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The Defense ☃ [PDF / Epub] ☂ The Defense By D.W. Buffa ✑ – Dynamite defense attorney Joseph Antonelli has never lost a case or felt the sting of conscience for letting the guilty go free I can deceive anyone he says and no one uickly or completely than myself Dynamite defense attorney Joseph Antonelli has never lost a case or felt the sting of conscience for letting the guilty go free I can deceive anyone he says and no one uickly or completely than myself Now the man he most admires the honorable Judge Rifkin has asked him a favor Defend a drug dealer accused of raping his twelve year old stepdaughter Yet Antonelli's acceptance of the case sets in motion an explosive chain of corruption betrayal and murder that will leave no one unscathed.

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  1. Matt Matt says:

    After reading a few of his recent novels I chose to go back into the earlier collections of DW Buffa Always a fan of legal thrillers I knew this series would pull me in uickly Joseph Antonelli is uite the defence lawyer citing that he has never lost a case he ought to have won and was victorious many times when he should have been on the losing side This cocky attitude served him well when he began practicing in Portland Oregon but also painted uite the target on his back When he is approached by a judge to represent a difficult client Antonelli leaps at the opportunity to serve as a cog in the wheel of justice His client Johnny Morel is accused of raping his step daughter though he denies it vehemently Antonelli must work his magic in order to ensure justice is met even if he may not trust that his client speaks the truth As they prepare for trial Antonelli engages with his client and prepares him for what is to come no matter how ugly things could get In a trial that pits the word of a man against that of a pre teen the jury must determine where they see the truth as Antonelli puts on a great display in the courtroom Armed with the testimony of Morel’s wife—against her own daughter—Antonelli finds his own form of justice However this is not the end of the matter Five years later Morel is gunned down in cold blood seemingly by the woman who sought to help exonerate him adding uestions to the truth that came out in court In a thrilling tale of courtroom drama and personal vendetta Antonelli must decide where he stands and how Lady Justice will be seduced by those who use her for their own means A wonderful introduction to this series by Buffa exploring justice in all its forms and spinning things effectively until the final sentence Recommended to those who love a well developed legal thriller with depth and a bite throughoutWhile I have read two books by DW Buffa that pertain specifically to the American political situation this exploration of its legal system was just as interesting and uite telling In this series debut Buffa seeks to put the law and justice on trial in the court of public opinion examining how well they work and whether the system can come together effectively to serve those who need it most Joseph Antonelli proves to be an interesting character though his personal life is in shambles Accused of treating his relationships like his cases—always plotting the next one before the current one has come to an end—he seeks a spark without giving much He is acutely aware of the law and how things work bending aspects to ensure they work for him when needed However he is not without a soul never able to cheat the system for a client I am eager to see how he develops throughout this series which is sure to have many revelations Others in the book help to enrich the narrative to the point that I am eager to see how many return for the second novel Legal minds personal friends and curious individuals who help propel the story forward are all part of Buffa’s larger plan and keep the reader hooked to the plot With this deeper and rooted legal thriller the reader should expect some mental challenges moving forward rather than something whimsical and uick to digest This opening novel chose not to focus on a central case but rather laid the groundwork for Antonelli’s defence work in general This could prove a hurdle for some readers who enjoy the lineal nature of a legal or courtroom thriller but I suspect it was Buffa’s way to create a foundation for the series I cannot wait to see what else this series has to offer and how Antonelli will develop throughoutKudos Mr Buffa for yet another novel that has me thinking I am eager to see what twists you have for us in the novels that followLikehate the review? An ever growing collection of others appears at Book for All Seasons a different sort of Book Challenge

  2. Victoria Victoria says:

    It's a legal thriller Very much in the same style of John Grisham This is the first book by D W Buffa an Oregon defense attorney turned author It reads so well for a first novel that I'm thinking Buffa is going to be around for uite a whileThe best part of this book is the main character Joe Antonelli who is a defense attorney One thing that separates him from most other defense attorneys however is the fact that he's never lost a case and he's proud of passing this information on to anyone interested I usually find this lack of humility in characters to be less than endearing but for some reason I think it adds to Antonelli's overall makeup it suits him As is usual with most legal thrillers there are enough twists and turns to give you a stiff neck This case involves a less than desirable subject matter as Joe defends Johnny Morel who is accused of raping his 12 year old stepdaughter He has agreed to represent Morel at the reuest of his mentor Judge Leopold Rifkin The events surrounding this case will cause disastrous ramifications years down the road for all involved The saying what goes around comes around is definitely evidenced in the end of the book Unfortunately some innocent people will be hurt and an attorney will be left disenchantedthough it's temporary lasting until his next unwinnable case that he takes which I can only presume is the basis for his next book Overall I liked Antonelli and will most likely read from this author

  3. Wes Derby Wes Derby says:

    This book the first in the Joseph Antonelli series starts out uite slowly However once you get past the first couple of chapters the pace picks up to a point where you truly can't put it down Having listened to the book as an audio recording I especially found this to be the caseJoseph Antonelli the main character and narrator is a Portland defense attorney who does't lose Unfortunately in the case that leads off this story he should'vve lost However as we all know in the world of fiction if he had lost the rest of the story never would've come togetherThe story starts with his longtime friend Judge Leopold Rifkin asking him to take the case of a loser stepdad being accused of molesting his stepdaughter It's pretty obvious to the reader that the stepdad's guilty as sin It's likely obvious to Antonelli and Rifkin as well but everyone gets an attorney right? This scumbag just happened to get the bestFast forward some years later to a couple of murders the judge accused and Antonelli having to do some of the best and most uestionable work of his life to prove his friend innocent of one charge of homicideI initially picked the book up due to its northwest setting Being an Oregon native that's what sparked my interest when I was cataloging the book at work I decided to give it a listen and have listened to the rest of the series At the time of this review I'm currently finishing up the final book in the seriesIf you like legal thrillers in the vain of John Grisham Scott Turow or Steve Martini these books will satisfy you nicely

  4. Conrad Haas Conrad Haas says:

    Like the other Buffa books the story line was very good and the courtroom scenes were very descriptive Buffa does a nice job of explaining the law as a part of the narration of the characters in the story and that made everything interesting

  5. G.James Hamilton G.James Hamilton says:

    What makes the reading tough for me is Antonelli's crisis of conscience on the uestion of 'is it right that he gets this psychopath off scot free?' Since he's in America operating within one of the worst legal systems in the world the adversarial he's obliged to trash his conscience or uit the profession Sadly American lawyers adapt their conscience to a clapped out system and accept money as their reward for the damage that does to the soul A third choice would be to militate to change the system as Evan Whitton did in Australia in his book 'Our Corrupt Legal System I think I got the central idea that the novel hung on All good stories have one The author alluded to another one which I found interesting why is the American legal system such a corrupt clapped out self serving entity and why is it so impossible to do anything about it? It took a dictator in Europe to get rid of the inherited British racket of justice that polluted France Napoleon's system is enjoyed by a civilized Europe today It seeks the truth not the enrichment of exploiters with law degrees Here's Whitton's take on Napolean's improvements to the Inuisitorial system He compares it to the racket or adversarial system of the UK US and most British Empire countries A comparison A The French system Trained judges control the process They use a series of filters to protect the innocent; do not conceal evidence; and do not let lawyers use sophistry to pollute the truth Witnesses give evidence as a narrative The common sense of ordinary people is valued jurors sit on the bench with judges and can outvote them Suspects must answer uestions Most hearings take a day or so About 95% of accused are convicted Reasons are given for verdicts B The adversarial racket Lawyers control the process They can use sophistry to confuse witnesses and jurors and can prolong trials unnecessarily for weeks or months confirming Professor Fred Rodell's claim that 9944% of lawyers don’t know the legal trade is a racket In it suspects can refuse to answer uestions Judges conceal evidence on the ground that jurors are stupid It gets sillier; judges sitting without a jury have to conceal evidence from themselves which is uite a trick and implies that judges are stupid No argument there As noted about 50% of accused – about 75% in rape cases – get off Jurors do not give reasons What might have been If Admiral Villeneuve had followed Napoleon’s instructions in October 1805 and sailed north instead of south England and its former colonies would probably use the inuisitorial system The racket persists because lawyers after 6½ centuries are still the “dominant influence” in English speaking legislatures In the US today lawyers are 02% of the population and 60% of the Senate Hence the Tammany Hall saying “More lawyers live on politics than flies on a dead camel” end of Whitton uoteThe real significance of this devotion to the adversarial racket is that like Britain the US can never become great as long as it maintains the racket system It's fate is that of a crippled leper dogged by impotence to defend the common good; to seek the truth above all else I'll conclude with a uote from Socrates addressing one of the rulers of ancient Athens It's highly appropriateOh my friend why do you who are a citizen of the great city of Athens care so much about laying up wealth honour and reputation and so little about wisdom and truth and improvement of the soul? Are you not ashamed?I'm French not American so I have no need to be ashamed on this score

  6. Maddy Maddy says:

    PROTAGONIST Joseph Antonelli defense attorneySETTING Portland OregonSERIES #1RATING 375WHY Defense attorney Joseph Antonelli strongly believes that it is his job to get an acuittal for his clients regardless of their guilt or innocence or how reprehensible their crime may be He rarely loses a case When his mentor Judge Leonard Rifkin asks him to take on a con man named Johnny Morel who has been accused of raping his daughter Antonelli readily agrees and does his usual magic However there are many repercussions which he couldn't possibly see The book spans several years and other trials with Morel allegedly murdered by his eually duplicitious wife The book dragged until the point when Antonelli takes on the defense of his mentor Rifkin Rifkin was a thoroughly admirable character but I could have done without Rifkin's various lectures I ended up liking the book much than I expected to There are many uestions posed to which there are no easy answers and Buffa did a good job of keeping the reader guessing

  7. Rev Pam Rev Pam says:

    Deeper and DeeperDefense attorney Joseph Antonelli is great at what he does uestioning investigating planning writing and practicing until all the pieces fall into place perfectly and the jury says not guilty But what if that's the wrong answer? What happens to the victim? What befalls the guilty? What becomes of the brilliant charming attorney? Relentless driving storytelling Irresistible characters Magnificent book

  8. Penny Penny says:

    What a great debut novel This was my first Buffa novel I picked it up in a free bookshelf in a hotel I was staying in and was hooked from the first page I definitely will be reading by D WKudos D W kudos

  9. Michael Adamchuk Michael Adamchuk says:

    Defense attorney Joseph Antonelli is asked to defend a scumbag accused of raping a judge's 12 year old stepdaughter The judge Rifkin is greatly admired by Antonelli His fact finding in defense of the case leads to the discovery of corruption back stabbing and murder

  10. Linda Linda says:

    Best crime and law novel I have read in a very long time As a retired criminal defense attorney I can attest to the author's details of crime and insight to his career and the justice system He's also a retired crim def atty Can't wait to read #2 The Prosecution

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