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Blood Curry ❰Read❯ ➵ Blood Curry Author John Irvine – Here we have a collection of horrorsci fi fiction and poetry from NZ serialloony John Irvine This book has an added bonus some genuine gourmet recipesRecipes Yes recipes Each recipe contains a univers Here we have a collection of horrorsci fi fiction and poetry from NZ serialloony John Irvine This book has an added bonus some genuine gourmet recipesRecipes Yes recipes Each recipe contains a universal ingredient freshanimal blood Want a different kind of entertainment Something to impressyour girlfriend Your pastor Then buy this fully illustrated masterpiecedare you.

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  1. Doug Lamoreux Doug Lamoreux says:

    I received a free copy of Blood Curry A collection of recipes poems and short stories in the speculative genre in return for an honest reviewOf course speculative isn't really a genre It is a carefully selected word giving author John Irvine carte blanche to include any tale he wanted; horror science fiction fantasy splatter soap box rant in this loose anthology And he does; seventy six short stories poems sonnets andor just passing thoughts to which he's attached titles That does not count the additional twenty two recipes 17 for various dishes 5 for drinks all featuring blood as an ingredient This last odd thematic thread is an interesting and amusing idea that at first adds to the ueasy tone But as there are so many works in this volume the culinary nods uickly become annoying intrusions By the fifth recipe I no longer cared and by the seventh I was paging past with barely a glance In a smaller collection I might have appreciated their presence But that's me If you're into blood cooking or exotic foods these might be your favorite part of the book Bon appetit Now to the poetry and fiction As you see above I have given Blood Curry 4 Stars They are well earned but not unualified Because not all of the works deserve 4 Stars For every story or poem I liked there was another that I found merely okay For every story I considered a masterpiece and there were several there was a tale that I hated If you'll forgive my kidnapping Longfellow's 'little girl with the little curl' when John Irvine is good he's very good indeed but when he's bad he's horrid The 4 Stars aren't for the horrid ones They're for the stories in this book that horror fans must read Among those are Skin Another Shadow I'm Sorry a brilliant piece on love and retribution and the wonderfully fun Keeping An Ear to the Pillow There are many that are very good Grandfather Annabelle of Aries Bombazine as a Culinary Statement and Look after your Leather BeltBut it isn't all sweetness and light Breeders might have been a nifty little sci fi tale had it been told about believable people Instead it is a wasted opportunity wherein Irvine using the southern US as a setting spews incestuous hillbilly stereotypes with a mind numbing rapidity He seems to have a hard on for Tennessee as he goes at them in several stories One wonders if he isn't just taking an inside poke at Tony Karnes a Tennessee native and one of seven illustrators who contributed to the book at our expense The author misses again with the story Saving Manhattan another stereotyped mess that might have had a chance were it set in the Bronx ueens or Harlem But Manhattan? Gran O'Hood and the Wolfe offered nothing but a tired swipe at supposedly gun crazy Americans His story An Eye for an Eye is of the same Honestly nobody has fired a shot the whole time I've worked on this review He disappoints with the tepid rambling of Puppet on a String with In the Beginning and with the nonsense pieces Life and My Alien Penis Ode to Her Tongue probably meant something to the author but it didn't to me Zero Gravity Love was a waste of the three seconds it took to read itBut I admit I'm picking gnat poop out of pepper seventy six is a lot of stories You can't please everybody all the time and I seriously doubt Irvine wants to His writing is if anything direct and fearless and in the end the totality of the work makes it great John Irvine is a damned fine writer Mirror mirror is a great terror fantasy Pink is a jaw dropping tale and his short story Exotic Flower is absolutely genuinely effing horrifying More I was amused by Her Elegant Fingers and What You Wish For and I laughed my hind end off with Sleeping Beauty and the Prince of Plumbers Winter Moon was a fine horror tale with a twist You Are What You Eat was crazy and creepy I could go on and on But I've said than enough Blood Curry is some bad some okay and a whole lot of great It is liberally illustrated by an international coterie of talented artists many writers themselves And overall it deserves 4 Stars and your attention

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