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  1. James James says:

    My write up on Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today by Hayim HerringThis is my lay review of Tomorrow’s Synagogue Today by Hayim Herring and provide my thoughts I have used feedback I supplied to my Rabbi deleting personal information about the Rabbi and the congregationI felt that Chapter 4 “Remixing the Rabbinate” and certain portions of the last chapter were extremely strong The rest of the book was well written but reminded me of the lyrics of Bob Dylan’s “Blowin’ in the Wind” and the Moody Blues’ song uestion; it raised many concerning issues but really didn’t address them Certain enlightened and vital congregations have pioneered the practices suggested in Chapter 4 “Remixing the Rabbinate” The use of the musical talents of rabbis and likewise the spiritual talents of the cantorate allow people to do what they are best at unconstrained by titles The use of part time Rabbis and Cantors needs to be explored The HUC JIR should explore reducing the number of years of formal education to make training affordable Perhaps this would reduce the need for high salaries to repay the debtThe sub portion of Chapter 6 entitled Investing Funds in Synagogues hints at a possible solution to the fiscal problems; tap UJA and similar “alphabet organizations” to support the underlying religion rather than self appointed leaders’ pet causes The discussion at pages 120 1 about problems with prayer services was also uite interesting Many congregations have numerous intelligent interested people who regularly attend services The book hints that those people could be tapped for their views on improving the services For the record I feel that my synagogue’s services are generally good which is why I am somewhat of a regular Rabbinic and cantorial interruptions of the text of the services with explanations remedies the potential problems of boredom and too much Hebrew for someMany of the books suggestions were not good For example the book suggests reducing the role of pastoral counseling and involvement in “life cycle” events As I have suggested in our meetings cloistering the clergy from the congregation is the wrong way to go At the risk of belaboring a story I have told I would not be an active congregant or active Jew were it not for the thirty minutes of Jewish education I received from my then Rabbi that cold afternoon of January 5 1973 the day my father passed away The idea of delegating counseling to professional social workers and family counseling perhaps with somewhat of a Jewish flavor or Yiddish accent leaves me cold A “professional” almost never sees a person in need of such help interacting in the world For many of these kinds of issues pastoral counseling perhaps with greater Cantorial involvement or even motivated congregants are better Serious conditions need professionals not lower level emotional or adjustment problemsI agree with Rabbi Herring’s statements on rabbinic involvement in meetings Perhaps clerical involvement in the D’Var Torah and the concluding fifteen minutes of meetings may be better While I have not yet served on a temple Board of Trustees my instinct is that there is little focus on the spiritual mission at Board of Trustee meetingsIn summary this book was worth the time reading and reviewing However it offers too few solutions

  2. Simcha York Simcha York says:

    Hayim Herring's Tomorrow's Synagogue Today tends to favor the abstract and inspirational over the practical with a lot of talk about where synagogue's need to get to but not so much about how to actually get there But it is nevertheless a book that should probably be read by any rabbi or synagogue lay leader who has looked out over empty sanctuaries and diminishing revenues and wondered what should be done to reverse these trendsThe most important take away from Herring's book is that rabbis and lay leaders need to accept that the old models of running a shul don't necessarily work into today's culture and economy On this score the book does uite well with regards to encouraging leaders to think outside of the box and find different ways to think about such basic things as programming education and synagogue fee structuresThe book is a bit weaker on specifics and practicalities This is to be expected to some degree in a book that seeks to remain as applicable as possible to a wide range of Jewish communities But at the same time some specific and extrapolatable information on how to get from a broken status uo to a viable future would have been welcomeStill the book will probably be a worthwhile read for any rabbi or lay leader who is dealing with a synagogue facing financial and demographic challenges and I would recommend it to anyone in such a position with the caveat that it doesn't do much than provide the most basic framework for re envisioning the way we think about our shuls and their relationship to the community

  3. Eric Eric says:

    Rabbi Hayyim Herring raises some important uestions and challenges for synagogues their rabbis other professionals and lay leaders to consider The book looks thin don't be deceived It has some important Torah

  4. Susie Chalom Susie Chalom says:

    Clear and organized thinking from an experienced community leader who has reflected on the impact the past few years have had on Jewish communal life and what needs to be done in order to survive and even thrive in the 21st century

  5. Buddy Buddy says:

    Lots of very intriguing ideas for moving synagogues into the 21st century Not all of the ideas are for everyone but the book is great for making you think about how things could be changed

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Tomorrows Synagogue Today [PDF / Epub] ☉ Tomorrows Synagogue Today By Hayim Herring – In the past decade many intelligent people who care deeply about synagogues have written about them So how is this book different from all other books Many books take the overall mission of the synago In the past decade many intelligent people who care deeply about synagogues have written about them So how is this book different from all other books Many books take the overall mission of the synagogue as a given and the recommendations around structure are really about incremental change Tomorrow's Synagogue Today stimulates the reader to unleash the power of synagogues to exponentially Tomorrows Synagogue Kindle - influence people's Jewish lives Herring offers creative scenarios to stretch the imagination about how synagogues could become vibrant centers of Jewish life and how congregational leaders can begin to chart a new course toward achieving that goal Key to his vision are the ways synagogues can collaborate with other synagogues and other Jewish institutions in the local Jewish community and around the globe as well as with organizations outside of the Jewish community Herring also explores structural change that is occurring in the rabbinate as well as future roles rabbis may play and how rabbis might begin preparing for that future now He shares insights from twelve rabbis from across the country about new models of synagogue mission governance and organization He concludes with recommendations about the kinds of investments those who care about synagogues and the Jewish future need to make so that synagogues will remain a significant force in the Jewish community.

  • Paperback
  • 150 pages
  • Tomorrows Synagogue Today
  • Hayim Herring
  • English
  • 14 January 2015
  • 9781566994262

About the Author: Hayim Herring

Rabbi Hayim Herring PhD is an author presenter and nonprofit organizational futurist with a specialty in Jewish community Hayim is known as an organizational visionary entrepreneur and expert consultant for faith based and socially responsible nonprofit organizations Hayim’s areas of expertise include entrepreneurship organizational foresight and strategic exploration In addition to ove.