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The Second Circle: Tools for the Advancing Pagan: Tools for the Advancing Pagan [Download] ➾ The Second Circle: Tools for the Advancing Pagan: Tools for the Advancing Pagan By Venecia Rauls – In the only book of its kind magic for the advanced practitioner who seeks a higher level of learning The Second Circle is the ideal book of advanced study for the growing number of searchers a roadma In the only book of its kind Circle: Tools PDF ´ magic for the advanced practitioner who seeks a higher level of learning The Second Circle is The Second eBook ☆ the ideal book of advanced study for the growing number of searchers a roadmap to a higher level of magical knowledge Far from just Second Circle: Tools eBook ↠ another book of spells or rituals The Second Circle is a comprehensive guide that helps the reader move to the next level of learning Second Circle: Tools for the ePUB ´ about the mysteries by fostering a sense of independence and the ability to think and act for oneself Author Venecia Rauls has distilled than fifteen years of experience into basic areas of study that can help other advancing seekers who are confused about how to proceed Included are chapters on designing personal rituals and making one's own from scratch; a chapter on ethics and magic that takes into account individual standards and the difficulty of making decisions in a complex world and features a holistic approach based on Jungian psychology physics philosophy and literature that urges readers to incorporate magic and spirituality into every aspect of everyday life Practitioners will learn study tips for reading and understanding practicing advanced dreamwork dealing with deities discerning the difference between magic and ritual; and how to move past visualization Complete with exercises and clear instruction for increasing magical powers The Second Circle is an invaluable addition to any pagan's library.

8 thoughts on “The Second Circle: Tools for the Advancing Pagan: Tools for the Advancing Pagan

  1. Edith Edith says:

    Book Riot Read Harder Challenge 2 2016 religionThe entire time I was reading this book I kept referring to the subtitle as Tools for the Advancing Penguin I have GOT to stop confusing Pagans and penguinsThat said this was a good read It was thorough covering many of the subjects someone looking to improve or advance their Pagan spiritual practice would want to study The author did not lapse into a know it all dogmatic tone during the course of the book but it's clear she knows her stuff when it comes to Pagan life and study She covers the route a person would normally take from apprentice witch to journeyman or woman to master of the Craft She recommends directions for further study to those who wish to delve deeper into the background of modern neoPaganism and those who wish to expand their practice further into esoteric knowledgeShe also talks about areas of specialization such as divination invoking deity nature exploration magic ritual and altered states of consciousness and how learning from all these areas of study can enhance one's spiritual practice as well as help one grow and mature as a person which was my primary reason for becoming involved with Paganism in the first place For that reason alone it was helpful to me to read this book as a reminder to get back to basics She also writes coherently about the most powerful responsible and difficult positions in the Pagan community High Priest and High Priestess and Elder I have found that often people in these positions have very little understanding of what their titles actually signify or the responsibilities and work reuired of them Many are called; few are capable

  2. Noah Noah says:

    More focused toward magic users than pagans in general Some issues with suggesting the use of things from closed cultures Kabbalah and Smudging Ignore that advice while you're reading if you are not from the cultures which they are native to and it's a solid resource for a pagan or witch who is ready to go pass the 101 stage

  3. Tahni Tahni says:

    This is a wonderful book that highlights the plethora of ways a pagan who has exhausted 101 learning material can gather knowledge from a wide variety of not exclusively pagan resources It was both enlightening and validating

  4. Hope Hope says:

    The title pretty much sums up the contents of the book It's not a recipe for how to be an advanced Pagan it's a guidebook for how to move from following basics texts and training to growing authentically and organically in Pagan spirituality Much to my delight it actually focuses on doing this as a solitary What it does discuss group work and covens the focus is on the individual Pagan I uite appreciate the exercises at the end of each chapter They're all guidelines for how to grow your own awareness and practice I may well work through some of them myself While I don't agree with everything the author says the fact is you don't have to She's sharing what's she's experiences and what has worked well for her I'm actually tempted to get back into some kind of religiousspiritual practice again

  5. Abraxas Abrasaxtes Abraxas Abrasaxtes says:

    Wiccan books often tend to repeat the same information ad nauseum From my experience 1 in 5 books around and about actually has anything NEW to say granted this is mainly because Wicca in and of itself is experiential and therefore only so much can be said on the subject before you just have to actually DO it and experience your own results and come to your own conclusions But Miss Raul's book really helped to put things in a higher and broader perspective I just wish this author had than just this one book

  6. Hayley Hayley says:

    It makes a nice change to read a pagan book that isn't aimed at beginners and The Second Circle is a very interesting read that makes you look a little deeper at your path My only disappointment that the 'exercises' were very general read books around this topic etc and I would have liked a bit of an active approach to what I was learning

  7. Guin Guin says:

    This is a book on intermediate Pagan practice you don't realize how rare that is until you go looking for it Wonderfully written and containing much good information And I'm not just saying that because the author's a friend of a friend

  8. Cinnimini Cinnimini says:

    Points out some logical things to look into if you are feeling stuck with your spiritual path

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