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Det fördolda ❮Ebook❯ ➠ Det fördolda Author Michael Hjorth – Sixteen year old Roger has vanished Days pass and Västerås Police do nothing blaming his disappearance on teenage antics Then Roger's pale mutilated body is found floating in a shallow pond his hear Sixteen year old Roger has vanished Days pass and Västerås Police do nothing blaming his disappearance on teenage antics Then Roger's pale mutilated body is found floating in a shallow pond his heart missing and the experts descend They need Sebastian Bergman Top criminal profiler and angry self destructive mess Bergman is no stranger to secrets Desperate for access to police files he plays along until the brittle web of lies and deception seizes his full attention But Roger had his own secrets dark secrets that are tearing apart the very fabric under which they all survive.

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  1. Robin Robin says:

    This book is called Sebastian Bergman for a good reason The Swedish psychologist and police profiler that we became acuainted with on BBC4 a few months ago dominates this novel completely He’s rude self important cruel clever but knows it disloyal sex obsessed and clearly not a great friend to have He is also a fantastic creation by the two authors who make up Michael Hjorth Hans RosenfeldtThe Swedish TV series was based on this novel so this is not some cheesy TV spin off If anything the book is textured and satisfying than the TV drama though actor Rolf Lassgård lingers in the reader’s mind if the series has been seenThere is something hugely entertaining about watching someone behave inappropriately time and again with complete disregard for others and their conventions Sebastian sleeps with witnesses is disloyal to the senior detective Torkel who takes a risk in offering Bergman a job is mortifyingly rude to anyone he looks down on or dislikes and he torments the highly competent female detectives on Torkel’s team Vanja and Ursula who can’t stand himWhat’s his problem? Where to start? He has or course lost his wife and young daughter in the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami a loss that ruined his career and sent him into alcoholic decline But his rage against life started before that in rebellion against his middle class parents whom he has not seen for decades and have now died his mother’s recent death bringing him back to his hometown of Vasteras However cold they were toward him we wonder whether his loathing of them and his lifetime of bad behaviour are entirely justified While sifting through the ‘crap’ in her house he finds letters revealing that he may unknowingly have fathered a child 30 years before Should he look up the mother and child? Is this a second chance for Sebastian to find some meaning and belonging to his life?Oh and somebody has been murdered A teenager has been subjected to a brutal knife attack and his body dumped in water in a forest Washed up Sebastian blags his way onto the investigation to access the police computer and find the woman he can no longer recall but who may be his child’s mother As the gripping case unfolds Sebastian warms to Vanja and finds himself taking work seriously againThis is an engrossing novel a fine mystery but one dominated by convincing believable characters The theme permeating the whole story is the pain and joy and importance of parent child bonds highlighted for instance by the victim Roger who has rejected his dowdy mother who in turn is numb with grief at his killing while senior detective Hanser continues to live with the loss of her 14 year old son on a rail crossing though her marriage didn’t survive it This is in contrast with Vanja who loves her father and Torkel who has a happy relationship with his daughter while the comic copper Haraldson is expected by his wife to perform sexually round the clock so that they might start a family All of which is overshadowed by Sebastian’s rupture with his parents and short lived salvation with his wife and childSebastian Bergman is one of those rare novels that you’re sad to finish full of intrigue darkness humour tenderness and a total shit of a hero

  2. Mark Mark says:

    Dark Secrets is the first installment in the ‘Sebastian Bergman chronicles’ a series of books centred around a Swedish criminal psychologist The authors Hjorth and Rosenfeldt have created a character who I didn’t find particularly likeable however I found myself identifying with so many aspects of his nature and way of being I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing the authors have crafted Sebastian to be representational of aspects of humanity that we don’t always discuss or give rise to He’s emotionally bereft doesn’t care what others think of him a loner who won’t let anyone in to his inner space seeks sexual conuests like an addiction and harbours deep unresolved grief I love all this about him and see aspects of what these characteristics represent in myself This excerpt resonated with me“He had been able to touch the possibility of a different life This was both frightening and tempting at the same time There was something safe and secure about the life he had known for so long However negative it might be there was a comfort in the routine It was an affiliation which he had somehow chosen himself and which appealed to his innnermost being” p383So aside from my own psychological confrontations this book is a fantastic read with a plot that builds in a logical and way maintaining reader interest I find that some of the themes of the book are similar to some other scandi noir books that I have read however this is sufficiently different The authors masterfully build suspense and mete multiple layered endings that are extremely satisfying and the clincher on the last page was uite a jaw dropping moment Looking forward to the rest of these chronicles and going on a journey with Sebastian

  3. Bettie Bettie says:

    Det Fördolda Translation by Marlaine DelargyOpeningThe man was not a murdererHe repeated this to himsef as he dragged the dead boy down the slope I am not a murdereraka 'Dark Secrets' in USeye scorcherExcellent start to the series and am looking forward to track down The Disciple which apparently was released in English this year

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  6. Gisela Hafezparast Gisela Hafezparast says:

    Probably of a 35 rather than a four although the book definitely grew on me and got better once the writer who had worked on adaptations of Mankell and other Scandi films left the references to the great Scandi writers behind him and got into his own story Where was his editor there or did they put it in to up the sales Personally I find it interesting The crime story is very interesting and keeps you guessing for uite a while although I guessed 23th through the book but did not know the hows and whys But what makes the book are the characters of the team especially Sebastian Bergman who is a psychologist who attaches himself to the team for totally selfish reasons He is totally and utterly unlikely selfish and most likely as sociopath which in my long long history of crime reading is a first for me He has a softer side but uite frankly it doesn't make up for his totally despicable nature He is not the only unlikeable member of the team however and the book which is the first in a series introduces you to their team structure and motivations expertly At the end of the book you definitely want to know about them No fear there are some likable and interesting team members as well On the whole Swedish policing in the 21st century Will definitely read from this author

  7. Sara Sara says:

    actual rating 455 starsThis book was a good surprise to me I didn't have any expectations because I've never heard about this series before and I didn't know the authors But I really enjoyed itI really liked the characters I didn’t find a special connection with any of them but I liked them In the beginning I didn’t like Sebastian that much but I started to kinda like him later in the book He’s a good professionalAs the story progressed a new thing happened in each chapter which made me “devour” the book When we think the investigation is getting to a conclusion and that they finally found the killer the story “slaps” us in the face and the investigation takes another way The ending was just wow I wasn’t expecting that person to be his sondaughter I didn’t find the book predictable and I wasn’t expecting the killer to be that person I thought it would be a completely different personI really liked this book and I can’t wait to read the second one in the series I recommend it to everyone that likes a good swedish crime novel Also am I the only one who always skips the names of the cities in Swedish books because their so hard to read? Let me know in the comments I’m curious

  8. Jenni Jenni says:

    I read this in basically one day just couldn't put it down It's your typical who did it crime story and then again it really isn't A 16 year old boy goes missing and is found dead and things start to unravel after that What makes this book stand out from others in the genre are the characters There are a lot of them and they all have their little secrets and uirks which is why reading this was so intriguing You could always discover something new The story flows really well and the reader is given clues about what happens next and who might have been the murderer and a few pages later it's all changed again I'd definitely recommend this to everyone who's into crime novels because this is easily one of the better ones I've read lately

  9. Rita Costa (Lusitania Geek) Rita Costa (Lusitania Geek) says:

    Really good serie to start i mean i always love nordic crime fiction but knowing this was a serie i was being curious to try out this new authors and I heard many people saying good reviews about this novel I do read it and turns out I really like it isn’t 5 stars but almost there There where just 1 or 2 chapters that annoyed me due to was too much unnecessary details about the investigation I mean if you live nordic crime novels and well written there you go some to reador at least reading this one for now 4 ⭐️

  10. Nick Davies Nick Davies says:

    For all the fact this was a solidly written and readable Nordic crime thriller it did slightly leave me struggling to get through it Plusses included the above average uality of translation rendering the prose impressive and beautiful well judged and evocative as opposed to some of the simplified and blunted sense I have been left with from other translated Scandinavian crime novels and a pretty decent intriguing and believable plot However the central character was so tediously misogynistic with the excuse of being a troubled genius it put me off made the book easy to put down and me not that keen to read others in the series There are other authors in the genre I think I will enjoy

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