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A Moms Guide to Home Organization [Reading] ➬ A Moms Guide to Home Organization ➳ Debbie Lillard – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Create a Happy Clutter Free HomeDo you dream of having a clutter free kitchen organized closet tidy toy room and stress free schedule All of this and is within your reach when you follow the practical Guide to Epub Ý Create a Happy Clutter Free HomeDo you dream of having a clutter free kitchen organized closet tidy toy room and stress free schedule All of this and is within your reach when you follow the practical and effective organizing advice in this book In this A Moms PDF/EPUB ² ultimate home organization guide Debbie Lillard professional organizer and mother of three helps you gain and maintain order in three key areas of your family life Your Time Learn how to get done in less time by streamlining everyday duties creating morning after school and bedtime Moms Guide to PDF Í routines and effectively managing extracurricular activitiesYour Belongings Use Debbie's simple but effective CPR method Categorize Purge and Rearrange to organize toys clothes children's artwork paperwork photos collections and Your Home Follow the step by step instructions for organizing every room in your home plus find help for keeping your child's schoolbag desk locker and home study area organized Follow the book from start to finish for a complete home makeover or dip in here or there for help with one problem area at a time The tried and true advice will help you simplify your life so you can spend less time struggling to keep up and time savoring everyday moments with your family.

8 thoughts on “A Moms Guide to Home Organization

  1. Julie Julie says:

    I received the book in exchange for my honest reviewWhat I liked about A Mom’s Guide to Home OrganizationThis book contains some practical ideas that are simple to implement but would really work I liked the left to right rule uite a bit The idea is you put everything you are working with on your left such as recipe ingredients and move them to the right as you are done using them That way when you get interrupted you will know where you left off Other tips are to have a family calendar where you can write everything down so you can track events budget etc and to have activity charts where you can see what is going on at a glanceThis book contains so many lists and I love lists Such a practical and visual way to organize your needs and plans I like the simple suggestions to just pay attention to your usual routine and see what you’re using on a regular basis – ensure those items are included on your travel packing list The suggestions are common sense and straight forward so are easy to implement and say “oh yea why didn’t I think of that”I also liked the list of chores that kids can do by age to help them get involved and help with taking care of the household The stair basket is an idea I’ve been hearing about a lot and I’m planning on implementing one I think I’ll decorate another large diaper box or shipment box like I did the DIY toy box to use as the stair basketThe part on organization is what interested me the most I liked her CPR approach Categorize Purge and Rearrange I really struggle with “purge what you don’t need” I have the “what if” syndrome and also the “this is too much effort” syndrome I like to hide things in closets and bins but purging isn’t easy for me That is definitely a personal goal I need to work on I like her lists of “Absolutes of Organizing” because everything on that list makes a lot of senseThere is a really good chapter on paper and how long to keep each type of file I’m usually pretty good at filing things in proper folders in the cabinets but I don’t go through and purge them I’ve only done that once – when we moved – because I didn’t want to move that much paper I did switch every bill I could to electronic “paperless” statements so that I wouldn’t have to deal with filing and keeping paper and the bills are automatically debited as well Less to keep up with is very helpfulI liked how each section ends with a list of the important points that chapter made It helps serve as a reminder after reading and are very useful for later reviewWhat I did not like or agree with in A Mom’s Guide to Home OrganizationThis book is clearly intended for stay at home Moms The schedule for cleaning the house definitely doesn’t work when you are coming home after 7 PM every day The “solution” for working moms Hire a cleaner That is not advice that would convince me to buy a book on organization I would instead rather see a modified schedule for working moms to tackle on weekendsI also was not a fan of the new baby section This book assumes a new baby should be sleeping through the night from 11 PM to 6 AM without nightly feeds at 8 weeks That is terrible advice for breastfeeding mothers and I really don’t think this book should even be giving this kind of medical advice

  2. Stacie Wyatt Stacie Wyatt says:

    I read A mom's Guide to home organization in exchange for honest review from US Family Guide I wanted to read the book because I struggle with stuff When I first moved to Texas I had a little stuff then when my oldest moved and my youngest was born the stuff grew Then I started blogging and stuff grew Even though I give away things every few months I need to learn to not accumulate as much I have a tiny space called my bedroom and it only can contain so much without going into hoarding status One of first tips which stood out was work when you are doing your best If you are a night owl like me the best time to work is at night or when the kids go to sleep I also work better sitting downstairs in the front room versus the bedroom Too many distractions in the bedroom She also suggest using a daily planner I try to input everything into Google Calendar and iCal not to mention a physical planner but I still forget at times to enter something inEven if I create a list of daily things to do the plan never goes according to plan I started going through every bin and bucket in the room Every piece of clothing in the closet Everything at the top of the closet to minimize clutter My next big task is the toy bin The book provides suggestions on organization I still have a long long way to go but hopefully I will get there

  3. Ruthmgon Ruthmgon says:

    This merits 2 or 3 stars I can't decide I am impressed with the layout and accessibility of this volume nice photos etc This is good if you are a person who is basically already there as far as clutter goes but needs to feel on top of things in your family Someone who needs tips not for decluttering but for organization This has kind of an Anne Landers feel to it like a favorite aunt There are good compartmentalized sections and so you can skip those that don't apply to you I may never be able to test out the baby scheduling tips myself

  4. Megan Megan says:

    I would say this book is for the person who is full of clutter and total disorganization If you're organized but slightly cluttered I don't think you'll get much from this book Few helpful tips but was extremely repetitive I would not recommend reading start to finish for this reason Maybe skip to the chapters that apply to your situation All around decent book just not for me

  5. Bird Bird says:

    There were a lot of good tip and tricks in here although it's aimed at mothers with older children which isn't me right now I would have liked pictures as examples to go along with her suggestions There are a few sprinkled throughout the book but not nearly enough for my tastes

  6. Wendy Hudson Wendy Hudson says:

    some good ideas

  7. Lisa Lisa says:

    This book had some helpful step by step tips for organizing schedules daily life and for clearing LOTS of clutter If you are buried in things this is for you

  8. LinBee LinBee says:

    A lot of good information on organizing not only mom but the kids too

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