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A perfect groom Perfection Is In The Eye Of The BeholderProud Of His Reputation As A Rogue, Justin Sterling Intends To Be The First To Bed The Unattainable The Season S Most Luscious Debutante And Win The Wager That S The Talk Of The Ton. However, He Never Expected The Enchantress In Question To Be Arabella Templeton, Who Once Stole His Heart And Owns It Still Now The Notorious Scoundrel Will Have To Prove To Her That His Intentions Are Honorable While Protecting Her Virtue From Every Other Rascal In London.Arabella Will Marry Only For Love And She Does Not Need Her Childhood Nemesis To Act As Her Self Appointed Guardian Though The Arrogant Cad Seems Sincere, She Is Well Aware Of His Rakehell History And Won T Be Swayed By His Considerable Charm And Disarming Good Looks For It Would Be Pure Madness For Arabella To Ignore The Voice Of Reason That Whispers Beware And Heed Instead A Traitorous Heart That Insists Justin Sterling Would Make

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    What an amazing love story Justin is a player and a rogue He seduces Arabella to win a wager and he ends up married to her Their marriage is bliss until the truth is revealed Arabella feels hurt and betrayed but she loves her husband and he loves her back so she forgives him and their HEA is the sweetest I loved loved the broken hero He seems wild and rebellious but in reality he is a vulnerable tortured and lonely man He believes he is unworthy of love and he feels guilty after the death of his father and the abandonment of his mother He feels unloved and unwanted Loved how sweet and pure Arabella saved his soul Swoon worthy epilogue with 3 kids and pregnant heroine A reformed rake always melts my heart I agree with another reader This is one of the best romances I ve read in the last few years I recommend I am addicted to Samantha James s historical romances.

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    Happy sigh It was a perfect comfort read and it induced me to create a new shelf This was the first series I read the first and the second after each other straightaway I really recommend that you pick up A Perfect Bride before this one Not only is it slightly better but it also presents Justin and the family back story.It was a notorious rake falling in love and I could not have been happier She was compromised and they had to marry early Quite similar to Devil in Winter and The Duke And I but I liked this They talked It was so beautiful And the sex scenes were lovely I just loved everything about it And the epilogue Dancing a small happy dance

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    Justin, the younger brother of Sebastian Sterling from THE PERFECT BRIDE, bets one of his buddies he can seduce The Unattainable, the young woman who has set all the ton aflutter, before he realizes that she s the one girl who ever put him in his place years back So of course he seduces her by being at turns emotionally abusive and entreating, but it s all because his father was awful, so Arabella finds it in her heart to forgive him because he ll learn how to love properly The dialogue is fine, except I m already tired of James s heroes referring to women as chits, but the situation wasn t terribly compelling.

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    2nd book down I liked this just as much as the 1st I really smiled in some places with the verbal sparing the h h did in the beginning There was a bit of foreshadowing that makes you wait and wait for the results but all in all great book on to the last one

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    Not poorly written at all I just could not establish any connection with Arabella Maybe her height scared me Justin and Arabella fought a lot in the beginning I suppose it should be read as chemistry I just did not feel that way.

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    I loved this tale One of the best I ve read in a while

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    Am este libro

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    He was a Perfect Groom to her

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    3.0 stars I have to admit, that I skipped page 200 to 300 but read the wedding night scene and the scene where Justin talked about his father and then read only the last pages But I think I can judge this novel well enough.1 The blurb is SO misleading Arabella once stole his heart and owns it still That sounds like a secretly in love story, but I don t believe Arabella stole his heart, because he was 18 at the time and she was 10 and punched him in his face so hard he had a bleeding nose lip afterwards No, I don t think his heart was involved, he was only irritated why she hated disliked him so much So yes, he clearly remembers their last encounter, but not because she stole his heart most likely his nerves but not his heart.2 Why are rakes in historicals always not portrayed as rakes Yes, he had sex with a lot of women although not as much as everyone thought, of course , drank and gambled, not not too much and it was never really shown, because he was half reformed before the book started And of course everything was just a show and not how he truly is I liked him, that was not the problem, but I just don t understand why rakes cannot be rakes Probably because true rakes will not be miraculously reformed by true love in most cases This is the reason why I don t like rakish heroes Either they aren t shown to be rakes or it s unbelievable that they change so abruptly And although he had some depth, thinking about his past, I felt like it wasn t enough or not included enough in the story I wanted to know about his past and his feelings and wanted his past to be present But for a rake he was very honourable and whereas I don t like rakes I liked honourable heroes DBUT why in heavens name was he the handsomest man in the England or probably the whole world I can live with handsome but the handsomest of all Isn t that a bit too much Where are the heroes with flaws He must be so handsome even the sun forgets to shine when he steps into her sight No, no, no Not every hero in England can be the handsomest hero and I don t believe any man can be so handsome every woman swoons at his sight that doesn t happen, but at least have the women of the ton want to have a taste 3 I like bets in historicals, because I like the discussions when the bet is revealed Although the bet was a problem for Justin in the end he was nearly innocent and I thought it was an unnecessary problem But Arabella refused to think and listen, not a good combination At least it was an ending where the heroine had to do a bit of groveling Only a little bit, because she pushed him away Poor Justin Yes, the bet itself was stupid, but he wanted to pay his friend the amount before Arabella and he got emotionally involved, but seemed to have forgotten about and or secretly hoped that the bet remained a secret Stupid hope Nevertheless the ending was really emotional, whereas the rest of the story was not There is no side story only the development of their love and it just wasn t enough to fill a whole novel There was no real development, I couldn t see them falling in love and there weren t enough sweet moments I liked the scene when she was drunk but overall I was missing the sparks flying and believable emotions, especially believable changes in emotions All I got was cryptic messages like He felt something change between them but couldn t define what , yes, I was unable to see the changes too 4 Arabella was likeable was well She was different than most heroines being tall and having read hair and although she always had problems with her appearance I never felt like it defined her Yes, she is unhappy and sometimes self conscious but not always What I really liked was what she said about her family, her family loves her very much and she had a happy childhood, but nevertheless sometimes she felt alone, with her parents so absorbed with each other And because her parents travelled so much she never had a real home and was feeling a little lost So overall she had some depth but mostly was the unconventional and often to direct beauty.Conclusion I really liked the ending, it was emotional, and the characters were likeable, but I was missing emotions and development in their love story.

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    3 1 2 star rating Both Justin and Arabella were well developed, interesting characters, and they, combined with steady pacing and well written emotion, intrigued me from the start and kept me engaged the whole way Kudos to the author for the total lack of any single one dimensional, evil antagonist Justin s father vaguely served as the evil guy in this, but he was not present on the page, just in the backstory, contributing to Justin s internal conflicts The story would have gone way down in my esteem had the father been present It worked well While it was predictable that Justin s wager with Gideon would come up again to hinder his romance with Arabella, it was handled well.I didn t realize this was part of a series until I came here to rate it I have to say I wouldn t care very much to read about Sebastian he was an okay character, but not much beyond that, and I, having three brothers, found some of the dialogue between him and Justin unbelieveable.Overall, I enjoyed the book very much great escape and I ll happily look for from Samantha James.