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    Otep Shamaya, for a couple of years now, has been one of my absolute favorite musicians, and when I discovered that she was also a writer beyond writing song lyrics, that is , I had to get my hands on one of her books Quiet Lightning on the Noisy Mountain is definitely a wise starting point for someone looking to read Otep s work for the first time because it is almost like a sample platter, a conglomerate of many different genres from blog posts, short stories, and even fairytales of which there are two, located at the very end of the book Otep is a brilliant writer, and one of my absolute favorite aspects of her writing is her vivid use of alliteration consonant sounds being repeated than once in close proximity We ve tasted the divinity of music in clubs stuffed with bodies and thick clouds of methane, where wanton women beg for liberation and brave souls burn with pride, busted bones and bloody clothes, through a sea of limbs and lips, hungry eyes, fists in the air, these fashionistas, these rogues, rebels, the willing weird, revered friends, lovers, and anonymous apostles, untied and united, seek communion, consumption, and corruption in a quick breath of our sweet lucidity Shamaya 104 One of my favorite stories is titled The Fourth Reich and is easily one of the most unusual stories t...

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    I love EVERYTHING Otep has ever written books, songs, tweetswhatever I love it all But this book totally blew my mind She is such an incredibly talented writer Some of the stories made me very emotional, some made me laugh hysterically, and others would leave me sitting on the edge of my seat anxiously bouncing my legs and awaiting the conclusion I read all 384 pages in under 24 hours and had...

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    love this book because it so badass dude

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Quiet Lightning On The Noisy Mountain PDF Epub Quiet Lightning On The Noisy Mountain Author Otep Shamaya Bandcamptomp3.co.uk Short Stories By Otep Shamaya The Pages Here Were Collected From Various Blogs, Essays, Magazine Articles, And Tour Journals Published And Unpublished Otep Has Scribed Over The Years These Writings Represent The Various Arms, Identities, Faces, Voices, Spiritual Uprisings, Intellectual Cleansings And Wild Language That Exist And Are Cultivated Within The Astral Stratum Of Her Ever Spinning Mind.