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Smashwords Style Guide PDF Smashwords Style Guide Author Mark Coker Terrapin Info.co.uk The Smashwords Style Guide Has Helped Indie Authors Produce And Publish Over 130,000 High Quality Ebooks 200,000 Copies Of The Smashwords Style Guide Have Downloaded This Guide Offers Simple Step By Step Instructions To Create And Format An Ebook Using Microsoft Word.The Smashwords Style Guide Is Required Reading For Any Author Who Wants To Distribute Their Book Via Smashwords To Major Ebook Retailers Such As The Apple IBookstore, Barnes Noble, Sony, Kobo And Diesel Authors And Publishers Who Don T Yet Use Smashwords Can Still Benefit From The Guide It Provides Detailed Information On How Ebook Formatting Is Different From Print Formatting, How To Create A Reflowable Ebook, And It Offers Step By Step Illustrated Instructions On How To Tame The Beast Of Microsoft Word.INSIDE THE SMASHWORDS STYLE GUIDEGETTING STARTEDWelcome To Smashwords Do It Yourself, Or Hire Help Good Formatting ExamplesWhat Smashwords Publishes, What We Don T PublishFive Common Formatting Mistakes To AvoidHow Smashwords Publishes BooksHow Smashwords Distributes BooksHow Ebook Formatting Is Different From Print FormattingHow We Convert Your Book Into Multiple Ebook FormatsThe Three Secrets To Ebook FormattingHow To Avoid And Fix AutoVetter ErrorsIntroduction To Meatgrinder Conversion SystemYour Required Source FileUnderstanding The Different Ebook FormatsFREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONSFORMATTINGPre PrepMaking Word BehaveStep 1 Make A Back UpStep 2 Activate Word S Show HideStep 3 Turn Off Word S AutoCorrect And AutoFormat FeaturesStep 4 Eliminate Text BoxesStep 5 The Nuclear MethodFormattingStep 6 Unify Manuscript Around Normal Paragraph StyleStep 7 Managing And Modifying Paragraph Styles, FontsStep 7a How To Choose The Best Paragraph Separation Method First Line Indent Or Block Step 7b How To Implement Your Chosen Paragraph Separation MethodStep 7b A How To Define A Proper First Line IndentStep 7b B How To Define Trailing After Space For Block ParagraphsStep 7b C Special Tips For Poetry, Cookbooks And Learning MaterialsStep 7b D How To Define Proper Line SpacingStep 8 Check Your Normalized TextStep 9 Why You Should Never Use Tabs Or The Space Bar For IndentsStep 10 Managing Paragraph ReturnsStep 11 Managing HyperlinksStep 12 Designating Chapter Breaks, Page Breaks, Section BreaksStep 13 Working With ImagesStep 14 Text JustificationStep 14a Centering TextStep 15 Managing Font SizesStep 16 Style Formatting, Symbols And GlyphsStep 17 Headers And FootersStep 18 Margins, Page Sizes And IndentsStep 19 Add The Heading Style To Your Chapter Headers Optional Building NavigationStep 20 Building Navigation Into The ManuscriptStep 20a Creating The NCXStep 20b Creating The Linked Table Of ContentsStep 20c Advanced Link Building Footnotes, Endnotes Step 20d Troubleshooting And TestingFront MatterStep 21 Front MatterStep 21a Blurbs Optional Step 21b Title And Copyright Page Required Step 21c Add A Smashwords License Statement Below Copyright PageThe End Of Your BookStep 22 The End Of Your BookPOST FORMATTINGStep 23 Preparing Your Cover ImageStep 24 Review Requirements For Premium

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    This is very detailed and easy to understand but something Mark suggested would take 1 2 hours has taken me 2 weeks I m not that technically minded but it was good to learn something new Now back to writing

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    Before I started it and I saw that it was over 100 pages, I was leery, okay, that s just kind of a lot to have to learn about uploading my document to somebody s web site Happily, much of what it has to say will only be applicable to a particular kind of person, you know, you can skip X if you re not writing a cookbook, you can skip Y if you re not a freakin maniac whose document employs 86 different fonts.Less happily, the voice was fairly offputting to me It read like the audio track of a cartoon narrated by a hip teenage fox wearing a backwards ballcap and Macho Man Randy Savage rainbow mirrored wraparound sunglasses, voiced with the forced enthusiasm of a bad child actor The writer is bizarrely insistent on your using MS Word to compose your work, for somebody who uses most of the book to teach you all the many ways and means to trick Word out of doing everything it s been designed to do Plus the...

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    This book is really indispensable for any author who anticipates his or her work may someday be published electronically, at Smashwords or anywhere else Taking a finished ms and trying to format retroactively is a pain, but it s certainly possible and usually worthwhile This book will help you discover how to do that More importantly though, ...

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    This is the first ebook i have read and finished using my new Kindle basic 8th, so I m very happy using it Now lets analyze this book 1 Reading it once is not enough in my opinion It needs reading at least one time while doing the editing of your ebook and may be while troubleshooting your editing It s a Guide after all.2 Most of professional authors use Microsoft Word 2007 or later and few of them uses older versions 2003 I recommend using a separate old cheep laptop that have Microsoft Word 2003 just for editing and uploading the manuscript to smashwords.3 I found that the best file format for engineering ebooks is only.pdf and that is because these books contains a lot of tables, graphs, figures, charts, mathematical equations and computer codes which are har...

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    Contains 21st century e book publishing information I ve never thought of before Example Text color should be automatic, not black, so that if a reader sets their device to nighttime reading, it will give them white text on black background, not black text on black background.Easy to read...

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    later again.

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    This book was very detailed and helpful in formatting my book for publication on Smashwords and to have it ready for their distribution channels For the non technical people like me, a hint at the beginning may have been better create your own custom styles by clicking on the ribbon in Word, and then just use your created styles to format the manuscript Also, a brief explanation of what custom styles are and how they work might have been helpful This tip would have saved me time, as I didn t realize this is what I was supposed to do until I was halfway through formatting.Also, if you haven t started writing yet, I think it would be best to write your manuscript in Notepad, and to leave all formatting to the end, once you ve finished writing ...

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    This book is like a hot yoga class I hated every second of it.It felt like some parts of were just physically impossible.It seemed to come from another part of the world where people don t care about money or time.After it was over, I felt enlightened and closer to God and now I tell al...

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    Very clear instructionsI don t mind work if I know what to do, but when things go wrong because instructions were misleading or missing critical info, it is beyond frustrating I was amazed that I had no problems uploading my books on Smashwords.

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    good formatting guide to get all kinds of formats onto Smashwords, including Kindle and other major e book distributors.