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  1. Alma Q Alma Q says:

    The fact that I read this slim collection of stories for almost six months is a reflection of my character than the uality of the content However I will admit that there comes a point beyond which there simply isn't much to keep the reader turning pages no matter how dedicated they are; the tone and themes start to repeat themselves view spoilereven literally there are at least two stories focusing on motherdaughter relationships where the parent abuses the kid via medication one of a Munchausen by proxy case and right before it one where over medicating the child eases the parent's anxiety hide spoiler

  2. Karen Karen says:

    A collection of peculiar stories about mothers and daughters I say peculiar in a good way of course I could tell from the first story I Said One that I was going to love this collection originally published in French The mother daughter bond is decidely unhealthy in almost every story from the mother who agrees to have a baby only to appease her husband and decides the child will have to make do with distant affection if not love to the story of a daughter whose increasingly erratic behavior over her husband's suspected affair fails to elicit any kind of maternal comfort to the mother whose teenage daughter literally beats her down after her parents divorce Ah motherhood you've never looked less appealing to me And daughterhood doesn't come off well either Yet these stories ensnared me After all I have a soft spot in my heart for the peculiar and disturbing

  3. Sharma Sharma says:

    The writing in this was suprisingly poor although perhaps I should accuse the translator It definitely proved an eyebrow raising read given the infanticide and the mothers sleeping with their son in laws and so forth but ultimately I wasn't very concerned with the narrators and especially not with the method in which their stories were narrated Again perhaps an issue of translation

  4. Jenaya Jenaya says:

    Eh I was charmed by the first short story or two about relations between mothers and daughters but repetitive plot structures and excessive nihilism got old pretty uick Got 93% of the way through and didn't bother to finish the last story before returning to the library Some interesting ideas but mostly darkness without depth

  5. Aileen Aileen says:

    I just happened upon this book of short stories at the library They are mother daughter stories but certainly not sentimental It's a great read as the stories are uite shocking In the first one the lady tosses one of her children out of the car Truly crazy stories Highly recommended

  6. Lindsey Lindsey says:

    This book was pretty gimmicky but I love French short stories The writing is always so crisp and good I finished the whole book in about two hours and if it had taken me any longer the whole dysfunctional motherdaughter relationship theme probably would have gotten old

  7. Dragoș Filioreanu Dragoș Filioreanu says:

    crazyness without much of a twist sadly

  8. Ariana Ariana says:

    Dark deep often humorous short stories that almost always shocked me and made me say out loud „WOW” Highly recommend

  9. Biblibio Biblibio says:

    An unsettling and creepy read My Mother Never Dies suffers mostly from its writing style All the stories are narrated in the often problematic present tense thus giving the whole book an urgent driving feel The styles don't really range from story to story and ultimately blend into one anotherThe stories themselves are disturbing and often unexpected something that is as much an asset as it is a detriment I can't pretend however that I wasn't a bit underwhelmed by the end By sticking to one single theme Claire Castillon somewhat played out her theme by the book's end By offering little contrast to the horrible mother daughter relations featured many of the teeth gritting themes are repeated in a way that is both unnecessary and unpleasantWith no standout stories it's hard to truly recommend Castillon's short story collection An interesting study in the twisted side of mother daughter relationships but a somewhat lacking collection overall

  10. monni monni says:

    It seems many people prefer Äidin pikku pyöveli over Castillon's other short story collections yet I felt this was a bit weaker than the others Sure Castillon did it again surprised me from page to page by imagining all the possible ways a daughter's and mother's relationship could maybe get fucked up and wrote them on paper What I find surprising is how hard it is to write a review after some time has passed I can recollect only a couple of stories clearly enough which might indicate that either the collection was a bit too tight or the stories followed too similar a pattern Anyhow I could say this still makes it to one of my favourite books of short stories even though the significance of the text might be bit hard to catch

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Insecte [Ebook] ➦ Insecte By Claire Castillon – Tyttäreni on paras ystäväni; Minä kiljun Jos äiti ei olisi luonani kuka sanoisi asiat minulle tuolla tavalla suoraan; Vaan miten puhua asiasta rikkomatta kotia meillä on niin hyvä olla tääll Tyttäreni on paras ystäväni; Minä kiljun Jos äiti ei olisi luonani kuka sanoisi asiat minulle tuolla tavalla suoraan; Vaan miten puhua asiasta rikkomatta kotia meillä on niin hyvä olla täällä yhdessä ei saa rimpuilla; Sitä paitsi inhoan sitä kun äiti hemmottelee minua minua alkaa itkettääÄidin pikku pyöveli kokoelman yhdeksäntoista novellia kertovat siekailematta niistä kiihkeistä tunteista joita äidit ja tyttäret toisissaan herättävät Sillä välinpitämättömiksi he eivät toisiaan jätäOhimenevistä päähänpistoista saattaa tulla pakkomielteitä tai painolasteja odotuksesta tai harhaluuloista syy elää Kokoelman novelleista tunnistaa nykyihmisen halun olla ikinuori ja välttää vastuuta Castillonin tarinat näyttävät meille rumuuden ja kuoleman pelkomme ja ihmissuhteita hallitsevan itsekkyyden Rakkaus ilmenee lukuisin eri tavoin eikä se aina ole kaunista.

  • Hardcover
  • 130 pages
  • Insecte
  • Claire Castillon
  • Finnish
  • 05 May 2016
  • 9789512073009

About the Author: Claire Castillon

Claire Castillon fait son entrée sur la scène littéraire française en septembre elle n'a alors ue ans Le grenier un premier roman éditions Anne Carrière surprenant et dérangeant retient l'attention des critiues et séduit un large public Claire Castillon récidive avec Je prends racine éditions Anne Carrière un second roman ui assoit son statut de romancière tout en l'affranch.