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    Wow This is the first Marcus Sedgwick book i have read and i was blown away There was not one single boring sentence in this whole book I just could not put it down once i started It was only 187 pages long and i read it within three hours The blurb reads A girl snatched from the wolves, a sealed box that can only be opened by one perosn, a sinister stranger with black painted hands, and a boy destined to lead his clan are woven together in this riveting story of betrayal and ancient magic Set in a distant time, in a distant place, the Storn live quietly, fishing and farming But on the day of the wolf hunt their lives change That s the day Sig rescues a small, ragged, howling child, like the wolves she came from than a human being They called her Mouse, but who is she really What is her secret Years later they find out The shocking discovery of her true identity brings to life a terrifying legend and plunges them all into treachery and cruelty from which there is no escape.The plot is fast moving and gripping from the onset A brilliantly written book f...

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    Solid 3 stars.The story was captivating enough to keep me interested, but quite predictable once you realize what the story is saying The short chapters kept you saying, just a little The Storn find a child in a cave and take her in She s adopted by a family and we see, briefly, how her family and village see her I would have preferred to see a bit of Mouse s, the child found...

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    The Dark Horse is a story about betrayal of family and how in the end a tribe works through the darkness to make their lives better and their tribe even stronger Mouse, who is an orphan girl who the tribe found in a wolf cave turned out to be an enemy whom they were living with all these years With Mouse comes a mystery of where she came from and why she has magical powers Also there appears to be a box that no one knows what it is except Mouse In th...

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    Wow A marvelous story of ancient magic with a hint of belongingness and betrayal I should ve finished this a long time ago I thought it was boring It made my thoughts travel back to the time when brochs were built to be homes The beautiful story of the Storn tribe gave me blissful shivers as I closed the book This is a novel about an orpha...

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    my first book D totally loved it

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    Marcus Sedgwick , Marvel 4 5 3 , , , , 12 14 , 40 50 , , , , Sedgwick 250 , , , , , , , , , , , , , 50 40 , 2 3 5 , Sedgwick 2 .It was ok...

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    Loved this children s novel In a land to the North, a small coastal tribe struggle to survive Tales of the Dark Horse, a warring tribe further north, make them fearsome, because what if they come

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    Imagines how it was to live in a coastal village in the iron age, often under the threat from raiders, Would have given it 4 stars but, to me, Mouse s extra ability introduces an element of fantasy which jars with the idea historical reconstruction.

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    Had rejected it originally as thought it was a straight forward wolf child story that s the problem with dipping Well worth the effort as baffling scary at turns Would love this at any age And yes I was reading 3 books concurrently

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    Ya hace tiempo que lo le pero lo recuerdo como un buen simo libro Con una gran ambientaci n que me tuvo totalmente enganchado Un autor a tener en cuenta.

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The Dark Horse KINDLE The Dark Horse Author Marcus Sedgwick Bandcamptomp3.co.uk SIG IS A Boy In A Coastal Tribe, The Storn, Long Ago In A Northern Land On The Day Of The Wolf Hunt, The Life Of The Tribe Changes Forever, For Sig Rescues A Small Girl, Like The Wolves Who Shelter Her Than A Human Sig S Family Adopts Her And Names Her Mouse, And He Becomes A Loyal Brother To This Girl With Mysterious Powers And A Secret Past The Shocking Discovery Of Mouse S True Identity Brings To Life A Terrifying Legend And Leads To War, Betrayal, And Sig S Coming Of Age As He Finds The Wit And Courage To Save His Tribe Like An Ancient Cave Painting Come To Life, Sedgwick S Tale Of Dark Enchantment Depicts A Primitive Tribe In A North Country Publishers Weekly, Starred Will Find A Solid Readership Among Historical Fiction Fans, Thanks To The Fast Pace, Hint Of Magic, And Satisfyingly Enigmatic Conclusion Booklist Employing A Lean Narrative Voice And Writing In Short Chapters That Encourage Page Turning, Sedgwick Draws Readers Along Rich, Involving, And Vivifying School Librabry Journal, Starred