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Living Green Reading Living Green Artie Knapp Vinoschilenos.eu Tired Of Seeing The Land He Loves Cluttered With Trash, Thurman The Turtle Decides It S Time To Take Action A Fully Illustrated Picture Book Targeted For 5 10 Year Olds

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    My Review When Miss Taylor Turtley wedding day was ruining with bags of trash thrown from the overpass by passing cars, Thurman the turtle decided it was time to take action He could no longer sit by and let the land he loves become cluttered with trash This book not only encourages children to get involve with their environment and keeping the planet safe, but respecting it as well Parents and teachers can use this book to instill in their children that we are all responsible and mu...

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    I won this book in a Goodreads First Reads Giveaway I really really liked the message of this book, and I think it s very important to teach kids how important it is to conserve the environment Additionally, I thought the artwork was very nice Very well done and pretty However, the word choices were kind of strange to me As an adult, I had no problem understanding the vocabulary, but it seemed like the age range the book was written for was a ...

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    I received a copy of Living Green through a goodreads giveaway I was able to read the story to my daughter and she was fully engaged with Thurman and worried about him when he was endangered because of some careless trash It was a good teaching moment for her Some of the la...

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    Inspiring story about a little turtle on a quest to clean up the planet I read this with my five year old, he thoroughly enjoyed the story and the illustrations The illustrations and colors are just beautiful It promotes a great message in that each individual can make a difference in our worl...

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    My 8 year read this book to me last night She loved this book She was already big on keep our planet clean and now she s evenexcited about keeping it clean She plans on taking this book to school and sharing with her classmates, to show them how impor...

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    Wonderful children s book and beautiful illustrations Am going to share with my daughter and daughter in law to use in their 1st and 2nd grade classrooms.

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    Great colors and pictures..A little different but important message.

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    This looks like just the kind of book I d love to share with my son

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