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Cast On, Bind Off ❰PDF / Epub❯ ★ Cast On, Bind Off Author Cap Sease – The search for the perfect cast on and bind off is over Now in one extraordinary book have at your fingertips than 120 ways to cast on and than 80 ways to bind off This beautifully organized treasury The search for the perfect cast on and bind off is over Now in one extraordinary book have at your fingertips than ways to Cast On, ePUB ´ cast on and than ways to bind off This beautifully organized treasury is ideal for all skill levels•Find each techniue presented with step by step written instructions clear how to illustrations and a photo of the finished edge•Learn the advantages and disadvantages of each method including suggestions for when to use it•Discover workhorse and specialty cast ons and bind offs for colorwork cuffs ruffles fringe lace buttonholes and.

  • Spiral-bound
  • 160 pages
  • Cast On, Bind Off
  • Cap Sease
  • English
  • 23 August 2016
  • 9781604680850

10 thoughts on “Cast On, Bind Off

  1. Judi Easley Judi Easley says:

    Cast On Bind Off 211 Ways to Begin and End Your KnittingCap SeaseMartingale 2012162 pages Craft ReferenceKindle Hardcover Spiral PaperbackPurchased at the current price✭✭✭✭✭The cover is very attractive and tells you immediately that it’s a book about knitting with its two wooden knitting needles and the examples of knitting arranged in a grid The examples are in different colors so it’s colorful all set against a pristine white backdropThe author is home taught as in her grandmother taught her how to knit That’s the best kind but don’t feel bad if you learned in school or had to take classes in a yarn shop or a friend taught you Any way you learned is valid as long as you learned feel secure in your techniue and get good results If you don’t feel you have either or both casting on or binding off nailed down or you’re looking for a different techniue or edge this is the book for youMs Sease speaks in an easy to understand style that makes you feel as if you are sitting with her over tea and learning the techniues from her in person She does start out with a few charts First to list the types of cast ons then the bind offs Then she lists the pairs that go together to give you matching edges I thought that would be a particularly helpful list for future projectsFrom the lists she jumps right into how to do each of the cast ons and then each of the bind offs She has them broken down into categories such as those that start from a slip knot long tail and such She shares the advantages and disadvantages of each and has very clear illustrations showing how each is done I felt between her worded description of the stitches and the illustrations there wasn’t a techniue I wouldn’t be able to doI bought this book because I couldn’t find the stretchy bind off I needed on Pinterest for my current project and I really needed to get it off the needles I found this book on at a reasonable price and downloaded it immediately I skimmed through it looking for my stretchy bind off and finished my project Then I went back and read through the whole book I was so excited about bind offs when I finished I want to try some of the fancier ones sometime There are some really pretty ones that create picot curled or looped edges that I thought I’d like to try just for the fun of it I highly recommend this book whether you are a beginning knitter or an expert knitter Just imagine 211 ways to start or stop

  2. Carolyn Page Carolyn Page says:

    I knew there were differences in casting on and binding off methods but I never knew how many a good resource for different types of projects to ensure your wonderful knit work retains its shape or is enhanced at the edges

  3. Regina Regina says:

    Instructions with drawings to assist in understanding how to do the various cast ons and bind offs with pics of swatches with the completed edges

  4. Andrea Andrea says:

    Nice reference covers all the unusual cast on's I've used and she cross references the various names for them which makes it easy to locate them

  5. Auggy Auggy says:

    I uite enjoy this book not only is it fun to look through it's a great reference when looking for the perfect cast on or bind off for a specific project You can look for cast ons or bind offs based on purpose durable elastic rolled edge firm edge etc or flip through a section to see all the variations of say loop cast ons or decorative bind offs The step by step illustrations and directions are clear and easy to follow and I love the fact that it has pictures of what each CO or BO looks like as well as descriptions of the characteristics for that style of bind off or cast on It doesn't have every variation of every CO or BO but it still has a massive amount And the book size is perfect for printing out a sheet of paper with a new CO or variation and sticking it in the back of the book no sticking out pages And maybe that makes me a big nerd but that makes me happy

  6. Lil& Lil& says:

    Some interesting cast ons I hadn't seen before Nice diagrams for most steps However some of the swatches are not particularly well done whether it's the fault of the knitter or lack of blocking the work looks uneven and does not particularly convince me to try that particular cast on As expected the number of different ways is greatly exaggeratedI actually don't see the point of having a book that only shows you to cast on and bind off There are reference books out there that include so much than this and give you enough variety in these two areas Maybe it's like an Alton Brown thingI find single application products less attractive than multi application ones

  7. Whitney Whitney says:

    I didn't so much read this as flip through it to get some ideas I found at least one bind off that I really liked The thing about knitting books for me though is I find it impossible to follow directions from pictures I need a video or someone live in person to teach me I think I'm too green of a knitter for this book to be really helpful yet but maybe after some practice I'll come back to it and it will make sense

  8. Saleris Saleris says:

    I have a significant amount of knitting books including a couple casting books They were smaller books so when this arrived I was surprised at its size It's around the A4 size a bit wider and I initially thought it was a waste Having read it I changed my mind There is room for notes and it's easy to use and keep the stages distinct so you don't feel rushed A nice thing when you're learning a new techniue I'd definitely recommend it for a beginner knitter

  9. Moorhead Public Library Moorhead Public Library says:

    I used to deliberately pick projects that started small and used increases to get bigger because I hated casting on long rows I'm still not super fond of casting on but this book has shown me some cast ons that work MUCH better than the one I had learned years ago I had no idea there were so many ways to try Reviewed by deb

  10. Sara Sara says:

    I need a cast on cast off book in my library and this could be a good selection Knitting Pipeline like this one better I think I like the smaller new book better but they are both really wonderful

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