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Ein fliehendes Pferd [BOOKS] ✯ Ein fliehendes Pferd By Martin Walser – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Helmut Halm Lehrer an einem renommierten Stuttgarter Gymnasium und seine Frau Sabine verbringen wie seit Jahren schon ihre Ferien am Bodensee Ein Paar in mittleren Jahren ein vielleicht wohltuend erei Helmut Halm Lehrer an einem renommierten Stuttgarter Gymnasium und seine Frau Sabine verbringen wie seit Jahren schon ihre Ferien am Bodensee Ein Paar in mittleren Jahren ein vielleicht wohltuend ereignisloses Leben Man liest wandert schottet sich ab Diese Ferienidylle wird jäh unterbrochen als Klaus Buch ein ehemaliger Mitschüler Halms und dessen junge Frau Helene Hel genannt auftauchen So wenig spektakulär beginnt Martin Walsers wohl immer noch erfolgreichstes Buch Ein fliehendes Pferd Die Novelle von wurde von Ein fliehendes PDF/EPUB or Lesern und Kritikern gleichermaßen begeistert aufgenommen Walser stellt parabelhaft die Biographien beider Männer gegenüber hier der etwas behäbige Kierkegaard lesende Studienrat Halm dort der freie Journalist und Aussteiger Klaus Buch und seine Vorzeigefrau Hel bronzefarben erfrischend junggeblieben Halm ahnt diese uälgeister wird man in diesem Urlaub nicht mehr los Klaus Buch außer sich vor Freude über das unverhoffte Wiedersehen mit seinem alten Studienfreund beginnt die Urlaubsplanung zu übernehmen Walsers Auge für allerfeinste Details im Zwischenmenschlichen seine Fähigkeit scheinbar Banales in große Zusammenhänge zu bringen macht diese Novelle zu einem Jahrhundertwerk Alles bleibt klein und erst dadurch wird es groß Die Schilderung des wachsenden Konfliktes der einstigen Freunde die grelle missionierende Aufdringlichkeit des Klaus Buch auf die Halm nur mit hilfloser Ironie zu reagieren vermag schließlich gerät beinahe noch Halms Ehe ins Wanken da sich Sabine von Buchs zupackender Art angezogen fühlt all dies bringt uns Walser mit einer Wortgewalt herüber die in der Literatur ihresgleichen sucht Lassen wir uns also in einem furiosen Schlusskapitel auf das Segelboot entführen das auf dem sturmdurchtosten Bodensee treibt Der ängstliche Halm und der tollkühne Buch diese im Innern sich doch sehr ähnlichen Männer treten noch einmal zu einem dramatischen Schlußgefecht an das in einer völlig unerwarteten Wendung der Ereignisse zu seinem überraschenden Höhepunkt findet Ravi Unger.

About the Author: Martin Walser

Martin Walser is a German writer He became famous for describing the conflicts his anti heroes have in his novels and stories In he was awarded the Peace Prize of the German Book Trade in Frankfurt He is also the father of authors.

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  1. Elena Sala Elena Sala says:

    RUNAWAY HORSE 1978 is a novella about two former school friends both in their late forties who run into one another while on vacation on Lake Constance Helmut teaches philosophy at a prestigious institution and has two grown children He leads a rather boring and uneventful life alongside his wife Sabine but he is very happy about it Klaus is a journalist He is married to Helene a younger woman He is heathy liberated virile athletic drives sports cars And he looks twenty years younger than Helmut Klaus unlike Helmut remembers every moment of their youth marvelling at the young Helmut and digging out unpleasant memories Helmut seems very uncomfortable but is unable to shake off his friend's intrusive presence Tension builds up in the book between the static pensive Helmut and the ebullient Klaus until a near catastrophe brings the truth to light RUNAWAY HORSE is a fierce critiue of society It reads like a psychological thriller so you can't put it down The dialogues are outrageously funny and unbearably embarrassing at the same time This book was an instant bestseller it sold than a million copies in 40 years Yet it is not easy to find a copy of an English translation Martin Walser who must not be confused with Robert Walser seems to be a controversial writer and has become a persona non grata especially in the US so I guess that must be the reason this book is not receiving the appreciation I feel it deserves It is one of the 100 must read German books according to the DW list

  2. Lina Lina says:

    Helmut is a sexist jerkwaffle who won't do anything and lies about everything Klaus is a friend from his from way back and Helmut hates him Klaus is a sexist jerkwaffle who seeks thrills lies about everything and abuses his wifeThey should both have drownedAlso the prose is deliberately complicated the appropriate term would be geschwurbelt in a very unfun wayBecause no I don't need to read about two ugly old farts talking about sex and stuff Go to a brothel Walser

  3. Sydne Sydne says:

    This book is a great study of human nature A man who is lost in his own lack of self esteem and constantly has to ask his wife if she still loves him Another man who gets reminded of his short falling time after time Not everybody is what they want other people to see in them A lot of pain and cruel honesty on almost every page The only thing I did not like was the freuent sexualisation of almost everything Curious breasts thighs of waves trying to crush Could have done without that

  4. Joerg Joerg says:

    Great a German classic

  5. Jos Jos says:

    For a start Runaway Horse confronts us with the dichotomy between alleged childhood friends Helmut Halm and Klaus Buch meeting by coincidence on vacation after than 20 years The first chose to go with the flow became teacher conforms to societal expectations and leads life mostly in his mind and reading The second is the non conformist the adventurer Always seeking new challenges tasks and relations Boredom is deathThis is the surface Runaway Horse is not a Hesse book There's no yin and yang no plea for any specific lifestyle When boiled down to the essence the two lifes are mostly similar They consist of lies Helmut is happiest when nobody recognizes him for his true self when he can hide behind the conformist mask Klaus doesn't find satisfaction in his life either Behind the facade fear and suppression are lurking The two minor characters their women aren't much different They stay rather flat but their images of supporting housewife respectively unconventional lover are facades as wellThe name giving runaway horse surfaces once as a symbol for the gap between illusion and reality Klaus catches the horse The trick is not to confront it head on as it will shy away Instead approach it from the side Trick it Catch life not by the horns but sneakily from the sideThere's a short moment of truth when Klaus is deemed to be drowned on a sailing trip Helene Klaus' partner lifts the mask and reveals the truth of their life She has given up on her dreams for Klaus pretending to be enjoying what he urges her to do He's shying away from realising the emptiness in his life He's a manic character But the catharsis doesn't happen Klaus reappears the couples part and fall back to their delusional lifesWalser is not one for the uiet tones His characters are exaggerated the scenes are striking Lots of potential for interpretation but also attacks Maybe this is part of what makes Walser a controversial author in Germany Many pupil had to read this book in school Too early best read when you're middle aged and made enough experiences to discover how much reality differs from the images you're confronted with daily

  6. Matthias Hermann Matthias Hermann says:

    One of the best modern German novellas One of the best books to get into Walser's work

  7. Christoph Christoph says:

    I visited my parents this week and sort of ran out of something to read So I decided to read Martin Walser’s Bodensee novella Ein fliehendes Pferd for the #2016ClassicsChallenge The book is about a 40 something bourgeois couple vacationing on Lake Constance and meet a former school mate who's aggressively not bourgeois or so it seemsThe prose is good and there are a few passages of really good observations but overall I wasn't impressed I just didn't care about the characters I'm not that interested in inner workings of a depressed bourgeois misanthrope I've had my fair share of that myself The novella also feels dated in an odd way I would have guessed that it was written 50 not 35 years ago

  8. Neer Neer says:

    An okay read about two classmates meeting after a long timeMore here

  9. Kayman Kayman says:

    could not fulfill my expectations but still wasn't bad though

  10. Asyoulikeit Asyoulikeit says:

    he writes a bit clumsily about interesting subjects

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