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    This book tells the Little known story of an American Bomber crew in World War II that were taken prisoner after being shot down on their first mission and subsequently while being marched under guard to a POW camp had 6 of their members beaten to death and 2 others left for dead by the citizens of a German city that had been attacked the night before by British bombers The principal actors and events of the mob action that...

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    Good accounting about the murder of members of an Allied bomber crew in Germany during WW II I had heard of the firestorms that raged in some German cities after a bombing I had always assumed that the fires were an unintended consequence of the bombings But accordin...

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    This book starts telling the story and background of the men who flew the Wham Bam bomber on a fateful mission You feel some connection to the characters as they suffer and some of them are killed after they were captured The main focus on the book is what happened and the trial that became the first war crimes trial after world war II The book explains the story and the issues well It is one of those stories that slipped from history a bit and I m glad to see that the story has been preserved with the writing of this book The book talks briefly in describing itself as having some examples to compare to modern issues about civilian violence against foreign military members While there is a little talk of this towards the end of the book the focus remains on what happened and barely scratches the surface on modern application I appreciated the author raising some questions about modern application but not trying to beat anyone over the...

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    I was introduced to this book , through a co worker who s ancestor was onboard the Wham Bam.Words can not describe this book event , again just amazes me what some people encounter and are able to survive and pass on to the next generation, both sides to this story are very moving and this event had me hooked from page one The author Mr Freeman does a wonderful job telling the story of the crew and townspeople , you can just feel both sides of this event during a time I hope we and our great grandchildren never have to expierence, Thankful for the generations before me and present me and women who make the hard choices so I can enjoy the freedoms of life with my family they worked so hard to fight ...

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    I tried to write a review of this book and then decided to quote from the introduction because it explains the thesis of the book very well and connects the past with the present.also opened a new chapter in the debate over the rules of war and what can reasonably be expected of a civilian populace battered by incessant attacks from their enemy.The question raised by this debate still resonates today only the locales and technology o...

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    Justice is done.Outstanding read about ordeal of the 9 crew members of the Wham Bam Six paid the ultimate price of German revenge from the terror bombings of their homeland Leon Jaworski prosecuted 11 of the townspeople...

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    Interested in reading about Jaworski of Watergate fame s WWII role High emphasis on his and other s Christian faith Would guess Freeman is a believer.

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    Excellent story of the fate of the Wham Boys.

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The Last Mission of the Wham Bam Boys PDF The Last Mission Of The Wham Bam Boys Author Gregory A Freeman Larringtonlifecoaching.co.uk Before The Famed Nuremberg Tribunal, There Was R Sselsheim, A Small German Town, Where Ordinary Civilians Were Tried In The First War Crimes Trial Of World War II.As The Tide Of World War II Turned, A Hitherto Unknown Incident Set A Precedent For How We Would Bring Wartime Crimes To Justice In August 1944, The 9 Man Crew Of An American Bomber Was Forced To Bail Out Over Germany As Their Captors Marched Them Into R Sselsheim, A Small Town Recently Bombed To Smithereens By Allies, They Were Attacked By An Angry Mob Of Civilians Farmers, Shopkeepers, Railroad Workers, Women, And Children With A Local Nazi Chief At The Helm, They Assaulted The Young Americans With Stones, Bricks, And Wooden Clubs They Beat Them Viciously And Left Them For Dead At The Nearby Cemetery.It Could Have Been Another Forgotten Tragedy Of The War But When The Lynching Was Briefly Mentioned In A London Paper A Few Months Later, It Caught The Eye Of Two Army Majors, Luke Rogers And Leon Jaworski Their Investigation Uncovered The Real Human Cost Of The War The Parents And A Newlywed Wife Who Agonized Over The Fate Of The Men, And The Devastating Effect Of Modern Warfare On Civilian Populations Rogers And Jaworski Put The City Of R Sselsheim On Trial, Insisting On The Rule Of Law Even Amidst The Horrors Of War.Drawing From Trial Records, Government Archives, Interviews With Family Members, And Personal Letters, Highly Acclaimed Military Historian Gregory A Freeman Brings To Life For The First Time The Dramatic Story Taking The Reader To The Scene Of The Crime And Into The Homes Of The Crew, He Exposes The Stark Realities Of War To Show How Ordinary Citizens Could Be Drawn To Commit Horrific Acts Of Wartime Atrocities, And The Far Reaching Effects On Generations.