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    Frank Baumgartner and Bryan Jones have written one of the interesting books on political change, Agendas and Instability in American Politics, in which they use the metaphor of punctuated equilibrium theory from biology to explain the norm of stasis in policy discourse, punctuated by periods of dramatic change to a new equilibrium This edited work serves as a nice follow up to that earlier, estimable volume The authors note that this work explores page 1 some long term trends in the development of American politics and public policy They identify two goals to be met by this book 1 to further demonstrate the power of their punctuated equilibrium theory of politics 2 to introduce readers of the volume to the wealth of data drawn upon and to spur future research in the area Readers without some background in political science will doubtless find this rather difficult material However, for those with a modicum of knowledge about political science, this is a rich volume The first part of the book features discussion of positive and negative feedback in politics and in the study of political dynamics Parts two and three focus on a variety of case studies by different researchers Examples of policies covered in Part two include telecommunication policy, imm...

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Policy Dynamics While Governmental Policies And Institutions May Remain Or Less The Same For Years, They Can Also Change Suddenly And Unpredictably In Response To New Political Agendas And Crises What Causes Stability Or Change In The Political System What Role Do Political Institutions Play In This Process To Investigate These Questions, Policy Dynamics Draws On The Most Extensive Data Set Yet Compiled For Public Policy Issues In The United States Spanning The Past Half Century, These Data Make It Possible To Trace Policies And Legislation, Public And Media Attention To Them, And Governmental Decisions Over Time And Across Institutions Some Chapters Analyze Particular Policy Areas, Such As Health Care, National Security, And Immigration, While Others Focus On Institutional Questions Such As Congressional Procedures And Agendas And The Differing Responses By Congress And The Supreme Court To New Issues Policy Dynamics Presents A Radical Vision Of How The Federal Government Evolves In Response To New Challenges And The Research Tools That Others May Use To Critique Or Extend That Vision.