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  1. Kieran Kieran says:

    “A Young Assassin” is the story of Hannah a young girl who is chosen by Mossad to become a top assassin within their ranks Throughout her adventure action is one of the greatest themes though the novel is without some characterizationSome reviewers have pointed to certain potential flaws in this novel Namely Hannah’s origin story and the fact that she sometimes seems to lack emotion Issues with the origin story in uestion revolve around the fact that she was picked by Mossad after getting into a few fights at school While this may appear strange at first it actually recalls some older literatureThose familiar with “Ender’s Game” at least the film if not the novel may recall that Ender a relatively stoic young boy is picked to head a major military operation against a warring planet after he demonstrates his strategic prowess during a fight at school In light of this it appears that readers are uite willing to accept an origin story similar to Hannah’s Examining this book in comparison to other literature also sheds some light on her stoicism She is not simply an emotionless killing machine but rather a young girl struggling to harness abilities far beyond those of others her age“A Young Assassin” could use some editing here and there especially to help bring Hannah’s deceptively complex character to light With such editing this book undoubtedly has five star potential The action scenes are well choreographed and certainly pack a punch This impact might be increased even further if Hannah came closer to losing a few of her fights but the occasional one sided fight is not in and of itself a flaw in any action piece Those open to a story of a young girl overcoming incredible odds will certainly find some entertainment in this work

  2. L.A. L.A. says:

    A Young Assassin by Robert Cuma is a 321 page spy thriller It has thirty three chapters and is written in first person When we first meet Hannah Shad she is a fearless and definitely uninhibited twelve year old girl at boarding school Not a lot of background is given about her at first which raised uestions in my mind for such a young girl All is revealed and unfolds nicely as the story goes on Due to her inherent smarts and combat skills she uickly moves through the ranks to become an elite spy Hannah does not take any crap and works her way up through the world of men espionage and traitors Do I believe her character was capable of all the plot lines no but this is a fiction story For me it would have read better as a children’s book minus the sex or if she was olderfor the emotional connect But as far as kick ass heroines go Hannah is a fighter

  3. Chelseyam Chelseyam says:

    Young Assassin left me a bit mixed The main character Hanna is depicted as the total package She excels in martial is good looking and has intelligence to match any problem she finds herself in which there are uite a lot However she is kind of emotionally void at times I suspect this is fairly normal with individuals trained to be fightersThere was a lot of interesting aspects about the book though I think Cuma's time in the service really shines here as the story can be realistic when it comes to tactics I would have liked to see Hanna try a bit harder when it comes to beating her foes though most of the time it seemed a bit effortlessThe romance was pretty cute but two people of that caliber together is a recipe for a good story I think with a little character development and planning the story might stand out in mind though

  4. Karma Karma says:

    Hannah is an exceptional spy As an elite operative in the Mossad Israel’s version of the CIA her brilliant mind full of high intellect allow her to learn easily in all aspects of international espionage The match of brains and beauty allow her to take on the toughest of assignments with ease A Young Assassin is for the thrill seeker It’s full of action and adventure and is sure to get your adrenaline flowing Hannah is an easy character to like and one that is easy to cheer for It’s a must read for fans of international intrigue An excellent read that I gladly give 5 stars

  5. Brian Brian says:

    The Mossad has an impressive asset in Hannah She’s smart and a uick learner with looks to match What she lacks in real world experience she makes up for with intelligence Her mastery of foreign languages and martial arts make her a formidable opponent in the field She can even carry on a fiery lover affair with a CIA operative all while maintaining her status as a master of her craft A Young Assassin is a heart pounding adventure that gripped me from the first page The plot is riveting and the characters are rich in detail I am a junkie for cloak and dagger type stories and this one definitely hit the mark

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A Young Assassin [Reading] ➽ A Young Assassin ➳ Robert Cuma – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Hannah a highly skilled assassin was indoctrinated into the Israeli Intelligence Agency the Mossad at a very young age Her brilliance overwhelmed her mentor Being an exceptional child she became fluen Hannah a highly skilled assassin was indoctrinated into the Israeli Intelligence Agency the Mossad at a very young age Her A Young eBook ↠ brilliance overwhelmed her mentor Being an exceptional child she became fluent in several languages by the time she was twelve She was trained in all aspects of the ruthless world of espionage From combat training to extreme interrogation techniues she becomes a force to reckon with Hannah assumes many identities as she finds her way through the maze of the dark side of life She continues to take on the most difficult assignments while still able to find love and trusting friends Her extraordinary intelligence and beauty allows her to foil the enemy at every turn While using men for her own pleasure she also recruits them to foster her missions Being a master in all forms of martial arts she can kill a man in a split second sometimes several at once Hannah travels the world and encounters some of the most despicable characters on this earth Her love life takes a serious tone when she meets Steven Cross the world's most potent master spy He is a proficient assassin with the CIA but lives by his own rules It becomes love at first sight as they delve into a tumultuous love affair Throwing all caution to the wind they find themselves in a cycle of constant desire Hannah is assigned to work with Cross for an indefinite period While this love manifests itself into complete insanity at times Hannah never misses a beat with their assignments This story will keep you cheering for the heroine as she defeats the evils of the world.