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    This was a fun read, kind of like visiting your favorite history or archaeology professor after hours and listening to his past exploits and far out theories Not to say that all his theories are far out, but he is careful to say that many of his hypotheses are not proven and may never be.The author is maybe the polymathic person I ve ever heard of paleobiologist, astronomer, rocket scientist and occasional archaeologist who apparently hangs out with Arthur C Clarke and Stephen Jay Gould while visiting the wreck of the Titanic with Robert Ballard while also consulting with James Cameron on Avatar and Michael Crichton on Jurassic Park I think the mosquitoes in the amber idea was his creation On the surface that sounds amazing, but a quick google search shows some controversy about his PhD credentials as well as some facts regarding a previous book on Hiroshima That gives me pause, along with a few little details from the last section of this book where he tells two quick stories about a cursed sarcophagus aboard the Titanic snopes says false and supporting websites look untrustworthy and another Egyptian curse immediately preceding the NYC blackout in the late 70 s Anyway, most of the book is entirely interesting and entertaining He goes deep into the field with archaeologists in Iraq, ...

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    This should have been titled, The Bible is a stinking pile of bull and this is why I don t mind reading books with evidence that the Bible didn t happen exactly as it says, that isn t the problem The author comes across as a bigoted, intellectual elitist His view is the only one that matters, and if you don t agree with it then that just proves that you are an uneducated, moron Not only is he an elitist, but he is also terribly bigoted He seems to be of the opinion that all white males who aren t as intelligent as he thinks he is are just racist red necks.I read the introduction before I bought the book The introduction was magnificent I give the introduction a 5 star rating I don t believe the person who wrote the introduction is the same person that wrote the remainder of the book.Wh...

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    I read Pellegrino s Unearthing Atlantis years ago, and was completely enthralled So much so, that, over the years, I ve read as many of his books as I could Finally picking this one up, I was surprised to read how much of the Bible s stories interconnect with the events of that first book, though I suppose I shouldn t have been, as they share a time and place.But there s much to this book, which reads as part detective story, part history lesson Archaeology, anthropol...

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    If I had read this book while in my teens, I would ve become an archaeologist It s inspiring, intriguing and poetic The author s masterful storytelling skills make this a joy to read, such as the way he fictionalizes dialogue to drag the reader into the moments, and how he plays with words and pacing to create a beautiful flow.But asides from the style, there is a lot of substance There are some strange biases that can be felt especially towards the last chapters ,...

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    Fantastic book Brought the bible stories into a human arena with rational arguments for how the stories occurred.

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    This book was a game changer in my thinking It was the straw that broke the camels back in my shift from religious believer to skeptic.

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    It s not that Pellegrino can t tell an interesting story, it s that he s all over the map, from Mitochondrial Eve to Jericho to Qumran, to Leonard Woolley and Ur to the Minoan eruption of Thera Oh, yes, Thera Pellegrino loves him some Thera, so much so that he tries to rewrite Egyptian and Near Eastern chronology based on the Thera eruption the experts he talks to aren t exactly lining up to support his efforts to dovetail Biblical events such as the parting of the Red Sea and the pillar of fire with Theran volcanic phenomenon Pellegrino s dating is off by 120 200 years.And about Thera if you ve read other Pellegrino books such as Finding Atlantis and The Ghosts of Vesuvius you ll instantly pick up on his stock phrases about the eruption Think you ve read before how after the pyroclastic cloud passed over Kos, thousands of bodies lay bleeding under the starlight, or how where the cloud touched the sea, it converted men and ships into gas You have Finding Atlantis covers the excavation of Akrotiri and the events of the Thera eruption in much detail, if that s your sort of thing, though Return to Sodom and Gommorah does have one nice extra, a scientific explanation of the disintegration of the organic material under the layers of Theran ash.If you read this book, you will also come...

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    I very much appreciate and enjoy Pellegrino s writing _Return_ is as thought provoking as I had hoped His notions and revelations about archeology and the Jewish and Christian texts were not earthshaking for me they rather fit in with the scholarship I grew up with The extent and advancement of early classical or pre classical cultures in the present Middle East and the extent and impact of the Thera event were very engaging The implications for our present culture operate on many levels As I found with _Ghosts of Vesuvius_ his writing brings together diverse disciplines and knowledge in a clear, engaging and cogent fashion that consistently leads me to new perspectives With a liberal arts education most of the terrain he covers is familiar, but I greatly appreciate how he adds depth and builds the webwork of connections that lead me to...

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    Extremely fun, engaging, thought provoking read.

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    I love this book If you love history, archaeology, and mysterythen you will too

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Return to Sodom and Gomorrah PDF Return To Sodom And Gomorrah Charles Pellegrino Jwdfitness.co.uk Unlock Doors To The Lost Worlds Of The Bible From The Garden Of Eden To The Ruins Of BabylonDid A Volcano Part The Red Sea Have Scientists Found Eve Was The Pharaoh Of The Oppression A Woman Did The Jordan River Really Cease Flowing The Day Jericho Fell A Brilliant Author, Scientist, And Adventurer Who Has Been Called The Real Indiana Jones, Dr Charles Pellegrino Takes Us On A Remarkable Journey From The Nile To The Tigris Euphrates Rivers Crossing Time, Legend, And Ancient Lands To Explore The Unsolved Mysteries Of The Old Testament Return To Sodom And Gomorrah Is An Epic Saga Of Discovery That Interweaves Science, History, And Suspense The First Book Ever To Bring Archaeologists, Scientists And Theologians Together To Examine The Same Evidence In This Enthralling Revelatory Adventure, Pellegrino Introduces Us To Dedicated Pioneers Like Benjamin Mazar, Leonard Woolley, And T E Lawrence, Who Retraced The Steps Of Moses To Demystify The Exodus And The Flood In The Process, He Enables Us To View Ancient Relics In An Extraordinary New Light As Both Fascinating Windows On The Past And Vivid Signposts To The Future.

  • Paperback
  • 416 pages
  • Return to Sodom and Gomorrah
  • Charles Pellegrino
  • English
  • 05 May 2019
  • 9780380726332

About the Author: Charles Pellegrino

Charles Pellegrino is a scientist working in paleobiology, astronomy, and various other areas a designer for projects including rockets and nuclear devices non military propulsion systems , composite construction materials, and magnetically levitated transportation systems and a writer He has been affiliated with Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand National Observatory, Brookhaven N