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So Many Circles, So Many Squares ➽ [Download] ✤ So Many Circles, So Many Squares By Tana Hoban ➲ – Tana Hoban changes the way we look at the world After you read this book you will find yourself seeing circles and suares everywhere And they will surprise you because they will be where you have ofte Tana Hoban changes the way Circles, So Epub á we look at the world After you read this book you will find yourself seeing circles and suares everywhere And they will surprise you because they will be where you have often looked before You will So Many PDF/EPUB or have changed and begun to see.

  • Hardcover
  • So Many Circles, So Many Squares
  • Tana Hoban
  • English
  • 13 December 2014
  • 9780688151652

10 thoughts on “So Many Circles, So Many Squares

  1. Chelsea Ulrich Chelsea Ulrich says:

    While the book has no words it does have some great pictures of suares and circles that are seen in everyday life This book would be good for early shape learners who are just understanding the places that you find shapes It could be a good way for students to think of ways that they find shapes as well I could see using this as a project for students where you begin by reading the book and then send your young students on a school wide scavenger hunt for different circles and suares that they find in the school

  2. Jordan Bramblett Jordan Bramblett says:

    Although this book doesn't have any words it has many pictures of shapes The majority of these shapes are suares and circles which is where the title of the book shows it's relevance This book is a great way to incorporate suares and circles into a children's lesson because it provides many different examples It also has bright and vivid colors which would be appealing to younger children The pictures were taken from every day life images so the children may start to recognize things in their own community that they could compare to the pictures in this book so that they can compare the shapes and get a much better understanding of what shapes are

  3. Dolly Dolly says:

    I put this book on one of my to read lists yes I have many a long time ago It must've been while we were reading books about shapes; or perhaps when we were reading wordless books In any case I finally borrowed it from the library We were a bit surprised when we realized that it's just a bunch of everyday photos without a narrative We still had fun pointing out the shapes we found although we tired of it before we finished the book It is certainly a good way to show young children that shapes can be found everywhere

  4. Ellen Ellen says:

    Tana Hoban is a wonderful author of children's books She writes all about familiar preschool concepts There is no text in this book but it is a great resource to use when teaching about shapesThe pictures are of real life items like waffles and buttons that are made of those shapes

  5. Eddie Eddie says:

    Hoban Tana So Many Circles So Many Suares 1998Grade Level Preschool 3Summary In this book the author uses circles and suares and it will display different images depending on your imagination Definitely liked this book for myself much less small children

  6. Connie Connie says:

    No words and ugly pictures

  7. Jasmine Roberson Jasmine Roberson says:

    picture book Great for teaching about shapes in math and were circles and suares appear in the real world

  8. Datoria Datoria says:

    Great book to provide children with oppotunities developed spatial awareness and shape awareness

  9. Amanda Andrews Amanda Andrews says:

    The book is full of pictures of everyday things you see that have circles andor suares It would be great for geometry and showing children that these common shapes are everywhere

  10. Maximus Maximus says:

    It's for little kids and I was trying to look at it with Chase

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