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    This is a very well written children s book about our current flag It gives a few facts of our flag history as well as how to respect and carry our flag It also mentions the Star Spangled Banner as well as the Pledge of Allegiance Every parent should read this little golden book to their child ren.

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    Young readers will enjoy this short but informative history of the American flag with bright and colorful illlustrations of colonial life, Betsy Ross and George Washington, Fort McHenry, and many others Included are illustrated instructions on flag etiquette, as well as the Pledg...

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    I checked out the ebook edition of this book from the library because of Miss Muffet s recent interest in flags and geography It s a bit difficult to read it with her on a screen so we may need to track down a hard copy at some point, but it covers everything I would want in a basic book about the U.S flag Memling covers the history behind the stars and stripes of the flag, as well as information about the national anthem, and the words to the pledge of allegiance There are also historical details about the American Revolution, the Civil War, and World War II and appearances by important figures such as Betsy Ross and George Washington The book also provides a list of rules for handling the flag, and the three situations in which the flag must be saluted It s a great first introduction to American history and patriotism for preschool and kin...

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    This book would be a great addition to any early elementary school classroom This book tells the story of our flag and how it has evolved over time The book has wonderful illustrations and describes the early d...

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    This is an informative book about the different states flags in America Children will enjoy learning about these flags due to the illustrations given This is a good book for preschoolers and or kindergarten I would use this in a classroom setting by...

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Our Flag BOOKS Our Flag By Carl Memling Capitalsoftworks.co.uk The Youngest Readers Will Enjoy This Concise But Informative History Of The American Flag With Beautiful And Exciting Illlustrations Of Colonial Life, Betsy Ross And George Washington, Fort McHenry, And Included Are Illustrated Instructions On Flag Etiquette, As Well As The Pledge Of Allegiance.