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  1. Adam Dunn Adam Dunn says:

    This book is a fantastic window into gay life in the 1950's and 60's and I highly recommend itThe letters presented are positive overall than I thought they would be as the author mentions in the introduction Even though being gay was a crime and there was no real collection of homosexuals or support system many simply resigned themselves to the fact that they were gay and moved on with their lives as best they could I've always believed there could be nothing wrong or immoral about being gay as as far as I'm concerned I woke up that way It was never anything I did or made a decision about it simply happened And how could anything I had no control over be something wrong? Apparently many in the past felt the same wayThe book is divided into sections on different themes which I think is a great idea I can't imagine how many hundreds or thousands of hours of work went into this it must truly been a labour of love First the author had to read all the letters to pick out the ones he wanted to use then digitize them or in several cases type them out The author even chose to leave in the original spelling and grammar errors which would have taken even longer to type Then go through each letter inserting footnotes for ease of understanding to a modern audience and reference where necessary pertinent issues of the magazine ONE which probably meant reading every issue The work is staggering and there's no way the editor could have been fairly compensated for his time It truly deserves a wide audienceOne thing that struck me was the poor spelling and grammar of several of the letters In the age before spell check and possibly the age before standard higher education the written word suffered Two of the letters I was not able or willing to read through to the end due to the poor spelling and grammar Also I will say I really wish this book had been published on Kindle I can understand after all this work wanting something physical in your hands to show for it but I have carpal tunnel and I had forgotten how difficult it is for me to hold a book for any length of time I had to keep taking breaks and it would have been faster easier and enjoyable for me to read this on the KindleSeveral letters really moved me my book is full of post it notes A few of them The man who was 26 who had never been able to find a partner for sex saying I tried to satisfy my sexual hunger with illustrations I drew but they were found by my folks and I was reprimanded At 26 The letter referring to other gays as fellow sufferers The letters asking uestions about the most basic of things The letter from the man in Hamilton Ontario near where I live saying Canadian customs had confiscated the magazine as it was banned A process that continues with some arbitrariness today The letters from people in jail really moved me people who were set up or framed or put through hell for being gay The letters from Timothy were the best of the book and could have been a book all their own I wanted Being arrested fired your picture on the front page of the paper sitting in jail being told you could get 60 years unless you pay thousands of dollars The government needs to issue a formal apology to people so affectedOnce again a fabulous unedited slice of gay life well worth picking up

  2. Konrad Konrad says:

    This book blew apart my preconceptions of gay life in the decades leading up to Stonewall The letters encompass a range of attitudes on homosexual issues from the strident and proud to the measured and scholarly to the loneliness and aching despair of others They are eually broad in thematic scope everything from sex friendship love politics mental health employment the media and even prison life is discussed Although they lack unity in terms of perspective or theme they are all bar a few brimming with a human awareness sometimes jovial often stoic of community self and social change If you thought gay life in the fifties was all shadows and self recrimination give this a read It'll change the way you think about 20th century gay history forever

  3. Billy Billy says:

    A necessary read for every LGBT individual Loftin provides a raw uncensored depiction of the history of the early days of the gay rights movement in America This book not only provided me with a deeper appreciation for ueer activists that came before me but also made me proud to be a gay man in 2019

  4. Rebecca Rebecca says:

    This book was a little difficult for me to read because I couldn’t sit down and read letters for a long period of time I appreciate it as a resource and think the author did a good job picking letters to publish it just wasn’t an easy read

  5. Nick Nick says:

    A great history book for class I don't think I would re read this for fun though The information was very surreal don't get me wrong I just think once is enough

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Letters to One [Epub] ➟ Letters to One By Craig M. Loftin – Buyprobolan50.co.uk Long before the Stonewall riots ONE magazine—the first openly gay magazine in the United States—offered a positive viewpoint of homosexuality and encouraged gay people to resist discrimination and Long before the Stonewall riots ONE magazine—the first openly gay magazine in the United States—offered a positive viewpoint of homosexuality and encouraged gay people Letters to PDF/EPUB ² to resist discrimination and persecution Despite a limited monthly circulation of only a few thousand the magazine influenced the substance character and tone of the early American gay rights movement This book is a collection of letters written to the magazine a small number of which were published in ONE but most of them were not The letters candidly explore issues such as police harassment of gay and lesbian communities antigay job purges and the philosophical scientific and religious meanings of homosexuality.