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Dulce compañía ➺ Dulce compañía Download ➽ Author Laura Restrepo – The Angel of Galilea introduces a refreshing new voice in Latin American literature to the English speaking audienceMona is a jaded reporter for a Colombian tabloid sent on assignment to investigate a The Angel of Galilea introduces a refreshing new voice in Latin American literature to the English speaking audienceMona is a jaded reporter for a Colombian tabloid sent on assignment to investigate an angel sighting in one of Bogotá's most devastated barrios where she encounters a community torn apart by a passionate conflict over a beautiful man who walks the fine line between sanity and sainthood For the people of Galilea this mysterious and sensual angel without a name represents their hope amidst desperate circumstances; for Mona he awakens her desire to love and gives her a reason to believe When the barrio's priest leads a revolt against the fallen angel Mona risks everything to protect him from the gang that threatens to destroy him.

  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Dulce compañía
  • Laura Restrepo
  • English
  • 08 October 2016
  • 9780375706493

About the Author: Laura Restrepo

Isle of Passion is based on historical facts from Clipperton IslandShe is an award winning author In she won the Premio Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz prize at the Guadalajara Book Fair for her novel.

10 thoughts on “Dulce compañía

  1. Connie G Connie G says:

    Mona a reporter for a Colombian tabloid is sent to the poor mountainous neighborhood of Galilea on the outskirts of Bogota She is to write a story about an angel who has attracted a devoted following The angel is a handsome young man who speaks only in foreign tongues and has a luminous charismatic uality about him Mona falls deeply in love with him His mother claims that the angel uses her as a psychic channel and she has journals filled with his thoughtsThe village is composed of two groups those that believe in the angel and another group led by the priest who think he is a fraud or demon Mona persues the story of the angel's early life and finds he had a horrific childhood But he possesses a personal magnetism that offers the poor residents of Galilea something to believe in Is he an angel or mentally ill or both? Full of Latin American magical realism and superstition this story does not give us an answer Occasionally it veers into a humorous or silly vein The reader justs needs to suspend reality and go along for an unusual ride

  2. Christina Christina says:

    I thought it was ridiculous scatter brained and just not plausible or believable Could have been written much better and at a higher level with a keener sense of purpose and direction Might be that things got lost in translation but I don't think so I've read enough translations to know that the original must have been eually unintelligent If you like bad writing like Eat Pray Love you might like this

  3. Simona GB Simona GB says:

    Structured very much like a telenovela around a love story between a rich girl and a poor man The Angel of Galilea is a delightful mix of folklore popular mythology modern theology Latin American surrealism angelology and feminist empowerment It offers a remarkable anthropological account of the Colombian barrios and their relationship with the rest of the city I totally understand why this work has been praised by Gabriel García Máruez and Isabel Allende for its freshness originality and local flavor

  4. Cristina Cristina says:

    One of the worst books I had the chance of reading this year I will NOT be trying anything written by L Restrepo ever again

  5. Juan Arellano Juan Arellano says:

    I bought this book because I liked what I've read from Laura Restrepo I bought it second hand some weeks ago just for 3 dollars and well the book didn't dissapointed me Indeed I liked it than I expected It is a fast read and I really enjoyed it I dont't know about how well will be the english translation but I loved it is written using a lot of Colombian Spanish even though my knowledge of Colombian Spanish is Paisa from Medellín than Cachaco from Bogotá I managed to understand it the novel is set in BogotáApart from that I'd have preferred another title for the novel I think this doesn't fit well but there's nothing we can do about it The novel has something of magic realism but in a way I didn't feel it as repetitive or a copy The angel parts are what I liked the most It seems I like works where there is presence of these beings for example Hell is the absence of God from Ted Chiang Anyway try to get a copy from this novel it is worth it

  6. J Thayre J Thayre says:

    Upon moving to Dar over a year ago I had planned on doing a PhD on Hispanic Literature but life got in the way As part of my research I was going to analyse and read 20 novels Dulce Compañía Sweet Company in English was one of them I first read this book in the summer after graduating It is a book that belongs to the magical realist genreRead of this review here

  7. Jessika Jessika says:

    Not everything is as it seems and not everything that seems is Superstition and popular religious beliefs turn an extraordinarily beautiful human into a myth Magical realism has been my favorite genre of literature for many years and this book doesn't disappoint

  8. Gen Quihuis Gen Quihuis says:

    It was very interesting the way it was written was very ethereal and I liked it The story was an interesting concept and the religious fanaticism of people relateable

  9. Roxana Roxana says:

    Some books come to your hands by accident This is what happen to me with this book It came with a group of other books that I bought from a client for my second handed bookstore I feel compel to read it mostly because I was curious and because it seems to be a very funny book It was I mean it was a funny story the author writes in a very colouial way mixing her feelings with everythig that happens to herShe tells the story in first person This is the story of a woman magazine reporter and her odissey to reach her assingment She is sent to cover the story of a dubious angel that seems to appear in one of the most poor zones of Bogota At she meets the strange being she gets involed than she spect in this crazy and strange storyWith traces of magic realism it was a fun reading

  10. jeremy jeremy says:

    having been dazzled by laura restrepo's delirium i presumed i would be eually enthralled by the angel of galilea dulce compañía restrepo a colombian author and journalist weaves fantastic stories but where delirium excels with its sophisticated and intricate plot the angel of galilea is a comparatively tranuil read parts of the novel and much of the prose seem rather contrived and full of clichés while the plot was mildly interesting it lacked the narrative thrust i found so compelling in delirium the angel of galilea is an entertaining read and parts of the story do indeed shine but overall the novel is not uite indicative of the talent restrepo has demonstrated elsewhere

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