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  • 26 March 2019

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    5 LUCKY Stars Just when I thought it couldn t get any better than Tate s book in the Colorado Mountain series well, I was wrong Ty and Lexie s book was just as good, maybe even better I absolutely LOVED it Ty and Lexie did things backwards within 48 hours of meeting each other, they were married Ty just got out of a 5 year stent in prison for a crime he did not commit Lexie is doing a favor for a low life who was friends with her dead boyfriend They married for appearances only, or at least thats how it starts Lexie and Ty together I loved it Lexie is one of the best KA heroines Sweet, fun, hilarious, giving, nurturing, and yes, goofy Not annoying at in the least Ty loved her goofiness You re part goof all class Never walked in a room, any room, with a woman on my arm, any woman, who s got your looks, your style, the kinda beauty you got and the light that shines from you So I don t get it I don t get how a woman leads a life full of shit and comes out of it bein part goof and all class That shit s impossible but there you fuckin are Part goof, all class I felt my breath coming fast but managed to whisper, I m not part goof You re right I was bein nice You re a total goof Am not Ty is another hot alpha man Mmm just the description of him, I loved him right off the bat He could be a jerk at times, but he had it rough I think anyone would have that attitude if they were locked up for that long for something they d...

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    4.5 Team Walker Stars Some Spoilers You re part goof all class Never walked in a room, any room, with a woman on my arm, any woman, who s got your looks, your style, the kinda beauty you got and the light that shines from you So I don t get it I don t get how a woman leads a life full of shit and comes out of it bein part goof and all class That shit s impossible but there you fuckin are Part goof, all class Ty Lady Luck was so good I think it is tied with Max s book for my favorite of the series so far It was intense and exciting There was then just the Ty and Lexie love story There was a very exciting dirty cops side story that also really held my interest Ty and Lexie s love story was so good I kept finding myself reading ahead to get a peek at what was to come Don t she snapped Don t you fucking come home and think you can give me a different Ty Do not think you can fucking play me like that I don t know what the fuck you re dealing with and I don t care I asked, you wouldn t tell me I tried everything I knew to get you to let me in there, she jabbed her finger at his chest, and you didn t let me in and now, Ty, I don t fucking care You can ride the wave of whatever...

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    Lady Luck is the third book in the Colorado Mountain series and, in my opinion, has the best storyline of the three I adore Ty Walker who, if you can believe it, is even crass and foul mouthed than either Max or Tate or maybe even both Max and Tate combined So yeah, be prepared, because this book takes crassiness to a whole new level In fact, I made up a word to describe Ty crasshat a crass asshat And I wouldn t change a thing about him.So, let s break it down What is it that has me loving this book 1 Ty might be a crasshat, but he s not a stupid crasshat He uses the smarts God gave him and doesn t put the people he loves in danger much even though it means putting his plans for a much deserved revenge on hold.2 Lexie Berry is a great heroine Smart, independent, and never TSTL Too Stupid To Live She s a woman who is 100% devoted to her loved ones, even if they don t always deserve it.3 The Sex Is Hot I mean, Burn Up The Pages Hot In my opinion 4 Fantastic story Heartwarming, exciting, believable loved it.5 We see a lot of ...

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    Re read 9 19 155 Million I Volunteer to Trade Places With Lexie Stars

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    October 16, 2018Here we are again and it s amazing that a book I ve re read listen over and over still gives me the same KA high that I love Honestly, there is NO other author I re read as much or as often as Kristen Ashley Lady Luck is one of my favourites and I m sure I will be back again next year July 17, 2017 Re read listen to for the 20 billionth time and I still love it How is it that a Kristen Ashley re read still gives me happy buzz s and the shakes and shiveries Something to talk about This review will be REALLY spoilerish I decided to put my thoughts down without holding back worrying about spoilers I loved this book and if you agreed or disagreed with any of my thoughts, I d love to discuss them in the comments So shut this sucker down if you haven t read Lady Luck and you plan to, but make sure to come back for a chat when you ve finished it First offI love that Epilogue Seriously, it was one of KA s best by far Talk of babies, what s going on with everyone, who survived, who didn t, who has found love and who is happy to just be an observer to the happiness and love surrounding them Sitting down to a Thanksgiving with all the charac...

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    Edited May 30, 2012 original review December 2011 Luck is believing you re lucky by Tennessee Williams Life is the first gift, love the second, and understanding the third by Marge Piercy Nothing beats my Tate Jackson and Sweet Dreams, but I can truly say that I loved Lady Luck too Very brief synopsis Ty Walker is half black He won a poker game and someone got pissed and wanted to punish him Ty was set up and took the fall for someone else and therefore was wrongly imprisoned When he s released he walks straight to Lexie Berry Shift owes Ty Shift is also a former friend of Ronnie Ronnie was Lexie s boyfriend, and he got killed four years ago Shift tells Lexie to pick Ty up Unfortunately he didn t tell Lexie that Ty intends to marry her in Vegas Ty needs her to put a plan into action His revenge In the beginning of the story Ty is rather crude, rude, and very taciturn Others may not understand it, however I had no problem with his being and acting like that He comes out of a penitentiary for a crime he didn t commit I don t think that everyone would feel totally grateful and happy to the world after being wrongly imprisoned Ty is not bitter but he is really angry and he has trust issues He seeks revenge.Ty had a shitty childhoo...

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    4 Stars Originally read 4 24 2014 4 Stars Re read 1 23 2017 4 Stars Another Re read 12 6 18 4 Stars Another Re read 7 8 2019 Overall Opinion This was an enjoyable re read I found that I didn t remember every single detail, so it was nice to read again I liked experiencing their progression into love I also liked how Ty melted from being a cold, closed off man into one that loved Lexie openly and was affectionate with her Because of the revenge aspect this did have a lot of other stuff going on, but I appreciated how KA still took the time to develop the relationship and focus on the romance in between it all I don t have much to add here, but I did get rather bored at the 80ish% point and started to skim I might have been just anxiously waiting for the cute epilogueso I m not going to change my rating at this point Again, I don t have much to add I started this as an audiobook on a roadtrip and ended with reading my ebook copy I did feel the same need to start skimming around 80ish% as I did on the last re read, but I think this remains one of my all time favorite epilogues Brief Summary of the Storyline This is Lexie and Ty s story They meet when Lexie picks up Ty from prison She is stuck under the thumb of an unsavory man after her long time boyfriend died, and she is made to do jobs for him like picking up Ty Ty has been released after serving 5 years for a crime he didn t commit, and he has vengeance to get agai...

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    Huge 5 stars Wow What a fantastic story Lady Luck was a book I was leery to read I knew I would struggle with the hero, knowing how crass and disrespectful toward women he was, and I was right What I didn t expect, however, was that I would ended up not only loving this passionate, emotional, intense, and captivating story, but I would also fall head over heels in love with the hero There were many things I loved about this book, but it was the love story between the hero and heroine, Ty and Lexie, that stole my heart and captured my imagination I truly love this couple The romance between Ty and Lexie was powerful and full of devotion, admiration, understanding, tenderness, acceptance, and steamy hot passion Of all the Kristen Ashley books I ve read, Ty and Lexie s relationship felt the most authentic and substantial They easily became one of my all time favorite couples, and Lexie by far my favorite heroine to date Lady Luck is another amazing story by Kr...

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    Thoughts after a re read.Still a 5 star read for me.I love how Ty enters the story The first time we see him I glanced at my watch to see it was twelve oh seven and then I glanced down the tunnel again and something was moving though the shimmers That path was long and the heat on the day was immense so I didn t see much but something made me keep watching.And as the thing moving through the shimmers formed into a man, I kept watching as my breath started sticking in my throat.Then the man kept getting closer, coming into focus through the heat waves and my breath grew shallow as my body grew still.I didn t blink I didn t move I just watched that man coming at me and my car.Then he got even closer and my body moved for me I didn t have to tell it to move, it just did Without taking my eyes off him, my hand reached for the door handle, released it and I unfolded out of the car, losing sight of him only when the roof was in my way for less then a second.He was huge Huge I d never seen a man that big He had to be six foot five, six foot six, maybe even taller.His shoulders were immensely broad The wall of his chest was just that A wall His hips w...

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    Reread time because this book makes my heart go Ty Walker can fuckin walk on ME and fucking stomp on me and fucking crush me between his thighs and I would fucking love it Thanks, that s all I have to say besides READ THIS BOOK.omg bitch I am crying some real ass tears right now and it s 12 am and I m crying over this book Holy Fuck fuckfuckfuckfuxkfuckcuckcufkcuckcuc I love this book so much and I love Ty fucking Walker I think ...

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Lady LuckTy Walker Was Wrongly Imprisoned And For The Five Years He Was Inside, He Honed His Plan So When He Gets Out, He Has Nothing But Vengeance On His Mind.But Then He Walks Straight To Stylish, Leggy, Beautiful, Goofy Lexie Berry And He Suddenly Has Something Else To Think About He Knows Within Seconds He Wants Her And Within Days He Can Love Her But With The Filth That Was Flung At Him Clinging He Also Knows He Can T Have Her.Since Birth, Lexie Berry Has Been Lady Luck S Favorite Toy And Because Of That, Lexie Is Cautious But Within A Day, She Senses Ty Is Something Special With Her Luck, However, She Can T Trust It Then She Finds Out What Was Done To Ty And She S Willing To Do Anything To Make It Right.Even What Ty Will Never Forgive Her For Doing.Ty Clings To Vengeance And Lexie Goes All Out To Give Him Back The Time He Lost But Ty Is Battling Demons Within And They Re Up Against Dirty Cops And Criminals Who Will Stop At Nothing To Sway Lady Luck Against Them All Ty And Lexie Have Is Hope Lady Luck Will Finally Swing Their Way.

About the Author: Kristen Ashley

Kristen Ashley was born in Gary, Indiana, USA She nearly killed her mother and herself making it into the world, seeing as she had the umbilical cord wrapped around her neck already attempting to accessorise and she hadn t taken her first breath Kristen grew up in Brownsburg, Indiana but has lived in Denver, Colorado and the West Country of England Thus she has been blessed to have friends a