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  1. Matt Matt says:

    After excitedly beginning the Joseph Antonelli series I have come back for DW Buffa and the nuanced legal thrillers he pens After deciding to take a hiatus from the legal world and isolating himself from others Joseph Antonelli is called to come to the courthouse for a meeting A murder suspect has come forward to reveal that he was contracted by one of the assistant district attorneys to commit a murder for hire While the story does not seem plausible that the ADA would have his own wife killed the current DA wants everything done above board and appoints Antonelli as special prosecutor Thinking that there is likely nothing to the case Antonelli begins work on the other side of the legal table where he uncovers some interesting evidence that might tell another story Pushing ahead Antonelli works to convince a jury of twelve that this lawyer used his power to negotiate a sentence reduction to have his wife killed paving the way for a new and salacious love affair However Antonelli will need than luck as the burden of proof rests solely with him to find justice the a victim who was but a pawn in a larger game If that were not enough Antonelli must keep his defence skills sharp when a friend calls on him for a serious criminal matter as well Well paced and compelling Buffa pulls the reader into the middle of two intense crimes with the courtroom as a stage on which Antonelli can present his skills effectively Recommended to those who love legal thrillers that reuire some definite mental acrobaticsWhile I have read a few political novels by DW Buffa I am eager to have started the legal thrillers which focus much on the courtroom and the nuances of the law Joseph Antonelli has uite the personality even two novels in testing the boundaries of all aspects of his life While the reader spent much of the first novel learning Antonelli’s backstory this piece explores much of his legal thinking as he sit on the opposite side of the courtroom Antonelli spends some of his time remembering the legal hurdles that saw him put the law in his rear view mirror as well as how his mentor died suddenly The reader is able to see Antonelli in all his glory as he pushes the limits of the law to see a murderer put away while defending another in a single novel Others who have returned to the series play interesting roles some reprising the same ones they had before while others take of a centre stage in this piece There are surely some issues that are left dangling which Buffa will have to address in forthcoming pieces though I do like the pace things are taking The legal writing is strong and the courtroom narrative is some of the best I have come across pulling me into the centre of the case and making me feel as though I am in the middle of the action Buffa works hard to paint an effective picture of the crimes at hand while also personalising all the characters who grace the pages of his novel If I had one critiue it would be that Buffa seems keen on introducing two major cases into a single book—or three as in the series debut—which lessens the impact of the overall reading experience I cannot wait to get my hands on the third novel in the series which is sure to provide much entertainment Kudos Mr Buffa for keeping this series sharp and intriguing I am eager where you will take Joseph Antonelli in the futureLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  2. Joanne Preisser Joanne Preisser says:

    Never read this author back in the 90's when the market was saturated with legal thrillers It was entertaining but I think the author tried to cram too many plot threads into one book The main character tries two murder cases back to back in the book The author should have just stuck with the first case and maybe expanded on it a bit The second murder came out of left field and really didn't seem to have to do anything with the main case The author expresses some cynicism about the legal profession which I can appreciate but he goes too far in basically painting the judicial system and the district attorney's office as corrupt and criminal I didn't realize this was the second in a series but I don't think it mattered

  3. Linda Linda says:

    Another page turner As with The Defense I had my mind on the book and getting back to reading it all day Buffa knows the truth about the workings of the system As a former criminal defense attorney much of what he describes as to what is going on in his head during trial and other times is a fair representation of the internal struggles and decision making one must make

  4. Brian O& Brian O& says:

    Good characters good story telling but why the first case? Had nothing to do with anything

  5. Shelli Shelli says:

    This book still leaves me slightly uncertain about what really happened and I'm not sure if that's unsettling or really cool I like this whole Joseph Antonelli series because Antonelli isn't a perfect protagonist; instead he has a whole slew of personal failings that at first make you dislike him but after you get to know him you realize that he is a product of the legal system and that is really the whole point A lawyer's job is to win cases This lawyer is as much a shark as any of them but he has intermittent pangs of remorse or could it be? regret about things he has to doThe Prosecution is the second book in the series where Antonelli a defense criminal defense lawyer has to play a prosecutor in a case that he only takes as a favor to a friend There are several strange plot twists that continually turn the tables and make yet another person seem the most reprehensible party until you really are unsure who to point the finger atAll the books I've read so far by Buffa raise serious uestions about our legal system and how easily justice can be diverted or manipulated Obviously these are works of fiction but its not too hard to see how similar circumstances play out every day in real life After all the word is that Buffa became an author because he was so disgusted by being an attorney I don't know if that is truth or lore but if it were true it would explain why his protagonist second guesses and challenges his own actions both bemoaning and celebrating cases he wins but shouldn't have

  6. Wes Derby Wes Derby says:

    In this follow up to The Defense Joseph Anttonelli returns to the courtroom this time as a special prosecutor I actually read this one twice; the first time it was the only DW Buffa book we had in the NLS collection and I had no idea it was part of a series Sidenote for my fellow blind readers The rest of the series is available o audio; this book is only available in brailleAfter leaving the practice of law at the end of The Defense Joseph Antonelli has retreated to the home left to him upon the death of his friend Judge Leopold Rifkin Feeling as though he shouldn't practicce law anymorre he has becomee isolated living with his books and not much else A friend finally convinces him to come out of retirement when it is learned that an assistant DA may have hirred a hit man tto kill his wife so he can be with the other DA he truly lovves; and now that hit man who has been busted for other crimes is rready to talk Now on the other side of the council table Antonelli prosecutes the case While this is going on the wife of one of his best friends is accused of murder but did she do it or did her husband? It's also up to Antonelli to prove her innocence Will he win? You decideAnother page turner by Buffa; worth reading

  7. Eric_W Eric_W says:

    Joseph Antonelli is coaxed out of retirement by a judge an old friend who has learned of a charge against the current chief deputy DA that he had had his wife killed The confessed killer offered the testimony that he had been hired to kill her in return for a reduced sentenceWe'll forget details of the plot or should I say plots since there are really two distinct story lines tied together only by Antonelli's friendship with the judge As is usual in books like this each story has a little twist at the end that serves to expand our understanding of Antonelli's character as he plays both sides of the fence in this oneBuffa really knows how to write courtroom dialog Those sections are very hard to put down Antonelli's ruminations might prove distracting for those who wish a linear story that moves without pause but I find it's always nice to stop a while and smell the roses

  8. Katherine Clark Katherine Clark says:

    This was another disappointment I actually enjoyed the first third of the book It is a legal thriller and I found it uite satisfying enough pillorying of the rich to make me happy But Buffa wove together to separate trials and this felt so forced and so abrupt too little time was spent on each He also didn't make the protagonist very likable or interesting and none of the characters really stood out except for one person who was brought down Unfortunate I won't be reading any other books by this author

  9. J J says:

    MAY CONTAIN SPOILERSKnock out mystery with interesting emotional entanglements for the protagonist defense Joseph AntonelliHe learns way after the fact that his able representation of a past client who's found not guilty at trial for serious crimes he did commit causes conseuences for others including way down the line for Antonelli himselfThis is the 1st in the Antonelli series I read it second after The Defense but it is my Buffa favorite

  10. Marcia Marcia says:

    Duffa is in the same category with GrishamThis courtroom drama has so many twists and unexpected turns just when you think you have something figured out there is a new twist and turn in the story This keeps happening until almost the end of the book I loved this courtroom drama and so glad it was written without much foul foul language

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The Prosecution [BOOKS] ⚡ The Prosecution By D.W. Buffa – Superstar defense attorney Joseph Antonelli comes out of retirement not to defend but to prosecute his job will be to send a deputy district attorney to death row for a murder for hire But in a torrid Superstar defense attorney Joseph Antonelli comes out of retirement not to defend but to prosecute his job will be to send a deputy district attorney to death row for a murder for hire But in a torrid case of violence adultery and betrayal lies compound lies and finally one murder leads to another Suddenly Antonelli knows in this case the wheels of justice are warped by money and power.

  • Mass Market Paperback
  • 336 pages
  • The Prosecution
  • D.W. Buffa
  • English
  • 02 September 2016
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About the Author: D.W. Buffa

DW Buffa full name Dudley W Buffa was born in San Francisco and raised in the Bay Area After graduation from Michigan State University he studied under Leo Strauss Joseph Cropsey and Hans J Morgenthau at the University of Chicago where he earned both an MA and a Ph D in political science He received his JD degree from Wayne State University in Detroit Buffa was a criminal defense.