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Роковые яйца - Дьяволиада Lumea Descrisa In Diavo Liada Si In Ouale Fatale Este Una Haotica Si Halu Cinanta, In Care Umorul, Ironia, Sarcasmul Si Dramatismul Alterneaza Sau Se Intrepatrund, Iar Fantasticul Fuzioneaza Cu Realul Vazut Prin Filtrul Unei Constiinte Clare Si In Draznete.In Ouale Fatale, Un Profesor Nebun Inventeaza O Raza De Lumina, Raza Vietii , Care, Printr Un Accident, Aduce Lumea Intr Un Cosmar SF Populat De Struti Gigantici Si Reptile Uriase In Diavoliada, Un Mediocru Angajat Al Registraturii Se Trezeste Prins, Ca Intr O Poveste Kafkiana, In Itele Unui Cosmar Birocratic Ambele Personaje Au In Comun Lupta Acerba Cu Haosul Sistemului, Cu Un Mediu Care, Incet, Dar Sigur, Denatureaza Orice Identitate.

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    Considering dozens and dozens of reviews are posted for The Master and Margarita and my review of this little collection of Bulgakov tales published some twenty years ago is one of the first on Goodreads, it is fair to say many readers have committed an oversight Unfortunate since these short works are masterpieces in their own right If you love The Master and Margarita you will also love reading this book Eleven tales included here, two of which Diaboliad and The Fatal Eggs are long enough to qualify as novellas For the purposes of this review and in the interest of brevity, I will focus on the title story of the collection Diaboliad is a forty five page absurdist romp through the Russian state supported bureaucracy, told in eleven chapters, each chapter complete with its own heading, which can give one the sense of reading a novel in miniature We follow our hero and main character, Comrade Korotkov, a gentle, quiet clerk who would like nothing than to continue his predictable routine at Main Central Supply suppliers of Match making Materials...

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    Introduction Notes, by Julie Curtis Diaboliad The Fatal Eggs No 13, the Elpit Workers Commune A Chinese Tale The Adventures of Chichikov

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    Those 4 devilish short stories read through with a devilish speed put a devilish smile on my face At first sight I m Not really sure what I ve grasped out of them two of the stories put my mind on wires and couldn t get them straight yet but I ve put attention into the first Diaboliad and the last story The adventures of Chichikov I followed in a frenzy mindset the hero of the tale Diaboliad , especially that it echoed the concept of the double , which I enjoyed very much a...

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    Diaboliad or Life at the cooperativesorry, we have run out of pay checks but you will have your salary in matchsticks, or cheap wine, or even left hand shoes depending on what kind of cooperative you work in.The Devil take it And that is not just an expression Going into a frenzy, starting to test strike the very poor quality matchsticks our protagonist with soon no name is covered in a cloud of Sulphur, not to mention the immediate harm done by flying sparks There is a distinct odor in the room, the smell of Hell But first, Purgatory in which Comrade Korotkov falls from grace, looses his job and identity.The general idea of Purgatory is cleansing and, as some claim, to prepare your soul for hitting the elevator button either up or down In this Purgatory there are a few inspirational elevator scenes and a lot of running down blind alleys, near slips and carnal temptations Overall you would think that as Korotov is really taking on some effort, show the will to better himself and comply with what is expected of him, everything will turn out just fine.The thing about nightmares is that you never know if they are real, this one neither A melodramatic and satirical farce, that Kafka conn...

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    This collection of Mikhail Bulgakov s early short stories, written between 1922 and 1923, highlights the pathos and comic surrealism of life in post revolutionary Moscow.

    The title story, The Diaboliad , concerns the hapless Korotkov, the chief clerk at the Main Central Depot of Match Materials or MatchMat who is paid in the produce of production in other words, matches The innocent reader may assume that this is an example of Russian absurdism, but according to Lesley Milne s excellent book Mikhail Bulgakov A Critical Biography, Bulgakov was paid in matches during the last days of his employment at LITO, the Literary Department of the Central Political Enlightenment Committee in Moscow This knowledge gives new meaning to the cover design of the Oneworld Classics edition

    Things become even bizarre for Comrade Korotkov when, temporarily blinded in one eye after quality testing the matches, he misreads a memo as

    All typists and women generally will in due course be issued soldiers uniform drawers That s fantastic Korotkov exclaimed in rapture, and gave a voluptuous shudder, imaging Lidochka in soldiers drawers

    The surrealism of the story is heightened by the location of MatchMat offices in the former sites of Die Alpenrose, a leading restaurant in pre revolutionary Moscow, and a girls boa...

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    Usta ile Margarita n n geli ini haber veren, tam Bulgakov dan kmas beklenecek bir b rokrasi ta lamas Ama bana kal rsa uzamamas isabet olmu Bu uzun yk haliyle bile ok yorucu bir okuma oldu benim i in.Bulgakov severlere tavsiye ederim yi okumalar.6.5 10

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    Mikhail Bulgakov 1891 1940 and the composer Dmitri Shostakovich 1906 1975 had met and briefly toyed with the idea of working together on a dramatic work It was not to be, but their collaboration is a tantalizing might have been Indeed, the I read of Bulgakov, the he reminds me of Shostakovich Not the composer of the symphonies perhaps, but the Shostakovich of the circus music, of the manic and dissonant galops, of the acerbic music theatre pieces This is particularly true of Bulgakov s short stories, four of which are grouped in this attractive Oneworld Classics edition.The title piece is Diaboliad , featuring the unassuming office clerk Korotkov who is sacked from his job at the Main Central Depot of Match Materials for a farcical error The story describes his increasingly despairing and nightmarish quest through the Soviet civil service to seek the official responsible for his dismissal There s no denying the narrative s brilliance, but this is no comfort reading the surreal world depicted becomes as head splitting as a hangover on cheap wine.A similar atmosphere pervades No 13 The Elpit Workers Commune Building , a tale about an exclusive condominium which is expropriated by the new Communist regime and A Chinese Tale , in which a Chinese immigrant discovers his talent as a machine gunnerwith tragic consequences.The most lighthearted work in the collection is The Adventures of Chichikov , a literary divertissement in which chara...

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    This book contains five different stories by Bulgakov DiaboliadThe Fatal EggsNo 13, the Elpit Workers CommuneA Chinese TaleThe Adventures of ChichikovI did not read the final story, as I will wait until I ve read Gogol s Dead Souls before I do that The only story I didn t like very much was No 13, the Elpit Workers Commune, which I failed to appreciate it was chaotic and not particularly interesting The other stories, however, are great Diaboliad is an absolutely hilarious story, a funny satire of Soviet life It is clearly inspired by Dostoevsky s The Double, exploring a typical office clerk stuck in an insanely bureaucratic system who eventually, due to some hilariously stupid events, loses his mind This is Gogol and Dostoevsky transposed from the city of St Petersburg to the city of Moscow Introduction xiii The Fatal Eggs is also funny Here, a professor discovers a new ray of life or so it seems , but here too irresponsible party authorities confiscate it from the brilliant and eccentric professor, only to bungle the whole thing up in a sovkhoz State farm a story with giant reptiles that threaten the whole of Moscow A Chinese Tale is a sad, sa...

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    One of the things against which Bulgakov railed at the time he was writing these five stories Diaboliad, The Fatal Eggs really of a novella , No 13, the Elpit Workers Commune, A Chinese Tale, and The Adventures of Chichikov was a campaign, begun around 1921, which proudly claimed that satire no longer had a role to play in Soviet literature The idea was that satire had fulfilled a vital function in the 19th century in furthering progressive, anti authoritarian thinking but now, in Soviet culture, when the interests of the workers were identical to that of the State, satire had effectively become redundan...

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    Bulgakov bu uzun yk s nde s radan bir insan n ba na gelen zincirleme aksakl klar ve bunlar n sonu lar n anlat yor iddetli bir Sovyet parodisi olmas n n yan nda g nl k ya am n bo luklar n ve sa mal klar n da i eriyor Yazar n kitaplar n n neden uzun...

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