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Across the Caribbean [Read] ➭ Across the Caribbean Author Raymond Yusuf – Potbake's 2009 10 Caribbean Short Story Competition resulted in sixteen finalists The winning story The Only Man was written by Raymond Yusuf of Guyana These finalists stirred the judges in some way T Potbake's Caribbean Short Story Competition resulted in sixteen finalists The winning story The Only Man was written by Raymond Yusuf of Guyana These finalists stirred the judges in some way Today you have the chance to read them yourself and become Across the ePUB ´ a judge for this book perhaps the first of its kind is an eclectic snapshot of Caribbean literature The only man A story of a man dying with cancer who's travelled to Guyana to seek out a reputable oncologist Winner Accepted An ernomously fat girl living with her drunkard widowed father tries to find her place Big rock soup When John John's grandmother dies she leaves him with a Portugese stone that adds magic to any cooking pot Crazy Mary The story of a family who cares for a wealthy woman who has gone mad Dis anime ting again A discussion between two college girls with varying tastes in cartoons Japanese and American God Save The ueen Vernon and his pregnant wife are on a date during Carnival Vernon isn't too happy about it but she's the boss Lovingly mischevious The God of Love and Mischief bestow powers on an advantaged high school girl Secret Love An airforce pilot shot down in Spain takes refuge in a convent Tears for my mother After Lina Smiley's mother goes mad and is taken away she learns of her father who's living contrary to all that she's been told Distrust soon turns to hate and she spends the years until she's eighteen waiting to see her mother The beach awaits A family picnic ends in tragedy The Jumbie Boy The spirit of a dead school boy haunts a sugarcane factory The muddy shoes A boy leaves home after his father dies in a car accident only to learn there's a bit of mystery surrounding the events The Winged Girl A teenage girl has dreams of a fairy whom she eventually meets in person Troubles bourne The story of a pregnant young woman struggling with the idea of abortion Under the poui Before her boyfriend goes abroad to study a girl loses her virginity and becomes pregnant Village story Told as a play this is the story of Martha's interaction with village folk particularly Lennard a young man whose girlfriend has disappeared with a white man When we alone A story of mischevious youths pulling pranks in an unexplained blackout that hits the village every night.

3 thoughts on “Across the Caribbean

  1. Swanangel15& Swanangel15& says:

    I loved this book especially since my story was number three page 21 check it out Some stories was a little confusing for me that I had to read it 2 3 times before I could understand anything but all in all various people from across the Caribbean get it created stories that came together nicely in one book for all to see

  2. Kathy-Ann Fletcher Kathy-Ann Fletcher says:

    This was a totally enjoyable read I loved the flow of the stories and look forward to

  3. Sandra Sealy Sandra Sealy says:

    So way back in 2009 on August 3rd to be exact somehow Lyndon Baptiste found my Caribbean writing blog He responded to a post about an international writing competition by sharing about his new short story contest That’s how the journey beganObviously I shared the contest opportunity with my local writers and blog audience but was intrigued enough to enter it myself – especially since it was one of the FEW competitions where ONLY Caribbean nationals were eligibleOn November 30th 2010 a one lined response made me very happyYour story has been selected See wwwpotbakecomI was ecstatic because I achieved some personal milestones 1 had my short story “Big Rock Soup” finally published 2 established my 1st writing credit in Trinidad 3 had my first inclusion in a purely short fiction anthology 4 was the only and first Barbadian to be a finalist in Potbake’s inaugural competitionMore than anything what was impressed me was Lyndon followed through on his project In the wild world of publishing this doesn’t always happen – especially with well meaning small independent publishers He was always open responsive and professional during the process So I had no problems with any delays to be expected that ensued Months later you can imagine my immense pride and pleasure ripping open the envelope to cradle my copy of “Across The Caribbean West Indian Short Stories”published on Potbakecom

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