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The Fairy Tale of My Life [Reading] ➭ The Fairy Tale of My Life ➵ Hans Christian Andersen – Danish poet and novelist Hans Christian Andersen 1805 1875 is best known for the dozens of fairy tales he wrote including The Little Mermaid The Ugly Duckling and The Snow ueen Andersen's sense of fan Tale of ePUB ✓ Danish poet and novelist Hans Christian Andersen is best known for the dozens of fairy tales he wrote including The Little Mermaid The Ugly Duckling and The Snow ueen Andersen's sense of fantasy power of description and acute sensitivity are strikingly evident in his autobiography Andersen masterfully depicts the extreme poverty of his provincial childhood and the international celebrity of his later years and also provides insights into the sources of many of his most famous tales.

10 thoughts on “The Fairy Tale of My Life

  1. Mariangel Mariangel says:

    Lovely memoir Andersen met many famous people of his day His descriptions of other countries make me want to read his travel books My favorite part is the style his wonder at life and childlike love and gratefulness towards all his friends and benefactors and towards God

  2. Janice Janice says:

    As I taught a unit to third graders on folklore I decided to read Hans Christian Andersen's autobiography I had read a children's version of his life in a reader at one time and wondered how much of it was true that he was a bit of an ugly duckling himselfWhile he didn't often fit in in his younger life he did travel extensively throughout Europe during his adulthood and much of his book explains that He did have many friends but there did seem to be a sense of loneliness about him It was fascinating to learn about Europe at the time as he give insights into the cities he visits and the well to do people whose circles he traveled in Interesting title fairy tale of my life

  3. Steve Shilstone Steve Shilstone says:

    Delightful visit with the highly sensitive passionate egotistical tale teller

  4. Toktam Toktam says:

    He was wonderful and uniue

  5. Nikki Kapasakalidi Nikki Kapasakalidi says:

    Andersen was amazing person and amazing writer

  6. Mailin Mailin says:

    The version I read was a much shorter one Read it for school

  7. Woody Woody says:

    An interesting tale about this iconic man who was the ultimate self starter rising up from a very humble origin to becoming one of Denmark's most famous authors He was in many ways The Ugly Duckling in his fairy tales In his early teens he headed to Copenhagen to try to become an actor Anderson weathered years of criticism and difficulty achieving his dreams He persisted though to the point where he became widely recognized and appreciated The book starts in an interesting way telling Anderson's amazing rags to riches story It bogs down when he describes at length his many trips to visit nobility in surrounding European Countries We learn that Anderson does not like excessive heat and that he is very sensitive to criticism At the end Anderson summarizes how his life has indeed been a fairy tale and how we can all learn from the challenges we face In his words All the injustice I thought I suffered and every hand that clumsily interfered in my development brought good results after all

  8. Kari Kari says:

    I'm on page 295 just so I remember when I get it back This is an absolutely great tie together between all the other books of this period I've read And while Andersen wasn't perfect and I hear he did things that offended polite society of that time he and his life sound like me and mine in so many ways and the results he got out of any given incident are very familiar And I don't think that's a bad thing mostly Anyone who got to be Mendelssohn's friend is worth getting to know

  9. Tomàs Tomàs says:

    No me ha entusiasmado mucha información sobre personajes daneses de principios del siglo XIX ue no aportan nada a un lector español del s XXI

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