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Reversible Errors [Ebook] ➣ Reversible Errors By Scott Turow – Buyprobolan50.co.uk The Barnes Noble ReviewThe verdict is in Popular fiction rarely gets any better or involving than Reversible Errors Scott Turow s profoundly satisfying legal thriller which takes on the charged subjec The Barnes Noble ReviewThe verdict is in Popular fiction rarely gets any better or involving than Reversible Errors Scott Turow s profoundly satisfying legal thriller which takes on the charged subject of death penalty litigationSet in Turow's familiar fictional venue of Kindle County Illinois the story concerns a pathetic hard luck career criminal named Rommy Gandolph aka Suirrel Convicted of a particularly vicious triple homicide Rommy is days away from certain execution When a convicted criminal with terminal cancer comes forward with a story that casts doubt on Rommy's guilt it soon becomes clear that than Suirrel's life is at stake On one side of the legal line stand ambitious deputy prosecutor Muriel Wynn and veteran homicide detective Larry Starczek former lovers who were responsible for Rommy's original conviction and whose lives seem seem inextricably connected to this case On the other side stands Arthur Raven Rommy's plodding colorless court appointed defender His work is complicated by an evolving friendship with Gillian Sullivan the disgraced judge who presided over Rommy's initial trial These four figures together with a brilliantly delineated gallery of supporting characters form the human center of a fiercely contested legal battle that will alter the destinies of everyone involved Turow's knack for convoluted plotting ability to find drama in the most minute points of law lively observant prose and flawless sense of character lift him into a league of his own when it comes to legal fiction Reversible Errors a wonderfully resonant title is a account of love and redemption crime and punishment the intricacies of the legal system the high cost of ambition and the primal importance of our most basic human connections Bill Sheehan.

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Scott Turow is the author of ten bestselling works of fiction including IDENTICAL INNOCENT PRESUMED INNOCENT and THE BURDEN OF PROOF and two nonfiction books including ONE L about his experience as a law student His books have been translated into than forty languages sold than thirty million copies worldwide and have been adapted into movies and television projects He has fre.

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  1. Janete Janete says:

    Rommy Suirrel Gandolph is an inmate on death row for a 1991 triple murder in Kindle County Arthur Raven is a corporate lawyer who is Rommy's reluctant court appointed representative Arthur's opponent in the case is Muriel Wynn Kindle County's chief deputy prosecuting attorney Muriel and Larry Starczek the original detective on the case don't want to see Rommy's release And Gillian Sullivan the judge who originally found Rommy guilty is only recently out of prison herself having served time for taking bribesI almost DNF this book I actually didn't care about the 2 couples' private lives Arthur and Gillian; Larry and Muriel I expected action and suspense not couples' problems In addition there are many swearing and unnecessary sex scenes That's why I skimmed the pages a lot Book's conclusion was so boring that I regretted reading this book that's too long 464 pages it should have 110 pages less

  2. Connie Connie says:

    I am not sure how I missed this Turow when it first came out but I am very glad to have found it He is such a master of the legal suspense and you travel right along with his characters through all the legal technicalitieswhich how Arthur Raven gets the case of Suirrel sitting on death row and claiming his innocence Well of course he is innocent isn't he I travelled all the ups and downs with Arthur The thing I enjoyed about this is that I would decide I knew exactly what had happened then 5 pages later be at a total loss as to what happened All those niggling doubts Every character in this story had issuesand most had pretty BIG issues They had been associated with this case and each other many years before and now life had come full circle They had changed looked at life a bit differently perhaps Turow took the reader back in time for several chapters and though I do not usually like this in a fast paced bookit was necessary and did not slow the story The title refers to not only the legal aspects of this book but can be applied to each of the characters as well In the legal system reversible errors can lead to a different outcomeis this true in life If you are looking for violent gritty crime with larger than life beautiful heroes and sadistic villains then this is not the book for you If you are looking for a cast of real and flawed characters as well as a page turning suspense then grab this for your weekend read

  3. Kelly Kelly says:

    This book started off really exciting and then the middle was really slow and I almost just stopped reading it By the end it picked up again and I had already made a pretty big investment by getting so far so I just finished itThis book has some fun little twists and turns in the middle but it doesn't make up for the long drawn out parts One thing that bugged me was the good guys in the book had dark secrets and the bad guys found God and wanted to repent It was a little backwards I get that we all have our problems but the characters in this book were hard to likeThis book also had sex scenes and swearing Not much of a fan

  4. Adrienne Adrienne says:

    Wow Wonderful A non stop read However I must acknowledge that legal genres are my favourite books The book showed in detail the legal forces reuired to remove an innocent man from death row It is all about what you can prove in court The complexity of the American legal system is illustrated Moreover the unrelenting and consistent drives of all the people involved are highlighted prosecutors and defending attorneys; the police; the judges the huge relevance of prior legal judgements and all ancillary personal I realise some reviewers have thought the book was slow going in the middle I disagree the legal convolutions were a necessary part of the story A superb story brilliantly told and with great prose Excellent Scott Turow

  5. Lynn Lynn says:

    Arthur Raven is assigned a case by the federal appellate court A former prosecutor he has been in private practice for several years He has never been a criminal defense attorney and his first client is a death row inmate Romy Gandolph was convicted of a triple homicide and as his execution date draws near he writes a letter to the Court of Appeals proclaiming his innocence which is how Arthur ends up with the case The legal machinations in this case will be familiar to any true crime podcast junkies like myself There are no easy paths to justice even if the offender is innocent Scott Turow illuminates the court system and the roadblocks that prevent uick resolutions even in the face of new evidence There aren't many winners in this process

  6. Richard Richard says:

    Another uneven effort from Turow An interesting premise Let's save an innocent man from death row a few fairly pedestrian twists He did it Wait no he didn't a mostly lackluster investigation and a whole lot of personal dramaI actually cared about Arthur and Gillian's private lives than the case here Arthur's sister too was a character I grew to like and Turow is a good enough writer that I felt fully invested in their eventual fatesBut I had big big problems with the limited shallow characterization of Larry the cop So poorly written and so single mindlessly intent on keeping Gandalph in jail that he seriously almost stopped me from reading With no explicable motivation Is he corrupt Just stupid he ultimately seems to be just an excuse to keep driving the story to it's not very gripping conclusion I found him so unbelievable that it kept me from caring about the not insubstantial side story of him and Muriel

  7. Eddie Owens Eddie Owens says:

    ProsWell written proseInteresting flawed charactersConsAs ever far too long 431 pages should have been 100 pages lessFlitting between timelines becomes annoyingToo much navel gazingToo much legal information Concentrate on the thriller and dial down the legal stuffTired plot Death row inmate in last gasp plea All been done beforeBy the end I didn't care who did it

  8. Margaret Margaret says:

    Although Reversible Errors is about a convicted mentally challenged murderer who is scheduled to be put to death in a few days who claims his innocence and is assigned a court appointed attorney Arthur Raven to appeal; the real story is the relationship of the characters particularly the budding relationship of Arthur and Gillian Sullivan Both Arthur and Gillian are dealing with their own issuesArthur has never been at ease with expressing himself to women he was interested in and Gillian a former judge has just been released from prison As these two form a connection through this case they each start the process of healing and along the way correct a wrong Arthur a corporate lawyer steps outside his comfort level as he takes on this court appointed case The book to me is about healing and the ability to reach inside yourself and do things that you never expected to do

  9. Curtis Edmonds Curtis Edmonds says:

    The world breaks everyone Papa Hemingway said and afterwards many are strong at the broken places True enough if the metaphor is about bones Bones break but bones knit and bones can be stronger for the experience It’s a strong metaphor but it doesn’t cover everything doesn’t include everything that can breakBones break but hearts break too That’s another metaphor of course Hearts don’t break the same way bones break Bones break and shatter and splinter and you go to the doctor and get them set and splinted and they heal and you go on your way Hearts break and no doctor can heal them nothing but time can sweep up the pieces The healing of bones is a natural process; with enough time and care the most horrible injury can be made whole The healing of hearts is a natural process but sometimes even with all the time and care in the world hearts can heal incompletely There can be sharp shards sticking out or pieces missing Some heartbreaks are so serious that you walk around for years with a heart like a bag of broken glass; you rattle when you walk Reversible Errors is marketed as a legal thriller in the same category with amped up murder mysteries about young lawyers in trouble It is nothing of the sort There is a surface resemblance of course but it is not substantive Scott Turow’s novels are not about the mechanisms of the law or the similar but mysterious mechanisms of justice The shadowy pathways of the legal system are subordinated to the murkier pathways of the heart The surface of the book is about that tried and true staple of the legal thriller; the death penalty Reversible Errors is informed by Scott Turow’s own experience as a member of an Illinois panel tasked to investigate ineuities in that state’s system of capital punishment The story takes place though in Turow’s own Kindle County and does not directly address the issues raised in the Illinois system This is not a screed for or against the death penalty which is welcome The crime is horrible; the execution style slaying of a restaurant owner and two customers in the small hours of the Fourth of July 1991 The accused is Romeo “Rommy” “Suirrel” Gandolph who is convicted largely on his own confession Ten years later – the bulk of the story takes place in the summer of 2001 largely to avoid the impact of September 11th on the characters – Gandolph submits a half literate plea for mercy to a federal court claiming that he never killed anyone The court appoints a reluctant litigator to Gandolph’s defense – which is hampered substantially by Gandolph’s mental illness and inability to help his attorneys The mystery of the case is uickly resolved After a uick flashback running down the facts of the case a dying prisoner steps forward to take credit for the crime Ermo Erdai dying of cancer and languishing in Rudyard prison after an assault conviction claims that he was the killer in the Fourth of July massacre Although his motivation for committing the crime is murky it provides at least a reasonable doubt about Gandolph’s guilt In a normal legal thriller this important information would have been a big surprise not revealed until a slack moment in the plot Turow gives us this information early on cementing Gandolph’s innocence in our minds This is not an accident or carelessness on the part of the author Turow is not especially concerned with how justice is to be done for Rommy Gandolph although his plight is an important backdrop for the plot This is one book by the way that you can judge by its cover; the cover features a man and a woman reaching for each other; the condemned man is a tiny figure in the background The real story is the relationships of the web of characters and how they lose and find love A police detective and an aspiring district attorney conspire to break each other’s hearts in 1991; they are reunited ten years later after years spent in unsatisfactory marriages Gandolph’s lawyer seeks out and woos a difficult former judge in 2001; they manage to find each other despite their own difficult pasts Reversible Errors reminds us of the simple and inescapable truth; hearts don’t always heal whole; you can have splinters and shards sticking out wounding those you come in contact with The challenge for Turow’s characters is to find someone else whose hearts have been shattered in the same way to find love and compassion And most of all forgiveness

  10. Hannah Polley Hannah Polley says:

    I picked this book up at a train station and looking at the back I wasn't sure I was going to enjoy it but I was very pleasantly surprised I uickly got into it and couldn't put it down The book is about Rommy's case who is on death row for a triple murder and it is his final appeal before he is executed Arthur Raven is the defense lawyer that has to check there are no circumstances meaning that Rommy might be innocent and just at this time another prisoner confesses to the murders I thought this might be a bit of a bleeding hearts book but I ended up rooting for Rommy and although I don't think we ever got the real story was convinced of his innocence I just wish that Larry had comeuppance in the book You cannot treat suspects like that And the confession was completely forced Great stuff and I would love to read by this author

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