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Faith Bass Darlings Last Garage Sale ➵ [Reading] ➷ Faith Bass Darlings Last Garage Sale By Lynda Rutledge ➪ – On the last day of the millennium sassy Faith Bass Darling the richest old lady in Bass Texas decides to have a garage sale With help from a couple of neighborhood boys Faith lugs her priceless Louis Darlings Last MOBI í On the last day of the millennium sassy Faith Bass Darling the richest old lady in Bass Texas decides to have a garage sale With help from a couple of neighborhood boys Faith lugs her priceless Louis XV elephant clock countless Tiffany lamps and everything else from her nineteenth century mansion out onto her long sloping lawnWhy is a recluse of twenty years suddenly selling off her dearest possessions Becasue God told her toAs the Faith Bass ePUB ´ townspeople grab up five generations of heirlooms everyone drawn to the sale including Faith's lon lost daughter finds that the antiues not only hold family secrets but also inspire some of life's most imponderable uestions Do our possessions possess us What are we without our memories Is there life after death or second chances here on earth And is Faith really selling that Tiffany lamp for READERS GUIDE INCLUDED.

10 thoughts on “Faith Bass Darlings Last Garage Sale

  1. Valentina Valentina says:

    There are many things going for this book One the plot sounds really interesting and wholly uniue Two the cover is fantastic Three it’s a debut and that’s always exciting For me though it held a lot of unfulfilled promiseThe main issue that I found with it is that it is rather dull Slow paced and convoluted the narrative is not nearly interesting enough to keep the reader fully focused on the page Many times I found myself skimming which is horrible both for the reader and for the writer No one wants her words ignored None of the characters are likeable in a manner that will keep you looking to see what happens next and there seemed to be a lot of “filler” scenes that didn’t do much for the story or for character advancement There were a few moments which were well written with wit and managing to avoid the pathos that permeate the rest of the book I’m not saying it’s an easy topic to write about It’s very tough to avoid melodrama when dealing with Alzheimer’s as a plot point but it can be done Just for me not like this I can’t really recommend this although I’m sure there are many people out there who’ll say the complete opposite It’s just wasn’t as deep and lovely as I thought it’d be

  2. Erin Erin says:

    I was attracted by this book's rather awkward title when I saw it at the libraryand halfway through I was REALLY glad I didn't waste money on this book First I hate the modern writing style of constantly flipflopping point of view along with flashbackshello people who read are NOT the MTV audience of persons with poor attention spans that this gimmick was invented for It's cheap poor writing and has no place in the publishing industry You may as well be publishing fifth grade compositions This seemed like such an interesting concepta woman with alzheimer's selling off the family heirlooms because she no longer remembers why she's attached to them instead the back forth viewpoints make you feel like you have alzheimer's you can't get close to the characters and it feels like the author rather dislikes them herselfor perhaps she's created caricatures of the type of persons she dislikes Either way this book was a huge failure and I uit halfway through because it was painful to keep reading

  3. MB (What she read) MB (What she read) says:

    Slow going Reminds me of Fannie Flagg's Can't Wait to Get to Heaven so far although dryerI read so many of these books with that 'slowly panning out from the past with the great big horrible secret being oh so slowly revealed for the big emotional impact in the present' type plots that I don't have tons of patience with them any Anyone else have this problem? I feel like I the reader am being manipulatedThey tend to sell well book clubs? so maybe it's just me

  4. Gini Gini says:

    I wish it was the weekend already so I could spend some uality time with Faith Bass DarlingSPOILERSAlas the Garage Sale is over I never could really get over Claudia Jean running from her mother over and over In a crisis situation people step up But I guess some people don't Gotta wrap my head around that one Wished for between mother and daughter at the end but they both realized their worth to each other Touching last moments

  5. Carol Carol says:

    I love this book and am amazed that it is Lynda Rutledge's first book It is a pleasure to read and is so rich with complexity Set in a fictional town close to the hill county Bass Texas covers December 31 1999 and the following dayIf you remember that time some people were worried about the world coming to end and computers not working Because of the cover I thought it would be a light and funny book but it turned out to be so much Faith Bass Darling a 74 year old widow had stayed indoors for thirty years until that day She hired a group of boys to start pulling things precious antiues out of her house onto her front porch and yard She said that she had made a deal with God in the early morning The deal is revealed later onDozens of Tiffany Lamps a special mechanical clock in the form of an elephant that swung its truck and many other precious antiues too numerous to mention were now for sale There are pages to give you about the history of her antiues and just like the antiues and the family's relationship with them Each family member was connected with at least one of the antiues in the story Faith had a son who was killed in an accident and a daughter who took off some time ago to she just doesn't know whereAs the day progresses Faith Bass Darling who is a victim of Alzheimer's disease reminds herself of who she is and where she lives and has moments of blankness Her daughter Claudia just happens to return home on that particular day with a purpose in mind We learn of their past history of Faith Claudia and Mike the deceased son and Faith's past husband Claude I must say that I keep calling him a scoundrel as I read about him An Episcopal Father George Fallow who is going through a self realization about his religious feelings or the lack of them and John Jasper Johnson a very handsome officer also are also very important to this storyThe author leads us back and forth from the past to the present so expertly and she employs humor wit and drama so expertly None of it is forced Her characters are so richly developed that they seemed real It all flows so freely so much better than any garage sale that I every dared to holdI highly recommend this book to everyone who ponders about life and those who are just interested in the history of antiues I received this book as a part of the Vine program and that in no way influenced my review

  6. Amy Amy says:

    Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale is an enchanting story and a magnificent first novel Sometime after midnight on December 31 1999 Faith Bass Darling heard the voice of God and he instructed her to have a garage sale Not just an ordinary sale though he instructed her to sell the many antiues that had become the contents of her mansion Widowed the mother of a deceased son and a runaway daughter Faith also believes the last day of the millennium will also be her last day on earth As soon as the sun rises she begins to empty her home of the many items that have been collected by four generations of the Bass family A Tiffany Lamp collection a Louis XV clock an antiue engagement ring and an old roll top desk are among the many valuable items that are being sold for much less than they are worth Antiue dealer Bobbie Blankenship who has dreamed of living in the mansion since girlhood is stunned by Faith’s behavior and attempted to contact Faith’s missing daughter Claudia Deputy Sheriff John Jasper Johnson school friend of Faith’s deceased sin is also taken aback by her behavior but isn’t sure just what he can do; and Father George A Fallow who is in the midst of his own crisis of faith is hoping to reclaim a portrait that found its way into Faith’s hands years ago As the day progresses secrets are revealed and truths are exposed Lynda Rutledge has created a novel filled with interesting and flawed characters that are struggling with issues that plague us all; how to keep our possessions from possessing us how to keep our memories but not become enslaved by the past and what will really happen to us after death Rutledge has struck the perfect blend of humor and pathos and presents a story that is both thought provoking and heartwarming

  7. Holly Weiss Holly Weiss says:

    While the world braces for computer chaos on the eve before Y2K Faith Bass Darling has a different priority She is the sole occupant of the family mansion in Bass Texas On December 31 1999 she decides she will die the next day To prepare seventy year old Faith dons her best white summer dress and matching sun hat She pays teenage boys to carry her belongings out onto the big wrap around porch and front lawn Tiffany lamps an antiue French clock and an heirloom wedding ring from 1870 are some of the “bargains” she tags for a garage sale Her Alzheimer disease hides any memory of the care given to these heirlooms by generations of her familyFaith’s life is told in a series of flashbacks Her family losses are moving and sensitively told Her garage sale and bargain pricing of invaluable items show that she puts no stock in worldly possessions What ultimately matters to Faith Bass Darling is freedom from her mind which she constantly struggles to keep intactIronic and interesting are the sections titled “Provenance” where the author values and explains the history behind the “priceless” items Faith sells for a pittance The book draws a line between rich and poor and is an important message that wealth doesn’t necessarily bring happiness Well written and original Faith Bass Darling’s Last Garage Sale is a debut deserving of your attentionThe Vine Program graciously provided an advance review copy

  8. Cindy Cindy says:

    After deliberation I am giving this book the 5 stars I truly feel it deserves The beginning of the book did start out slow for me as I was trying to wrap my head around someone selling their valuable belongings their family keepsakes for mere pennies I wanted to shake her and make her stop Then when her daughter arrived on the scene and didn't immediately put an end to the crazinesswell I just couldn't get it Dear reader just keep reading You will come to understand the reasoning behind this woman's actions and all the secrets will be toldThis is a wonderful wonderful story about an elderly southern woman who decides to clear out her mansion and have a yard salebut so much than that Coming to terms with ghosts from the past a motherdaughter relationship bigotry and prejudice greed and hate and love Don't be fooled by the title this is not a 'light' read but one I recommendhighly

  9. Julie Kibler Julie Kibler says:

    I read an ARC of Faith Bass Darling's Last Garage Sale obtained at the ALA Midwinter Expo in Dallas Texas in January This is such a lovely story It's uniue and literary and accessible and breathtaking all at once A librarian friend also read it and she said I don't care where you get it when it comes out but you MUST read this book I obtained an early proof copy at ALA midwinter in Dallas a few weeks ago and was fortunate enough to meet the author The book is wonderful funny sweet tender and so very Texan Lynda Rutledge has written one of the most tender holy end of life scenes I've ever read and I thank her for the experience I can't really top what she said It's all true

  10. Louise Louise says:

    Hmm this one is difficult to review It is at times profound a contemplation on how we as humans can get stuck emotionally because of things that have happened in life and from the sheer weight of our history At other times it is cliched stereotypical in its portrayal of a small Texas town and its inhabitants Two annoying things the town's Episcopalian Priest who is in his sixties is repeatedly referred to as old really? and virtually every character has an epiphany at some point

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