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The Princess Who Could Not Sleep Each Night At Bedtime, The Royal Princess Finds That She Cannot Sleep A Wink And She Shouts So Loudly That The Whole Palace Is Kept Awake All Night Continuously Exhausted, The Kingdom Is In Shambles Concerned Citizens Line Up To Try To Solve The Little Girl S Problem Using A Variety Of Ineffectual Methods.

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    I grabbed this at the library because I found the illustrations appealing and my 3 year old loves fighting sleep and princesses I m giving it three stars for the art it s beautiful and really unique maybe not for toddlers but I loved it However, the story I did not It s a bedtime story which I would think normally means to be read aloud to a kid at bedtimebut this is far too many words to read to a toddler at night I was exhausted by the end like all of the characters in the book and I m not even sure what the moral of the story was All of these characters come in answer to the king and queen s request for help to get their basically unlikeable and cranky daughter to sleep Everyone fails, pure chaos ensues and then a prince just happens to show up in time to scream the world silence causing one moment of silence which magically allows the princess to slee...

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    Started cute, especially considering I my own little princess with curly, golden hair who is sweet and kind Unfortunately, the one in the story can t sleep and when she can t sleep she SCREAMS and keeps everyone else awake Not sweet or kind After lot...

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    This lovely princess appeared to have just stepped out a magical fairy tale, but not everything is the way it seems In other types of fairy tales there is a happily ever after like in Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty The King said that if anyone in the kingdom can make his daughter sleep for just one night, then he would grant them any wish in his power Many, Many, Many, of the kingdoms people came to try to make the princess sl...

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    A co worker recommended this to me because the princess is curly haired and can t sleep So I ended up reading the whole book This is one of the longer picture books with lots of words, but it reads very easily, so I don t think it s too long for storytime, just not a preschool or younger storytime.Basically, there s a princess who can t sleep and is keeping up everyone in the castle and her dad offers a prize for anyone w...

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    Nederlandse editie gelezen Prinses Dommelijntje over een prinses die niet kon slapen.Lust voor het oog, maar het verhaal vond ik minder Het prinsesje is nogal onaardig en hoewel ik dat ook zou zijn als ik nooit sliep, vind ik het niet fijn als de hoofdpersoon van een p...

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    Full of standard fairy tale elements and story structure, with kind of a weak resolution to the princess sleep problem, though I like the longer length of the text and the translation that resulted a rather lavish vocabulary But I am utterly charmed by the mixed media c...

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    3 1 2 starsIf ever there were a book that showed the consequences of not sleeping, it would be The Princess Who Could Not Sleep Author An Leyson combines a fun story, whimsical artwork and elements of her own daughter s drawings to create a tale young children will gobble up.

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    The pictures were REALLY cool, mixed media collage with chalk, thread, foil, etc The story leaves a lot to be desired though.

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    When a princess cannot fall asleep at night and no one else in the palace can get any rest, the king promises to grant a wish to anyone who can come up with a solution.

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    I fear my elementary students would complain about font used as too difficult to read Ending was silly.