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    1Review of Pointed Sentences by Kayla Greenwell The review appeared in Blot Lit Reviews in Blotterature Magazine on May 20 2015 Bill Yarrow has somehow figured out a way to cage chaos Pointed Sentences BlazeVOX 2012 is like a trip to the future where poetry has evolved into an ever shifting being His words defy categorization or replication and Yarrow is not afraid to let his poetry wander wherever it wants toThe poetry collection is split into three parts Florid Psychosis Startle Reflex and Knot Eye Each of these sections have poetry that turns conventionality on its back through the playful juxtaposition of words and situations Take “The Tapeworm of Selfish Mammon Eats All the Good Will in the World” for exampleShe caretakes he takes care She is inclusive he feels occludedShe takes on all comers he takes on all commerce She’s out on a limb he’s still on the lamShe begs to differ he begs to deferThe relationship between these two create humor but there is also something deeper in the complication between these two characters that calls for a closer re reading of the poem Many of the poems in this book call for a careful re reading as Yarrow is truly a master of his craft His work is clever and deep and only made powerful in the willingness he has to go where his mind lets him His work transcends titles like narrative or lyrical although we are still bound to those words for description His poetry simply exists each poem its own universe—some funny some surreal some fantasticalThe narrators in Yarrow’s poetry add to the depth and complications of the pieces as a whole “Annulling the Future” is perhaps one of my favorite pieces as it blends the bodily presence of a bride with the abstract complexities of existing and romantic relationshipsIf you can’t consummate tomorrow You may as well just annul the future That bride is a stick risk anyway Look at her—ruffles in all the wrongPlacesYarrow's words are immediate and they create a narrator that is hard to ignoreYarrow’s narrative poetry is a complex as a novel and as beautiful as his lyrical poetry “Magritte” from the first section of Yarrow’s collection particularly spoke to me1Introduction to Magritte I pick Magritte up from the bottom of a star He is desolate with lavender “Who is it?” he moans touching my wrist With his wing I help him to his feet careful of his cedar leg Behind his grimace he is smiling Like a man drowning in warm waterThe story itself although fantastical has a uniue familiarity Coupled with the beauty of the imagery and the poignancy of the storyThese sentences are truly pointed They are sharp enough to puncture the skull and dig around in your brain until they find the grey matter and latch on for life Pointed Sentences is intricate but also funny and accessible at the same time This is the book the future wants you to readhttpblotteraturecom20150520bl2 User review by VV Saichek This review appeared on com on July 11 2013Brilliant visionary daringIt is not often poetry or Prosetry prosepoetry combined has an edge of the truly experimental but Bill Yarrow's work does He explores what lies between psychological and physical perception with a sharpness of vision and wit He also has an engaging common man voice which lends an emotional center to all of his work which is never off putting or over intellectual His work engages on two levels that of the child surprised by a new morning and its curiosities and that of an old soul chagrined by what he finds Explore Bill Yarrow He is an important voice of our time Review of Pointed Sentences by David Ackley The review appeared in THIS Literary Magazine on April 18 2012 In Bill Yarrow’s Pointed Sentences the poems flow from an exceptional command of language and syntax combined with a wanderer’s willingness to go where the road takes him With his classicist’s literacy it might be easy for Yarrow to write poetry just slightly torued from the familiar and to do so very successfully but consistently he refuses the option and in doing so offers up poetry which is fresh exciting with discovery and the sense that in his hands we’ve not simply revisited that which we already knew The thrill of the expedition The branches parting on the never yet seen Take a poem like “Here’s Looking at Euclid” whose title with its pun that wildly interlocks geometry and a line from a film classic signals that the ride is likely to be a little vertiginous Puns can be good vulgar fun and at the same time open terrain at the wilder reaches of metaphor where connections are not just revealed but detonated into being In the poem each stanza begins with the same two phrases succeeded by decoupled illustrations that keep altering the focus He’s looking at Euclid But he can’t concentrate The noise of the Bakersfield cicadas is invading his ears And so through a succession of distractions “Hoboken memories are marching into his mind The elevated smell of Delphi A Catalan fishing boat is sailing into his eyes” But it takes the last stanza to reveal what else the poem is telling us about that slide show of images that each of them has moved us and the poet another tick closer to a final reconnaissance with the inevitable He’s looking at Euclid Meanwhile the sandstorm of time Keeps polishing the geometry of space Bill Yarrow’s poetry has a rare capacity to deal directly with those outermost abstractions time and space making them clear as the tick tock of mortality as close as the recollections in a fingered memento In “ Salt Thought” this capacity is displayed in the striking first lines with a complex and transfixing image of abstractions from which we’d usually disconnect The custard of eternity is scooped into The uantum cone of knowledge and drips Out the bottom one lifetime at a time The melting custard bringing us to the ocean’s edge where Sunburned man stands on the boardwalk Of emotion watching the tourists of the future Eye the bruised merchandise of the past It’s emotion that gives us our sense of the present defends it against the distancing of “tourists of the future” and the encroachments of the past that “bruised merchandise” Yoked together the thinking body and the feeling mind through time Is there no escape from raw thinking Notice the raw painful rub of thought Is there no respite from rash imagining? the lax head which lies prey to the cawing clawing seagulls of salt thought What is salt thought but an abrasive dwelling on the essential? Pointed Sentences is divided in three parts each bearing the title of its opening poem 1 “Florid Psychosis” from which the poems discussed previously are drawn 2 “Startle Reflex” 3 “ Knot Eye” titles resonant and interesting but not particularly revealing Since the divisions are so clearly delineated and obviously mean something particular to the poet it would have been useful to have some other hint as to why the poems were so grouped which could have come in the form of dates of poems if the link is simply chronological Although there’s no readily apparent difference in theme or approach between the first and second parts the poems in the third “ Knot Eye” do seem a departure both in language and subject matter from the first two Before addressing “Knot Eye” however there’s another poem worth mentioning that reveals some of Yarrow’s distinctive strengths and shows how striking original and profound is the best of his work “Black Ice on the Bridge” proceeds by a series of unexpected stanzaic leaps tying a vaguely rational premise to a surreal illustration from the opening lines Acts have no meaning but they do have trajectory the string uartet waxes the mustaches of its accusers Through a series of similarly constructed stanzas each positing a kind of skewed deductive first premise – “Innocence has no meaning but it does have motive Appetite has no meaning Marriage has no meaning” – against the succeeding illustrations which gradually acuire kinds of “ meaning” and the menace of an impending collision in the final lines fog spreads across the mustard grass with no regard for the black ice on the bridge The ending at once as mysterious as the poem’s development and the inevitable and satisfying aesthetic resolution One comes to the conclusions of the best of his poems with the startled cognition of a lucky arrival at a forgotten appointment In general this and all the best of his poems indicate Yarrow’s deepest poetic gift his imaginative access to the images and language which give substance to states of mind and feeling at the edge of – and beyond – the conventionally accessible For the most part his poems don’t wear on their sleeves the usual linear hash marks – unconventionally broken lines and spacing – of the “experimental” excepting the very fine “ The Sky is Simply White” which offers a whole catalogue of linear arrangements all effectively employed Yarrow’s originality comes in his use of language sly pointed puns “the groan of an eternal combustion engine” in “Mr Harmonica” ; literary allusions bent to the occasion “Two truckers come and go talking of Tupelo” in “Greyhound” and uncategorizeable play as in the title “Drinking an Orange Julius while Listening to Pink Floyd” Farther along the poems appear objective in their observations as on a trip to India in “Agra Road” “ I stared out the bus window into the face of a ripe monkey” and personal in their history The final section “Knot Eye” Not I? is consistently plainer in language and along the lines of “Agra Road” apparently autobiographical poems chronicling a life rather than imagined constructs These last poems are accessible with a clear narrative impulse and description that feels observed rather than imagined But here as in all his poems there is a music that anneals the poem to memory Though often muted and subtle the musicality of Yarrow’s poems is indelible Rarely do his poems have end rhymes but aside from that he deploys an array of forming elements alliteration internal rhyme near rhyme cadence assonance Here is a musician who can play all the instruments Take slant and internal rhyme as in this unstudied seuence from “She Waited for Him” with the echoes highlighted When he held her he thought of Racine And when she held him she thought Of Cheyenne Of course there was nothing in between A uniuely appealing feature is the felicitous couplings in some of his phrases a kind of melodic stutter as with “the candied land” in the “Agra Road” or “when the future falters” in “Not Enough Sin to Go Around” Over multiple readings it becomes clear that each of his poems has its own sonic pattern and that the original music of the poem is woven into the content of the poem’s feeling the tone of its thought The poems which stand out in Pointed Sentences on this reading include those already mentioned along with “The Semaphore of Civilization” “A Piece of Him” “ Great Moments in Blindness” “ Mt Harmonica” the elegiac “The Bison’s Alimony” and a half dozen However one can easily see – in another temper on another day – coming back to Pointed Sentences and appreciating a whole different set with other virtues that had been overlooked Review by Darryl Price of Pointed Sentences This review appeared in the Fictionaut Forum on June 16 2012 Bill Yarrow is the best poet I know of and I know of a lot of poets He delights each and every time He’s not a cruel teacher but he holds a sturdy birch He builds his wonderful monuments out of words to the ancient needs of expression and energy “we think in eternitybut move slowly throughtime” His poems appear like hovering bee hives like the blueprints for ancient Mayan ruins like fun puzzles like suddenly there flowers like deeply whispering treeswe need to crumbleour blossoms and budsin our handswho has feltthat powderand been unhappy?” In other words his poems greet us feed us heal us kick us out of the nest and most importantly connect us together—back to something basic innate real true and lasting “The first time a poem sharpened you” They sing laugh make fun cry “the rich ricochet of loss” and dance but they always invite you to climb up the hill with the poet to look at the stars or just sit and feel the breezes within and without ourselves “a fireman holding an ice pickadjusts the volume” Can it get any better than that? He’s a good man without trying too hard to make the beautiful point stick inside your head “you think diction is a slick fishI believe in scouring the sea with spears” No easy trick but Bill always gives it the smooth finish “I will photograph the tree in its demise upended in swart disarray” Please I beg you read this book savor it give it to your best friends secretly plant it in the world wherever you go just for the sake of growing something worthwhile for any others who might hunger and thirst for such magical beans “The world gives birth to tripletsPeople drop hot pennies into your hat” in their pocket Just listen to these few instances with me “the pillow like a wave bleeding back into the ocean the desertedbattlefield he has had tattooed on his future envy’s initials on his heart in the ironsky the ivory birds are still the birds Can you taste the jade dragonflies emblazoned on the walls?” Well can you? Metoo One last one ”In my dreams I am awake most of the night” With poetry this good it’s no wonder dp

  2. Kristin Kristin says:

    A few pieces that stood out and a few that struck me as profound However most were just pedantic It was hard to get through The good ones made it worth it

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