Sticking With Your Teen eBook Î Sticking With PDF \

  • Paperback
  • 137 pages
  • Sticking With Your Teen
  • Joe White
  • English
  • 21 August 2015
  • 9781589973152

8 thoughts on “Sticking With Your Teen

  1. Laura Laura says:

    This compact little book is filled with advice and techniue to talk to and get to know your teen Whether you've let your relationship slide over the past couple of months or you haven't been talking for years this book offers a way to help bridge the gap I thought this was a relevant message that a lot of parents need to hear but don't get around to listening too because they think that it is solely the teen's fault or they are just to busy to listen This book is written as a tool to help parents better understand and appreciate their teen and open up the channels of communication I'd recommend this book it had sound advice uotes from frustrated teens and their parents and was filled with godly principlesTaken from my book reviews blog

  2. Vaughn Bender Vaughn Bender says:

    This was uite a book He takes you on a self analysis of your life and where you are at Some of it was harsh in a good way very constructive Then he gets you to analysis your relationship to your teens and then build hope and ideas practical ideas that are real at least real to me and I believe are building blocks to create a healthy bridge back to your teens This he reinforces over and over again how important God is in the euation of rebuilding or reinforcing the need for HIM to be in it foreverGreat book will probably re read it again not to far in the future

  3. April April says:

    I enjoyed this book From a Christian standpoint it's everything we should be doing as parents that the bible tells us It's relying on Godand guiding our children not changing them So many of these things I already knew but it was nice to read the experiences of someone else to knoweven good parents make mistakesand even good kids mis behave uick read good advice nice biblical background

  4. Dora Traynor-Coberly Dora Traynor-Coberly says:

    I have read this book twice and each time have found nuggets of great advice Although this book book is for parents in deep trouble with their teens it has great Godly advice for those parents who have good relationships with their teenagers

  5. Kim Wagner Kim Wagner says:

    Excellent advice Reading it for the fifth time

  6. MD MD says:

    No Just no

  7. C.G. C.G. says:

    I'm giving this five stars mostly because it was perfect for the time that I'm reading this Even if it's not earth shattering and it probably isn't it's still a solid four star book and a good reminder to let go to listen to never give up and to seek God's control of the situation with your teen If anything it made me feel like I'm not alone and what we're dealing with isn't uniueor even as bad as it has felt It could be worse

  8. Laurel Hibbard Laurel Hibbard says:

    You can’t change someone else especially a teenager who’s fighting himself and the world to become his own person The only one you can change is yourself Teens need parents who have moved from governor to mentor from commander to coach from dictator to guide Are you a reactive parent or a responsive one Instead we praise God not for the chaos but in the middle of it“Do you want me to give suggestions or help Or do you just want me to listen”

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Sticking With Your Teen[PDF] ✑ Sticking With Your Teen ✓ Joe White – Is there a chasm growing between you and your teen Whether your adolescent is a major prodigal or a minor problem don't give up Your relationship is everything and it's never too late to start mending Is there a chasm growing between you and your teen Whether your adolescent is a major prodigal or a minor problem don't give up Your relationship is everything and it's never too late to start mending it In Sticking With Your Teen you'll take an Sticking With PDF \ honest look at the way you parent You'll discover creative schedule friendly ways to get closer to your son or daughter You'll see why teens turn distant and defiant and receive the encouragement and hope every parent needs to draw closer to his or her adolescent.