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House of Thebes: The Beginning ❰BOOKS❯ ✪ House of Thebes: The Beginning Author Courtney Cole – Born a goddess controlled by the Fates Macy Lockhart is tricked into believing that she is a Keeper in the ancient organization the Moirae She lives over and over in lives that live tragically all to Born a goddess controlled Thebes: The Epub à by the Fates Macy Lockhart is tricked into believing that she is a Keeper in the ancient organization the Moirae She lives over and over in lives House of PDF \ that live tragically all to serve her purpose in the organization created by the Fates But if you’ve read the Bloodstone Saga you know that Macy’s life isn’t what it seems to of Thebes: The Epub â be She’s not Macy Lockhart at all she is Harmonia the goddess of peace and contentment and her purpose is much important than she ever thought she would be If you’ve read the Bloodstone Saga you know what happens to her Harmonia lives and dies a thousand times losing her soul mate in each life You’ve read the stories But there is one thing you haven’t read yet The beginning In the novella House of Thebes the story of how Cadmus and Harmonia met for the first time is finally told Every love story has a beginning This is theirs This book contains three bonus short stories based upon characters from The Bloodstone Saga Lies That Bind Wicked Enchantment and the never before released At Morning’s Light About the Author Courtney Cole is a novelist who lives near Lake Michigan with her domestic zoo aka family her pet iPad and her favorite cashmere socks She is always hard at work on her next book To learn about her please visit wwwcourtneycolewritescom.

  • Kindle Edition
  • 107 pages
  • House of Thebes: The Beginning
  • Courtney Cole
  • English
  • 14 March 2015

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  1. Melissa Melissa says:

    Have you ever gone to an amazing broadway play and come to the end feeling a bit sad that the whole thing is over Then while thinking about that the cast of the play takes pity on you and reopens the curtain for an encore bonus giving you a bit time with the players that you have grown to love in the last few hours Do you remember the feelings you have as that curtain rises again allowing you to re experience the joy you felt during the play Well House of Thebes by Courtney Cole was that encore performance for me I had no expectation that I would revisit the world of Harmonia and Cadmus other than some cameo appearances in the break off Moonstone series of books I thought that their story was over But this weekend I got a bit giddy when I was checking goodreads and noticed that another book in the Bloodstone Saga was available I got that second curtain raising feeling knowing that I got the chance to revisit those characters that I had grown to love in the original series so I hurried to download the newest book right away HurrayHouse of Thebes is actually a novella which takes place before the action of the Bloodstone Saga begins This is the story of how Cadmus and Harmonia first became a couple I have said this before and I will say it again Courtney Cole knows how to write soulmate stories They are so good and the chemistry between the two people in this story is almost palpable During the Bloodstone Saga Harmonia and Cadmus have already been two parts of a whole for thousands of years They didn't always know that as they were thrown into different lives throughout history over and over again but in each life they managed to find one another Other than the scenes when Macy meets Gavin in our modern world in all of the other lives showcased in the series Harmonia and Cadmus are introduced already as a couple in the story I absolutely love being able to see how the two of them come together in this story especially when I already know how their story is going to turn out They are going to face lots of heartache and difficulties but they will also find their happily ever after Knowing this makes the events of this short story even sweeter to read I really enjoyed the bow and arrow incident at the very beginning I don't often find myself chuckling when I read books Usually it is of a that was funny thought in my head But in this story I was a chuckler So many fun stories that showcased the magic of their relationship In addition to the main short story House of Thebes which focuses on the beginning of the CadmusHarmonia relationship there are three other short stories that occur within the time frames of the main Bloodstone Saga At Morning's Light is told by Hasani the Cleopatra era incarnation of Cadmus It is the day before he will eventually be killed in battle with Marc Antony and it shows his feelings as he contemplates this and his love for Charmian Lies That Bind is told by the character Ahmose and it shows Macy and Gavin as they first spend time together the day after Macy meets Gavin at the deli Wicked Enchantment is told by Eris the evil immortal who causes GavinCadmus to believe he is in love with her as she attempts to hurt Harmonia and trap Aphrodite and Harmonia for the Fates I enjoyed all of the bonus scenes that were included in this story If I had to say something that binds all of these stories together it would be Cadmus In my opinion these stories are his stories I was able to learn to love him in a deeper way than I even did during the main series In House of Thebes I was able to see his great humor his bravery his honor and his confidence He is dealing with the gods and yet it would not be apparent that he is a mortal among the immortals because of his tremendous confidence All four of the stories show different sides of his eternal love for Harmonia House of Thebes is the beginning Even as a mortal he was her protector Love that In At Morning's Light Hasani shows his great love for Charmian as he contemplates dying the next day Even as this future looms over him Hasani is a protector to Charmian Lies That Bind was another story of a beginning as it talks about Gavin and Macy and it shows how Gavin's love for Macy develops uickly and even in the beginning Ahmose could see that Gavin would do anything to protect Macy Wicked Enchantment was interesting because it seemed to show Cadmus being pulled out of his love for Harmonia but even in the midst of a powerful drug that made him believe he was in love with Eris it is obvious that the overwhelming love he feels for Harmonia is pushing through driving Eris crazy in the process All of these stories add up to one conclusion for me Cadmus is awesome His love for Harmonia is amazing eternal and unbreakable Loved itEven though the story of House of Thebes takes place before the action of the main series I would suggest that you read the main series before picking up this novella It makes it so much sweeter when you know how things end up It was a gift to be able to revisit this story I was reminded of the beautiful atmosphere of the Bloodstone Saga stories Ancient Egypt the Spiritlands of the Greek gods the oceanside beauty of modern day America all of it is richly described It made me want to pick up the main series again and re read it to immerse myself in the scenes I highly recommend this novella as an amazing addition to this wonderful series of books

  2. Jennifer Rux Jennifer Rux says:

    I loved this series butI really enjoyed the Bloodstone Saga but this novella didn't uite grab me the way the other books did I don't know perhaps after reading book four the story really was over for meI don't really know The words and imagery was just as wonderful as it had been within the pages of the rest of the series I just am not sure what was lacking for me Perhaps I liked the mystery or the knowledge that Harmonia and Cadmus were just always and they were meant to be that kept me turning the pages and in the end I didn't really need to know how they met Overall it was an cute short read but not something I needed to round out the awesome series

  3. FicTalk Blog FicTalk Blog says:

    Reviewed by MegWhen Courtney Cole told me that she had recently completed a short novella to go with the Bloodstone Saga which we all know I’m obsessed with I could not have been happier I’m sure my response to her was filled with EEKS And OMGS And YAYS I could not wait for it to come out and then it did and I snatched it up and read it in about 2 hours The House of Thebes is a short novella centering around the history of Cadmus and Harmonia from the the Bloodstone Saga It’s meant as an accompaniment piece to the saga not as a stand alone book though the tales within it are certainly eually as heartwarmingIn The House of Thebes we first get to read about how Cadmus who was in his last year of servitude to Ares to pay retribution for slaying his favorite dragon meets Harmonia It’s so refreshing to actually read their FIRST love story There were so many times that they met and fell in love before history was doomed to repeat itself that seeing that first truly innocent look into their relationship is so adventurous It was great to read about two characters who though you get to know them in the course of the entire series you never get an early glimpse into their lives We see a Harmonia in this novella that is innocent and very trusting and definitely much younger than the Harmonia we got to know in the Saga The same can be said of Cadmus though he still is amazingly brave and charismatic and absolutely deliciously handsome Their story is of course an epic adventure involving dragons and lethal danger and secret romance but it’s the refreshing look into these characters that makes The House of Thebes such an endearing novellaAlong with the look into Cadmus and Harmonia’s early relationship Cole gives us a chance to read three really short stories that accompany their journeys Each is uniue and fun to read Many times authors release a novella with only one story in it but The House of Thebes has four stories total the first being the story centering around Cadmus and Harmonia meeting and falling in love for the very first time The remaining three stories each seem to focus a great deal on Cadmus and if you love him you will LOVE these stories I know I certainly didFor a completed series The House of Thebes is a wonderful accompaniment Courtney Cole definitely hit the nail on the head with this one because I know I was dying for Harmonia and Cadmus and she definitely delivered with these four amazing short stories If you’ve read the series please don’t hesitate to pick this novella up And if you haven’t read the series then please go give it a try and then pick up this little gem

  4. Caro Caro says:

    This is a short story collection that goes with the Bloodstone Saga I was delighted when I heard it existed and immediately downloaded it and started readingI wasn't too happy with how the Bloodstone Saga ended so I hoped that this would somehow make it all betterThe collection consists of three stories; one on how Cadmus and Harmonia met one short story from Ahmose's point of view and one story that narrates a scene from Eris' point of viewI was most excited about Cadmus and Harmonia's first meeting I wanted to know how the two got to know each other In the Bloodstone Saga itself Harmonia and Cadmus already know each other for a long time so they never really fall in love they are already in loveSo this time around I wanted to witness their budding feelings for each other how their first kiss worked and so onSadly House of Thebes was just like the rest of the Bloodstone Saga and also like the Moonstone Saga Even though Harmonia doesn't know Cadmus yet it's Instalove They see each other and dang it if they didn't know immediately that they were meant to be together forever cuz they're soulmates y'knowThe thing is I just didn't feel the love At all This was fine in the Bloodstone Saga when Harmonia went back in time again and again and each time she was already dating Cadmus But this just didn't work hereThe story itself wasn't than mildly interesting so I was pretty much underwhelmed by itAhmose's story was pretty boring and didn't add anything to my understandning of either his character nor the dimensions of the storyEris was a bit tricky; I didn't like how she saw herself a bit negative than I thought she would Eris was like the pathetic version of Harmonia view spoiler she cried when Cadmus rejected her Seriously That's way pathetic Isn't she supposed to be mean and everything Can she please be a total bitch instead of getting all self conscious hide spoiler

  5. Mariana Mariana says:

    I loved the character Cadmus at first sight but after reading the bckground story it made him even desirable Cocky as ever but neverfor the worng reason his love for Harmoina is just endearing and true loved this book as the end

  6. Kimberly Schaaf Kimberly Schaaf says:

    As sad as I am that the Bloodstone Saga is done I am anxious to dtsrt the Moonstone SagaCourtney Cole is certainly one of my new favorites

  7. Sabrina Sabrina says:

    Loved it It is such a great love story

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