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  1. Breathing Breathing says:

    You will not find a detailed account on Hitler's decisions towards and during the war You just cannot since Mr Irving's knowledge the book has an insane amount of sources most of them primary is beyond what other historians can aim for His ability to get in touch with important survivors of the Third Reich many of whom would reject other historians for their one sided views and lay hands on uniue sources like the Goebbels' diaries make him one of the if not the most fundamental historians on WW2His later derailings don't take anything away from this masterpiece once heralded by many journalists but later on silenced by their politically correct intuitions

  2. Gary Gary says:

    Given what the Nazi Germans did to Britain I don''t know how David Irving can DARE to call himself a British NationalistFor 4 years Britain had to endure frightful bombings for which we were not prepared Thousands of women children babies old people were killed across British cities Famous cathedrals museums mansions whole streets which had lasted fro centuries were smashed to rubbleNo one who really is a British or English patriot can feel positively about Nazi Germany People like David Irving and Nick Griffin always bang on about the tears they shed fro the bombing of Dresden but are indifferent to the German bombing of Brtain

  3. Lobstergirl Lobstergirl says:

    Gordon Craig called this the best study we have of the German side of the Second World War When? Maybe other scholarship has surpassed it But Richard J Evans finds it highly flawed uoting directly from Ian Buruma's New Yorker article 4162001 He shows how Irving hid some of the worst statements about the Jews in footnotes or mistranslated the German to make them sound almost innocuous Facts were invented such as fifty thousand Jews having fought in the Warsaw Ghetto UprisingAnd historical documents were edited to distort the facts Irving uoted Goebbels' diary of March 1942 as evidence that Hitler was kept in the dark about the killings in Auschwitz and Treblinka According to Irving Goebbels wrote about the extermination program on March 27th but evidently held his tongue when he met Hitler two days later In fact as Evans shows Goebbels did not meet Hitler two days later but did mention on March 27th that the Fuhrer is the persistent pioneer and spokesman of a radical solution Irving had conveniently left this passage outLibrary does not have this

  4. Danne Danne says:

    A totally uniue book theres noone else like this one chronicles ww2 via mostly documents from the archives many just recently found and its also uniue in its way its written it simply states what the author finds in the archives objectively and succinct in my opinion as all historians should do

  5. Claire Paravel Claire Paravel says:

    This is a really good book backed by an amazing amount of research and proof I saw a video where he claimed that when he first submitted it for publication the publisher said great book but we need 8 10 pages about the 6 million Jews who were gassed to death He refused as a historian who basis his work on fact and proof he said there was no proofThe guy has guts if nothing else as THEY have made his life pretty much a living hell

  6. Pieter Pieter says:

    Although the book has 800 pages the book only focuses on the key political and military aspects of Hitler's reign 1933 1945 One actually revives the dilemmas the former chancellor faced along the way It is striking that many of his strategical decisions or opinions not being executed by his generals were right

  7. Hunger Artist Hunger Artist says:

    MrDavid Irving is an outstanding historian and a writer what i love about this man is he never backs down to unearth the truth come what may Hitler's war is a must read for everyone who think Hitler was the only War monger who dragged Europe into World War 2 while no one blame it on Winston Churchill

  8. Kelly Korby Kelly Korby says:

    A great history of the war Germany was fighting during WWII Not based as much on Hitler as the study of the actual war aspects Definitely balanced than other histories and biographies Well documented and footnoted also Highly recommended reading

  9. John John says:

    I don't care what anyone has to saynegative that is about this book This is a must read if u want to know what happened inside the 3rd Reich The research again unparalleled

  10. Nainika Cécilia Nainika Cécilia says:

    There are those who believe what they have been told There are those who go with the flow There are those who contemplate And then there are those who like to uestion and reason The early 20th century witnessed the rise of the Nazi regime which proliferated throughout the 20's and 30's until it wreaked havoc on the world wiping away a major chunk of the human race and heritage The Nazi ideologies were so widespread that it intimidated half the world about the conseuences if it was left unchecked and would come to powerRead on

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Hitler's War [Download] ➹ Hitler's War By David Irving – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Using information gleaned from German military records and archives as well as from the unpublished diaries notes and correspondence of the Reich's top ministers noted historian David Irving explores Using information gleaned from German military records and archives as well as from the unpublished diaries notes and correspondence of the Reich's top ministers noted historian David Irving explores the strategies objectives and execution of Hitler's War from the breathtaking and often surprising perspective of Adolf Hitler himself This shocking controversial best seller stunned the European continent with its startling revelations about Germany's ultimate dictator It is uniue among biographies in its method of describing an event WWII as through the eyes of one of the dictators himself What Hitler did not order or did not learn does not figure in this book explains the author The narrative of events unfolds in the precise seuence that Hitler himself became involved in them For instance the first that the reader knows of a plot against Hitler's life is when Count von Stauffenberg's bomb explodes beneath the table at the Fuehrer's headuarters It is an unusual techniue but it works The book sold copies in its first UK hardback edition and it was often reprinted Macmillan Ltd and translated It became an approved reference work at West Point and Sandhurst and it figures prominently in university libraries around the world because it uotes documents that other historians have failed to find In Focal Point an imprint founded in published a new Deluxe edition updated and including The War Path the narrative of Hitler's prewar years Mr Irving's other publications had by then come under a systematic campaign of attack In July on the day after he returned from Moscow bringing the unpublished Goebbels diaries from the former Soviet archives Macmillan's capitulated and secretly ordered all stocks of his books burned Libraries came under pressure to pull his books from their shelves Italian French Spanish and Scandinavian publishers were prevailed upon not to release their editions of the book The Focal Point edition incorporated all the latest archival finds including the diaries of Hermann Goering and Hitler's notorious doctor Morell and for the first time dramatic color photographs taken by Hitler's cameraman Walter Frentz This new edition is further updated with evidence including the long lost Gestapo interrogations of Rudolf Hess's staff now in private hands and signals intercepted by British codebreakers HB beautifully and extensively illustrated pages.

  • Hardcover
  • 1032 pages
  • Hitler's War
  • David Irving
  • English
  • 10 February 2016
  • 9781872197104

About the Author: David Irving

David Irving is a British historian who is accused of trivializing the holocaust His books are mostly about the second world war and the Third Reich including topics like Josef Goebbels Winston Churchill and the bombings of Dresden In Irving filed a libel lawsuit against Penguin books and lost the judge finding Irving guilty of deliberate and gross distortions of history This lawsuit re.