy norymberskie i sterylizują ludziopisane glownie relacje typu wycieczki do niemieckich uczelni czy sądow korespondencja z hitlerem jakioes artykuly pisane i wykorztystywane pozniej przez propagande kampanie spoleczne miedzy usanskimi i innymi tez troche a niemieckimi eugenikami przed w trakcie i po wojnie ze wcale kontakty nie oslably jak nazisci doszli do wladzy i zaczeli robic przymusowa sterylizacje wrecz byly kregi wsrod naukowcow w usa ktorzy chwalili czy podziwiali jakie genialne to prawo hitler wprowadzil bo przeciez to tylko ulepszy jakosc populacji i jedyne o co sie martwili to ze bedzie prawo naduzywane ale przy tylu wycieczkach i takim cieplym przyjeciu bo wiadomo ze zewnetrzni goscie dodaja wiarygodnosci bylo oczywiste ze nie ma w III rzeszy mowy o naduzyciach nawet jak zaczela sie wojna to jeszcze jakies wycieczki byly dopiero jak usa wlaczyla sie do wojny oficjalnie to juz sie naukowcy zaczeli wycofywac i ewentyualnie tracic na wiarygodnosci czy poparciu jesli wczesniej popierali nazistow a po wojnie oczywiscie ani slowem o tym sie nie wspominalo byle tylko zatrzec bo gdzie tam jakie poparcie i jakie bliskie relacje? nie tego nie byloi pod koniec mi sie spodobalo bo w sumie liczylam ze to zostanie poruszone i nazisci faktycznie jak spadlo im usanskie poparcie tez o tym zaczeli pisac w prasie itp ze no jak to? usanczycy krytykuja sterylizacje i segregacje w rzeszy a sami maja w 30 stanach legalna sterylizacje segregacja rasowa kwitnie do tego masowe lincze i czarni nie maja co myslec o dostepie do uczelni wyzszychjeszcze byla wzmianka ze poza rzesza i usa to w rpa tez byla segregacja przeciez i ze ustawy o sterylizacji ale to juz chyba dobrowolne? byly w skandynawii tez wprowadzane tylko pytanie czy to bylo bo rzesza tak robi i im tak to cudownie wychodzi czy moze to byla reakcja na ten wielki kryzys co byl i proba ciecia wydatkow aka mniej ludzi do utrzymania itpchociaz pewnie polaczenie obu i jeszcze inne czyniki

  5. Kevin Kevin says:

    Puts the US suarely in the middle of Hitler's experiments Tracks how the programs were funded and who wanted them done A good collection of scientific thought around the idea of forced natural selection No one was innocent

  6. Chad Lamb Chad Lamb says:

    Interesting look at how American eugenics movement affected Nazi Germany A little too dull and not my most interesting topic

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