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    Easily one of the best science fiction novels to come out of India Which is not saying much.I read this in school which was well over a decade back , and was really inspired to try my own hand at sci fi That did not work out well, but the story that inspired that endeavor has stayed with me since then I didn t even know when I read the book who Naralikar was, but over the years as I have becomefamiliar with his work as one of India s best known astrophysicists, it has only added ...

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    When I learnt that my childhood astrophysicist hero Prof Narlikar had a wealth of science fiction stories in his scholarly repertoire, I couldn t wait to find a copy After having read hisscientific textbooks, it s jarring to read The Return of Vaman JVN makes his intention for the book clear at the beginning sci fi to him is a means of communicating scientific concepts to the layperson If you re looking for a literary masterpiece or a space opera thriller, this is not for you My edit When I learnt that my childhood astrophysicist hero Prof Narlikar had a wealth ...

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    One of my favourite Jayant Narlikar novels A good story It could have been longer, but is a great fast paced read nevertheless.

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    Apart from main content this book written in 80s tell us about the economic landscape of our country at that point such as monopoly of govt owned air india in indian skies and beurocratic hassles in every spheres including those for the scientists.

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    One time read, first few pages captures ur attention, but after page 60, u feel a bit down, climax looks like a plot in the hindi movie

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    This book discusses a serious scientific concern about Artificial Intelligence Though the plot was good, the narrative style was not so brilliant.

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    Nice book with nice concepts.Just one thing the Title of book will tell u all the content of bookBut still writer give u all the thrill experience with sci fi concept

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