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10 thoughts on “The Porter Rockwell Chronicles, Vol. 3

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    This volume covered a very difficult time in Porter s life It really showed his flaws and all that he gave up to do what he believed was right If my fondness for Porter ever wavered it was during this Volume when you see how much ...

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    Much better than the 2nd book and even the first You finally start to find out about the historical Porter Rockwell of legend rather than building up to it in his younger years, etc I really want to know...

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    These books are so captivating You can t put them down I am starting the final volume and I am already sad that his saga will be over soon I have thoroughly enjoyed reading The Porter Rockwell Chronicles.

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    I liked the first two best in this series, but this was so intriguing Awesome depiction of a very interesting man.

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    These books are very easy reads I enjoyed reading the series but didn t love it.

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    I m really enjoying this series I never knew much about Porter Rockwell and it turns out he was a pretty interesting dude Lots of church history in there too, which I always love.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was emotional Luana all I can say about her is AHHHHHH She makes me so mad I love Porter and this book just made it stronger.

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    Can t imagine all of the times these saints had to leave their homes behind What a struggle spiritually as well as physically.

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