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10 thoughts on “The Porter Rockwell Chronicles, Vol. 2

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    I rather enjoyed it To either the clinging chapter endings, to the action packed fighting.

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    enjoyable reading of church history enjoyed the Nauvoo era pictures.

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    The picture essays were a little too much

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    I thought the book was good Luana is getting on my nerves I seriously hate her attitude I was disappointed to find that half of this book was pictures I wanted to readthan 200 pages of this story So this book is actually only half the size of Vol.1 but it looks like its just as big Can t wait to start reading the 3rd one

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    Not as good as the first book The book looks a lot bigger but it s really shorter and the second half of the book is just the author s pictures of his trip to Nauvoo The story gets really cheesy in this one since the author is obviously making up dialogue and personal motives but it still left me wanting to know what happens next to Porter Rockwell.

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    This volume disappointed me a little, not by the story or anything, but because half of it is pictures I had never been to Nauvoo before and having been there since I like the pictures a whole lot , but I remember just wantingPorter stories.

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    Read very quickly since half of this book is just pictures

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    There is a pictorial essay at the end of the book with pictures of Nauvoo taken in 2002 One of the pictures is the stable that my father in law built while serving a mission in 1994.

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    These books are very easy reads I enjoyed reading the series but didn t love it.

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    I enjoyed this book I was suprised that half of it showed pictures of Navoo I wantedstory. thus gave less stars.

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