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  1. Paula Shreckhise Paula Shreckhise says:

    A Place Called Morning by Ann Tatlock is a wonderful novel that takes place in the 1970’s and 80’s but stretches back into the Great Depression I continue to enjoy works by Ann Tatlock She seems to reach deep into the souls of her characters This time it is a grandmother Mae Demaray who feels responsible for her grandson’s death while she was babysitting him So many things from her past start to become clear only after another tragedy Can she recover from an unforgiven mindset and find joy again? So well written you feel the emotions of the characters and you truly see into their motivations Mae “ I was running because I didn’t think I should accept His grace I didn’t think I deserved to be healed of the grief But something followed me all these years and that something is four little words HE RESTORES MY SOUL Just tonight as I was sitting here thinking about everything that’s happened I came to see that the Bible doesn’t say He restores my soul if I do this or if I do that He just does it because that’s the way He is” This is a book worth reading and pondering with spiritual lessons to be gleaned I purchased this ebook from All opinions are my own

  2. Jeni Enjaian Jeni Enjaian says:

    I read through this book uickly not necessarily a good sign In the case of this book it was not So much of this book I read before Technically this is the second book that Tatlock wrote so the subseuent books borrowed similar story lines I read those books first Tatlock improved with experience somewhat Nothing in this book captured my attention Even though the book lasted 281 pages the narrative sped through revelation after revelation with so much bein discussed that it nearly gave the reader whiplash This book did not survive round two of the purge

  3. Tracy Tracy says:

    Had I read the reviews before reading this book I probably wouldn’t have given the book the time of Day after all I have many great reads and things to do however I got the book with no foreknowledge of others opinions at first it was slow but as the story went on I found myself drawn in and wondering where the Author Ann was going to go first read of hers Anyway the story turns out to be really good a string of events brings about secrets that were hidden Also the bitterness and pain Mae put herself through due to lack of unforgiving as she finds she has struggled with being angry and unforgiving from childhood What life lessons she learns and taught from her Mom even from the grave oh and the secrets unveiled will in the end bring her own secret to be honest I hope for a seuel for I’d like to hear what becomes of her and Roy and their future together Ann is there one already or planned?? I recommend that you give it a go and travel down memory lane with Mae as she deals with her miserable unforgiving heart like Mae I myself had a hard time forgiving myself unlike her I forgive others uickly and often maybe than I should sometimes nah enjoy

  4. Loraine Loraine says:

    This book was hard to read for a long time It was slow and depressing and I could hardly bear Mae's attitude toward everything True many things in her life were difficult but who doesn't have difficulty? I got impatient waiting for her to come to terms with God's and her daughter's forgiveness not to mention forgiving herself It was worth reading to the end but I tried to hurry as I was getting tired of feeling so depressed with her

  5. Lorry Lutz Lorry Lutz says:

    A charming story about middle aged Mae who allowed fear and lack of forgiveness to keep her from living a life of confidence and purpose It took tragedy disappointment and shock to make her finally realize the steps she had to take to find meaning in life again I enjoyed the surprise ending which wrapped it all up and closed the book with a smile

  6. Anne Anne says:

    I really enjoyed this book although at times it got me crying so hard I could barely read the words It was a real thought provoking book and I think I learned a lot from this book And I'm glad everything turned out okay in the end

  7. Marjorie Hill Marjorie Hill says:

    A story well toldAnn Tatlock weaves a story of family and the joy of being included But due to a series of events secrets come to light A great read I highly recommend it

  8. Barbara Barbara says:

    In the novel A Place Called Morning by Ann Tatlock Mae Demaray faces a grandparent’s worst nightmare Her two year old grandson died while in her care due to a moment of carelessness on her partLong after her daughter and son in law forgive her Mae can’t forgive herself She refuses to be alone with her other grandchildren withdraws from the ministry she enjoyed for years at the children’s hospital withdraws in fact from almost everything including God Mae’s daughter tries various ways to draw Mae out but Mae resistsThe one activity she does keep up is her relationship with Roy an old family friend Roy is a few years older than her and has some kind of mental or learning disability For as long as she can remember her mother invited Roy from the orphanage for dinner and family get togethers Now her parents and her husband have all passed away and Roy lives in a boarding house Mae has Roy over for lunch a couple of times a week He does odd jobs around the house and yard for her The upkeep on her house inherited from her parents is too much for her and the extra cash helps his fixed incomeThen another crushing family tragedy occurs this one threatening her relationship with Roy But in the aftermath a long buried family secret is revealed Though it throws Mae for a loop at first ultimately it opens her eyes and causes all her walls to come crashing downAs a grandmother the first part of this book was hard to read I could really identify with Mae’s feelings in the loss of her grandsonI loved the truths Ann brought out about relationships with family and with God I loved where Mae ended up

  9. Joleen Joleen says:

    Until the end I kept thinking this was a three star Far too much of the same thing being said or storylines could have been eliminated or shortened However the last few chapters took it up a notchMiss May was a woman who lived in perpetual grief She can't forgive herself for a tragic accident that claimed the life of her beloved grandchild Years go by in a cloud of regret dreaming of what she’d do differently on that dayBut events following another tragedy is truly the best part of the book If I ever feel the need to make a shrine of guilt again I will remember those chapters and occasionally re read themMemorable characters Roy Simple cigar smoking sweet manMae Demaray aka Miss Mae aka Mother Mae to the orphansSammy Grandson Mae's very heartEllen Mae's kind patient forgiving daughter

  10. Marta Ratliff Marta Ratliff says:

    Never disappointed with Ann TatlockI so love Ann Tatlock Never do I get tired of her books This one was no exception I think this one is her best so far but I still have a few to read The Way she puts Christianity in her books makes the reader feel like there is hope The relationships in her books run deep I feel like I personally know each and everyone of them Thank you Ann for bringing your books into my life

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A Place Called Morning ☄ [PDF / Epub] ☃ A Place Called Morning By Ann Tatlock ✓ – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Mae Demaray's life in an old clapboard house on a uiet Minneapolis street had been rich with the hues of security and love beauty and faith It carried the scent of flowers the sound of uiet at daybrea Mae Demaray's life in an old clapboard house on a uiet Minneapolis street had been rich with the hues of security and love beauty and faith It carried the scent A Place PDF \ of flowers the sound of uiet at daybreak the laughter of children the touch of God all giving her the satisfying sense of living life to its fullness But that was before the March day when Mae's world was shaken at its very centerThe ordinary days leading up to that unforgettable moment were but a uiet prelude to the mad song that followed Unforeseen and shattering events invaded her well ordered life and silenced her joy Unable to make sense of her torn apart world Mae retreated from life as she had once known itHow uickly life had changed How uickly the colorful became colorless dressed in shades of black and white no longer reflecting the light Yet surely a new day would soon break with light rising gently giving hope for restorationSurely there must be A Place Called Morning.