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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Dogs of War
  • Sheila Keenan
  • English
  • 21 May 2014
  • 9780545128889

10 thoughts on “Dogs of War

  1. Lee G. Lee G. says:

    A book about dogs and their duties in the war What would I have to say to make anyone want to pick this book up? But if you insist This book is about three dogs that served in the war and savedhelped their owners in battle The first dog goes by the name of Boots and she finds wounded soldiers on the battlefield and reports back to the medical team Once they have been alerted to the injured soldier they grab a stretcher and follow Boots to the person They pack him up and bring him back to the trenches for medical support The next warrior is Loki A dogsled trained hound that is used to bring Greenlanders across the dunes of snow Loki and his trainer spotted a plane that had crashed landed As they rush to the wreck they find a pilot that is severely wounded and needs a medic immediately They pack him up on the sled and just as they were arriving back at H he wakes up and starts saying the name of a mystery item that you will have to read to find out what it is Last but definitely not least we have a scout dog that goes by the name of Sheba This hound has saved and been saved by her owner many times She is very key to the last story and it really makes you open your eyes to what war is really like and what it does to people I definitely recommend this book if you have not read it yet These stories take place in WWI WWII and the Vietnam War No dogsanimals die in this novel

  2. Crystal Bandel Crystal Bandel says:

    Dogs of War by Sheila Keenan illustrated by Nathan Fox published 2013Historical fictionGraphic novelGrades 7 10Found via Booklist reviewed by Francisca Goldsmith Dogs of War looks at three dogs who participated in military service during World War I World War II and the Vietnam War as well as the impacts they had on their owners Boots takes place during World War I with a dog who was involved in the famous Christmas truce between the British and German soldiers Loki is a sled dog in Greenland during World War II where he helps his trainer survive being tracked by Nazis The final story Sheba shows how the dog helped troops detect Viet Cong threats and the impact on her trainer after he was sent home without her and is trying to recalibrate to normal life Each of these stories highlights how dogs are helpful to soldiers as comfort and battlefield support and dog lovers will especially enjoy this aspect of the graphic novel The art supports the narratives well with a good attention to the details of body language though action scenes can get a little confusing Reviewer Goldsmith agrees that the art is strong stating Fox's beautiful detailed and deeply colored imagery excels in depicting riveting soldier and dog lives in these varied conflicts and landscapes There are of course instances of violence due to the nature of the book but it treats the subject realistically and is free of language or other concerns

  3. Damon Kimball Damon Kimball says:

    This book was really good this author did really good on drawing the pictures writing the dialogue and even narrating the book with the boxes in the pictures Mrs Morgan if you have already read this or haven't yet it is sad and I give you a warning if you read it but besides that it is a really great book and I definitely will find like this and that I don't know at all

  4. Rokko Kuhtz Rokko Kuhtz says:

    This book has 3 interesting stories about dogs that were in wars I rate to read this book because you know about history It's kind of sad for the dogs I almost cried because they have to survive in the wars When you read it you kind of know about that wars are very sadBut it was very very interesting how they survive and that they travel allot

  5. Jackson Jackson says:

    theme of the book was friendship because the men and there dogs are at war and they are best friends and are always looking out for each other in the war

  6. TristanP. TristanP. says:

    Not bad for a graphic novel The drawings were great Each of the three stories told in this book was great I like how the author would make a connection between the dog and the person in every story I also liked how the author would take his time and split the book into three sections to explain each dog in the book Overall the good was good

  7. Jenny Jenny says:

    Dogs of War is a graphic novel that looks into the lives of 3 service dogs and their trainers Starting with a brief map orientation and time setting each dog and young trainer is introduced and their war situation uickly unfolds in a series of action filled panels that keep pages flippingThis graphic novel seems to be aimed largely at boys between 3rd grade and middle school It could be used with high school students who needed high interest material at a lower reading level or with students learning English While girls might find this graphic novel interesting there is no significant female character in any of the stories

  8. Dario Arganese Dario Arganese says:

    I loved the way the author guided me into a realm of war including hospitality I also love the fact that these three war dogs were not supposed to be close to the veteran but in the end they were best friends I highly recommend this book for anyone in the eighth grade and up

  9. Edward Sullivan Edward Sullivan says:

    Three fictional stories about soldiers and dogs in World War I World War II and Vietnam Fast paced action oriented historical fiction that will appeal to fans of dog stories and history buffs

  10. Kales Kales says:

    I should have known that a book with dogs was going to make me cry I liked the structure and the format of this book I thought the three different wars from three different perspectives through the lens of soldiers with dogs was a great ideaThe art in this was sharp and beautiful It has a diverse range of characters no female soldiers though which I would have liked but given the three wars featured WWI WWII and Vietnam it makes sense Also the last story was a good introduction into PTSD Given that this is a Scholastic book it's for kids and I think it had a nice balance between the harsh realities of war and the effects of it while still showing the comradeship of the soldiers and their dogs It wasn't a true five star for me because it was a little slow at parts which seems weird from a graphic novel that had three short stories within it But I call it as I see it And sometimes I was rushing through the novel to get to the next plot pointOverall it's a great book I am glad I have it and can share it with young graphic novel enthusiastsConclusion keep but might give away to share with another reader

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Dogs of War➶ [Reading] ➸ Dogs of War By Sheila Keenan ➫ – Sheila Keenan's captivating stories paired with Nathan Fox's stunning art bring the heroic military actions of man's best friend to lifeSome war heroes heard wind whistling over a hidden trip wireSome Sheila Keenan's captivating stories paired with Nathan Fox's stunning art bring the heroic military actions of man's best friend to lifeSome war heroes Dogs of ePUB ´ heard wind whistling over a hidden trip wireSome war heroes sniffed out a sniper yards awaySome war heroes stood tall on four legsDOGS OF WAR is a graphic novel that tells the stories of the canine military heroes of World War I World War II and the Vietnam War This collection of three fictional stories was inspired by historic battles and real military practice Each story tells the remarkable adventures of a soldier and his service dog and is rendered with fascinating and beautiful detail bringing to life the faithful dogs who braved bombs barrages and battles to save the lives of countless soldiers Based on the real life roles of military dogs that served as Red Cross rescuers messengers scouts search and rescue teams sentries and mascots Dogs of War captures both the adventure and the devastation brought on by war as well as the celebrations of life and friendship between boys and their dogs.

About the Author: Sheila Keenan

Sheila Keenan earned a Master of Arts degree in English literature from the University of Massachusetts and has continued studies in comparative religion Dogs of ePUB ´ and history She is the author of fiction and nonfiction including The Encyclopedia of Women in the United States which was hailed as “lively and visually exciting” by Booklist and was selected as a Notable Trade Book in the Field o.