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Ambiguity of Identity - The Mieu in North Vietnam This Book Considers How The Na Mieu Mieu People Of North Vietnam Adapted To A World In Which Other Peoples The Tay And The Kinh Are Dominant, And How The Modern State Increasingly Reshaped The Conditions In Which They Live It Identifies The Extent Of The Mieu S Adaptation In Light Of The Policies Of Integration And Modernization Imposed Upon Them By The Modern State It Also Considers The Changes Undergone By The Mieu As They Reconstruct Their Identity And Present Themselves As A Distinct People Finally, By Placing The Transformation Of Mieu Identity In The Broader Context Of Multi Ethnic Nationstates, It Discusses The General Nature And Processes Of Change In Ethnic Identities.

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    This book is a great study of the Mieu people and at the same time a great introduction in the subject of ethnic minorities in Vietnam.The author covers many aspects of the history, culture, religion, economy, language, identity etc of the Mieu people He describes interactions of the Mieu with other minorities, mainly Tay, the Kinh majority people and the central state and how this affected Mieu ways of life assimilation to the Tay and later Kinh people, and influence on their culture and life styles by the central states, wanting to modernize and adapt them to the socialist state.The reader can therefore also expect to learn a lot about ethnic minorities in Vietnam in...